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"Life is short. Running into me only makes it shorter." ― Uminogami

An AI generated character from Rokkenjimania V.

Killer of the Sea[edit | edit source]

Enshrouded in darkness, it's all over for Battler. He calls a person in the distance to help... but it turns out to be none other than Uminogami. "The Unstoppable Force" Darkiplier commands Uminogami to finish off "The Powerless Pussy" Battler. Why did he even come to face him alone if all he was gonna do was run away? He won't be able to resist his power and die a horrible death. Kirei's spirit calls out to Battler in his church, but all it does is drive Battler one stop closer to being dead by Uminogami. Darkiplier even offers to fight Battler alone so he would not need to destroy his body. Kirei distracts Uminogami, and Darkiplier ends Battler's life, but his soul is taken by "the mastermind", as Kirei's spirit explains.

While everyone else fights, Ryan Rave is in an important mission... he calls out Uminogami to make justice catch up with him. NXT used to be the new hot place, but now since Darkiplier showed up, they're fighting everything and everyone all at once... but that underdog spirit fits him anyway. Ryan knows what he's done to Battler and many others, he's one of the best killers in Coolsville after all... and this will be the end of it! But this is a sad encounter for Rave, because life is short... and running into Uminogami only makes it shorter, so he should just run away. But after wrestling all over the world, this has become his home, Coolsville, and nobody will get away with threatening it. Uminogami calls him another pawn in the game, not knowing the ones truly in control are far away... but Ryan Rave never cared what he was, as long as he's got he's rebel heart, that's all that matters, and all he needs before he lunges at Uminogami.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
2/3 Falls
Ryan Rave (1-2) Win Rokkenjimania V』– Light vs. Dark Arc
Stage: NXT

Gallery[edit | edit source]