Uchiyamada Hiroshi

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Uchiyamada Hiroshi is a character from Great Teacher Onizuka.

Off-Season 6: The Dark Web Rumble[edit | edit source]

Joins The Dark Web Rumble.

Episode 5

Steals Emperor's car.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

TDKR is absorbed by Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling and his contract is renewed. Also sold Emperor's car to York.

Episode 6

Emperor tries to beat him up and steal his Cresta as payback.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Triple-Threat Emperor, Tonegawa Yukio, Uchiyamada Hiroshi Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Elimination Chamber Leo Shishigami, Mr. Justice, Uchiyamada Hiroshi, Apollo Justice, Reigen Arataka, Takahashi Ryosuke Win
W2 L0 2
4 0 P
Extreme Rules Champion Eren Yeager Lose
W2 L1 1
4 1 P
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
For Title: Literal Who
Emperor Win
W3 L1 2
5 1 P
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
Saten, Uchiyamada Hiroshi, The Brawler, Takahashi Ryosuke, Stork, Reigen Arataka, Mario, Terry Hintz Lose
W3 L2 1
5 2 P
「Tournament Qualifiers」
→Qualifiers Phase 1
5-way Johnny Knoxville, Leo Shishigami, Sam Stone, Uchiyamada Hiroshi, Saten Lose
W3 L3 0
5 3 P
For Title: Main Event #1 Contender
NON-CANON Sinbad Win Game: WWE 2K19