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Main character from The Wonderful 101.

The Never Ever Hero[edit | edit source]


The young leader of the Wonderful 100.

Though technically still a rookie, he is extremely gifted, achieving a record score in both the written and field sections of the CENTINEL tactical examinations. Brimming with passion for justice, he takes a firm stance against those who threaten peace, but his by-the-books attitude and serious personality can occasional rub people the wrong way. Sometimes Red's seriousness crosses the realm of reason, and those around him find getting through to him almost impossible. The opposite is rarer, though, as Red has an incredible memory, and never forgets something after being told.

His deep-crimson CENTINEL-Suit boasts balance in all levels of performance, demonstrating diverse aptitude in any mission. The Vulcan Knuckles equipped to both his arms are capable of intense blows and machine-like accuracy, which can be even further increased in power via the "Unite Hand" Unite Morph technique.

Losing his father in a prior invasion, Red's longing for a lasting peace is seared into his spirit and he pursues it with a dedication second to none.

Red Truly believes the children are our future, so he has taken on the guise of a Blossom City Elementary School teacher in his everyday life, teaching them well so they can lead the way.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

A superhero who's the admin of and a friend of Kasuga Ichiban.

Episode 5

Kasuga Ichiban arrives to Survive Bar and meets with his friends The Bartender and Wonder-Red. Since he hit an important milestone in the Part-Time Hero program, Red will be paying the drinks, and also asks how his friends are doing. He works front desk at the Sindria Trading Company's Coolsville Branch (not as fun as the Part-Time Hero work, but still pretty rewarding) so that answers for Sinbad, Okada Kazuchika's been back in Japan for a while, Jack Garland's been all around the world with his squad, and Serge was too in an international TFR house show few weeks ago. It's been a while since he's wrestled with them, or at all, so he wonders if Red would want a quick match, but Wonder Red promised he would NEVER EVER step foot in a wrestling ring. Before he gets to ask why, Ichiban's boss Sinbad (still weird to think about) calls him: as he's getting into a plane to Sindria, he says there's important things to discuss and booked one for Ichiban later in the day, before hanging up. He apologizes for having to leave in a hurry so soon, but Red remarks it's a good place for a vacation anyways, and The Bartender says he better bring some souvenirs.