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Todd Howard was once just a man trying to sell his game. Disposable, forgotten to time, nobody was there to save him. But now he's back. And he's pissed.

Lord of the Game, The Prince of the Lies[edit | edit source]

"Hey anon, why don't you buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? It has so many features, you can do anything, climb any mountain, do anything. Buy it." ― Do it.

Off-Season 1[edit | edit source]

It all began on that Ill-fated day. The impossible had happened; the world had ended, The Bogs had taken over and planned to end humanity, but no that's not it: Todd Howard realized nobody wanted to play his game. After all, who would like to play a shitty game like Skyrim when the Bogforces could strike anytime and kill you? At least if it was New Ve-Nevermind that, Todd Howard realized that he could bring some good to the world by joining The Final Resistance (And who knows, if they saved the world, it would be great publicity for the next Elder Scrolls).

But one day, the gods of Zenimax were not with him: Todd Howard was KIA...

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Bethesda Games and Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling had planned a sponsorship deal with each other once they dominated their own market.

It is unknown how and at what point, but somehow Todd had acquired dark knowledge and a deep-seated desire to hold down destiny with all his might.

So when he learned that The Bogdanoff Twins had been defeated and their partnership wouldn't be coming to fruition, destroying any chance of their product sales skyrocketing, he decided to unleash the nightmare within him on whoever caused it, sacrificing part of his humanity for demon powers, and forming The Order of Todd by recruiting two servants who follow him for their desire of power.

Episode 1

In his weakest form, 'Dark' Todd didn't stand much of a chance physically, so he used surprise assaults to knock out Chris Redfield, and when he came to disprove his involvement, Leon S. Kennedy as well. With this, he was finally able to advance to his next form...

Episode 2

Noticing that he's using a strange power of fury fueled by revenge, Vergil assesses that the hooded figure was of demonic origin and asked it to show itself; Nightmare Todd takes a risk and walks physically to the ring. He insults Vergil by pointing out his weakened state by the existence of his other self, and sends out his lowest-ranked minion, The Janitor, adding salt to the injury. His scheme worked, and while Vergil bothered with the fight due to his hurt pride, Todd prepared an attack that he would use on the jubilant swordsman when his guard was down, kidnapping him away.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Redfield's Therapist came out to the ring to inform that Chris has fallen in a mysterious coma, and he wants to kick the ass of whoever did it. As he hijacks the screen transmissions, Todd calls the puny human a fool for not comprehending that he's been using his most unique skill, the Mind-Link, to achieve his second form (Nightmare) for the purpose of putting his sights in acquiring the fruit of the Demon Tree Qliphoth, allowing him to bend reality to his will. For his next challenge, he sent his middle-ranked minion, Fargoth, against him, who was defeated and despite holding hands afterwards, was merely rusing him.

Episode 4

The Therapist calls him out again, even questioning his name, claiming to have calmed down and want to "converse" and "solve things peacefully". Instead, Todd sends what has become of the man who first challenged him: Nelo Angelo, who easily knocks-out the Therapist for months.

Episode 5

Nelo Angelo's human half tries to defeat it, but Todd's hold on such a will-lacking being is too strong to be broken this way.

Episode 6[edit | edit source]

His order commanded to his servants was to take out two potential threats who are likely to become a thorn on his side, V and Dante, and they ambush them during their "party". Seeing that, Nero seethes backstage demanding to confront them, a request they grant as Nero is too easily swayed by emotion to notice it's a terribly stupid idea. He was btfo.

Todd, meanwhile, didn't waste any time, as he distracted everyone else with his minions while he himself went to the Qliphoth with Nelo and got the Sin Fruit. With the Ultimate Power at his hands, as soon as he returns he wastes no time using it in front of TFR's audience and ascended to his third and final form: Demon King Todd. With his newfound rank, he has gained enough power to affect reality, and he cuts out the transmission early to inflict fear.

Episode 7

"I shall destroy thee, and In hell I shall make thee buy skyrim over and over for eternity" ― "Nightmare" Howard

As he gathers power, he remains unconcerned as more fools challenge his servants and pay the price.

Episode 8.5

The clown prince of crime Adachi Tohru, having killed a bitch whore and defeated his archnemesis Narukami Yu, willingly gives himself up to The Order of Todd, exchanging his loyalty to get in on Todd's idea of changing the world, hoping to become strong enough to shape a world free of society's corruption.

