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The United States of America is a country formed out of 50 states. It is rumored it even has a flying city.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point some madlad spics decided to go buy something from chinks but got lost, and ended in the southern american continent. Decided to not be outdone, Britons decided they also wanted some of that pie, and took up the north. Then they fought for many, many, many years because they were all petty retards, until they settled it and decided to become one big country.

In Modern Times[edit | edit source]

The place where the terrible beasts known as La Creatura originates from. The accursed city of Detroit, overrun by La Creatura, is where the mythical entrance to Hell lies.

In the original timeline, the last president of the united states was The Rock, although it is unknown if he was still president or the seat changed.

In the new universe, the previous president of the united states was John Cena, who was then succeed by Hazz Maticus. His presidency shook the nation in many ways, with many reforms such as moving the capital of the nation to Coolsville. However, many of Hazz's policies have caused it to go onto disputes with nations such as Sindria.

Rumbled World[edit | edit source]

After Rumble-17, after the cataclysm, life slowly resurfaced, thanks to the help of The Three Kings who now funded several cities, and Sminem Corp which helped people and brought them the technology needed to acclimate to the apocalyptic land, The Kings basically came to own most of the working urbanized america. The especially concentrated their efforts on the city of Coolsville, where they were rumored to be working something great underground.

However, the country is also torn in war in the conflict between The Three Kings and the BANS Army and its legions of chaos. During the 12 years, their conflicts battled fiercely, until eventually reaching a kind of standstill where things slowed down, and The Final Resistance appeared.

Eventually, the belief that the end times were coming came true, as rumors of The Great Flood came true, and america was destroyed save for the flying city created by the kings, the Coolsville Skycity. As for the other countries, it is unknown, but highly likely they were destroyed as well by the flood.

Forbidden Land America

The Forbidden Land America, known by itself as The United Syndicates of America, and also The Melting Pot of Sin, is one of the futures for the USA in one of the many, many timelines where DNA mixes unchecked for too long, and La Creatura overwhelm everything else. The only thing keeping these monsters at bay is the The Wall.

Once a normal country in a time long ago, now overtaken by thousands of corporations all fighting for control. Every one of the around 50 states is or was owned by a brand, all acting as an infection. There is no freedom, yet no true law at the same time. It is a world of stagnation. A land without progress, that only exists to subsist off of brands. Several warring brands have managed to make some states sink, and people calculate it's only a matter of time before all that remains are ruins and monsters roaming the land.

The city of Detroit became such a singularity of evil, that a portal to Hell opened and demons started rushing out, marking the start of the end long ago.

The USA's infrastructure is made up of multiple structures called gigamalls. They are larger than any beast on Earth, and some are the size of a city. Brands thrive in these places, to the point of owning more than a man's life. Every inhabitant leaves in a middling apartment, only desiring food to make up for their unsuccessful lives. The upper class, meanwhile, live in beautiful castles above the land where everything is made of gold.

Long ago, the Millenary Wall of Freedom was built as a way to permanently separate America from Mexico. But these days, it's that very wall what keeps La Creatura from escaping.

The USA's society is of mostly overweight, dimwitted folk. They have no true free will. They are mere objects to the higher corporations, made to consume products and get excited for next product. Their weight is so dangerous, they are slowly sinking the country. As a matter of fact, one of the states, California, was sunk under due to the combination of weight and tectonic plates and now only exists as a sunken mythological city like the fabled lost city of Atlantis. They have never seen a patch of soil. Never tasted a drop of clean water. All they know is the corporations above them. They speak for truth and stopping things like racism or sexism, yet merely do it in their own "unique" way.

At day, the dimwitted population walks. But at night, the horde thrives. Beings so separated from the evolutionary tree, they cannot be considered as human anymore. These beasts have only three instincts; Consume, kill, and mate. The latter two especially apply to those who are not with them. In the society of La Horda, the more far away from mankind one is, the higher up they are on the totem pole. What is said to be the leaders of their society are monsters that lurk in the shadows, with eyes glowing crimson, and mouths like the void of emptiness. They regularly kidnap women, and turn them into little more than brood mothers, made to make more of their kin. There is no defeating them. Only keeping them back.

A reported image of a creatura. The verifiability of it is unknown.

Due to most of the population being all but useless, the USA has to rely on technology for it's military. It's soldiers are low quality cyborgs, and many labs around the country test on alien lifeforms to turn them into varying weapons in terms of strength.

Religious Beliefs[edit | edit source]

The people of the USA have no faith in any God. However, they instead worship mascots as their lords and saviors. Their gods are as follows.

  1. The Mouse, Holy Emissary of The Great Horned Rat, King of the Floridian Castle
  2. The Clown, Jester of Cannibalism and Unsavory Practices, The God Beyond the Golden Arches
  3. The Sponge, The Beast of the Nuclear Depths, He Who Lives Within Nature
  4. The Cat, Nemesis of the Second Dawn, Lord of Lasagna
  5. The Superman, The Madness and the Lighting, He Who Upsets the East

And many, many more. These are merely the largest and most powerful of the various mascots of the USA.

  • Some wonder why the USA has become such a place of disgust and hatred. A popular theory is that the rulers of the country found a way to harness the power of the corpse of Jesus Christ. They say they attempted to direct all bad luck out of the country using the corpse, but luck fell upon them and directed all bad luck to the country instead.
  • Due to the sheer disgust over the USA, the Coolsville Skycity split away from the land in the most literal way possible, and thus somehow escaped the mistake of bad luck.
  • There are rumors of a promised land, a state untouched by the corporations. A holy land, said to be so pure, none can step on it. The land's name? Wyoming.
  • Mushrooms (specifically those from Japan) despise them.