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The Universe 2K20, also known as New Universe or Kojima's Universe, is a location in TFR. It is the counterpart to the original universe, the Universe 2K19.

It began as a rumor in chat when OP switches to WWE 2K20, that the previous universe had somehow been erased by an event called The Final Impact, and everyone had been moved into a hastily created new universe, to explain why the Laws of Wrestling weren't as effective.

Description[edit | edit source]

This universe was created by Kojima as part of his plan to enforce his new vision on wrestling. It began creation when Kojima used his magic to bind his Script to a different layer of the world, and used the mind of a person as processor for creating a new universe. Thus, in linking his script with the very foundations of the universe, he could influence it to varying degrees. He could modify the Laws of Physics, change how someone or something looked, and even influence fate itself.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Kojima uses the very universe he created to enforce his ideas. He brought all the wrestlers he wanted, and set up his new "idea" of wrestling, setting up horrible punishments for wrestlers that lost their matches. With just writing in his script he could modify the looks of a wrestler in this universe.

Most of Season 4 takes place in this universe.

The truth however was that The Final Impact did not destroy the 2K19 universe, In fact It did not happen at all. For it was propaganda that was spread by Hideo Kojima to answer any questions on why everyone was moved to Kojima's universe and remove suspicion. This masquerade was eventually revealed when Sminem who was imprisoned in the 2K19 universe managed to hijack the broadcasting of a live show, revealing that the 2K19 universe was alive and well and that Kojima has broke the deal that he had arranged with Sminem. Kojima quickly cut off the feed, but it changed nothing since everyone now knew the truth of the insidious purpose of the 2K20 universe and what was a small rebellion now grew into a full revolution against Kojima and his tyranny.

The rioting of the wrestlers resulted in Kojima in desperately unleashing the prototype super wrestlers he was in the middle of creating to suppress the rebellious wrestlers. Although the wrestlers put up a good fight against the prototypes, managing to defeat 2 of the prototypes. They were too strong even in their early stages and violently suppressed the rebels into submission. Assuring that Kojima's control of The 2K20 universe was still there... For now.

Kojima sends every wrestler he does not like in his universe to the original one, and plans to bring forth the real Final Impact to destroy the entire old universe, and anything that doesn't conform to his vision with it.

However, Tohya Hachijo stops Kojima and rewrites the script so that no one can use it again to change the fate of people, allowing people to freely travel from one universe to the other as they see fit.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

However, a skeletical mastermind has trapped several people in a Death Game in the universe 2K20.

At the end of the death game, the universe had consumed all of it's energy, a fault that Kojima oversaw, and it began collapsing, until it was completely destroyed.