Meanwhile he gathers power, he sends a Shadow Clone in his human form to attend E3, and sell some more Skyrim and FO76, which are sure to siphon the mind of anyone that plays them (>Implying they have any in the first place).

Episode 9[edit | edit source]

Anon, you gotta follow the plan, buy the game and off to tahiti

After being scorned by those he tried to help, Dutch van der Linde was egged on by his new partner Ruber to together join Todd's side, also becoming Mind-linked and now displaying advertisement for Todd's games in their bodies.

Thanks to the sacrifice of his individuality, V managed to restore Todd's strongest minion, Nelo Angelo, to how he once was: "The Alpha and Omega" Vergil.

Episode 10

Vergil revealed the truth about Todd's power, that it is not "true" but rather borrowed from his underlings, and that striking at the pillars will open the swift chance for the heart to fall. Todd, perhaps falling into trance in his own ego and empire of illusion, cares not, and continues channeling his changes to reality, possibly unintentionally locking Robert and Mr. America in a timeloop while he was trying he himself to create a loop of his own.

Episode 11

The Demon King War finally begins, as the "Anti-Todd Corps" destroy two of his Mind-links from Men With a Plan. Todd, however, had a hidden ace left to use all along, and drunk by his own power, announced he was planning to use it in his most powerful gamble. A caged beast; a warrior so enraged that Todd was never able to fully control them and instead was only able to maintain the Mind-link by keeping them completely sealed in deep Hell, but that since acquiring them had become his greatest source of power that allowed him to become Demon King in the first place. Even if he could destroy his current unstoppable self, he was still planning to utilize it, for his Howard Reality was at hand.

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

As the Demon King awaited in his palace, The Throat of the World he had made on Bethesda, another one of the Mind-links was broken, and while the final was still connected, the one providing it had gone and disappeared from his vision. As the commander of the forces against him foolishly sacrificed himself, he unsealed his caged beast: Doomguy, destroying his trump card and most powerful Mind-link at once. His remaining power was still enough to maintain his current form, but the time was approaching to end this war with his own hands.


The Sons of Sparda arrive to the Devil Palace Bethesda, and the Demon King graciously accepts their challenge. Perhaps because he was intoxicated by desire and his own ego, he didn't awaken to the truth in time: that he had become entranced in his own dance of illusions he had orchestrate to bluff his magnificence, that his power was nothing but smoke and mirrors to instill fear, and that he had no real future even after all he had done to acquire it; he let his guard down and the greatest king of lies fell. The two hunters, using the power of the Yamato, split the human Todd Howard away of his unnatural demon power, and the his empire of lies and dreams of a world where Skyrim was beloved for all time came to an end.

Rumor has it that a piece of its last power, latent demon energy and memories that didn't belong to him originally, flew to another dimension to find a new host but had found with someone unbending in his way.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

ShOuLd bOuGhT It... My gAmE...
ShOuLd bOuGhT It... My gAmE...

Todd Howard, the human half, fell into a coma after being separated from his demon form. What may become of him now is unknown.

Episode 0

The loose demonic power took on an imitation of his previous form and went back to hell to plot its revenge. Yet before that could happen, Doomguy went to wherever he was and fucking ripped it to shreds, and took his head as proof. This marks the end of the Demon King.

Episode 1

As it turns out, while it was thought Todd was the origin of the "Howard Reality" while trying to change reality, it was actually that he was trying to exert his power to reshape and redirect a phenomenon that was already occurring from a different point of origin, possibly without him even realizing this true nature, and he did not actually have the strength to willfully control his connection to reality most of the time. When he was split, the release of this power caused a "surge of reality" that jolted awake the original phenomenon, and made reality slowly distort until crashing into itself.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

A man pirated his game
A man pirated his game

12 years in the future, the fate that befell Todd even after RUMBLE-17 was unknown, but rumors tell that he survived in the darkest, deepest reaches of the Coolsville Hospital facility, still in a coma awaiting the day he would revive to bring his games upon the rumbled world.

Episode 10

After slumbering for a decade and a half, Todd is awakened by a mysterious power; regaining some of his dark powers and fusing with the body of his demon half, he sets out on a new path... that could lead to destruction.

Episode 14

Todd finally arrives at his destination. Coolsville Arena, GM Office.

As Kojima continues booking the most unexpected matches, Roger Retinz informs him his special guest has arrived, and Retinz promptly leaves to his match. Kojima welcomes Todd-sama and congratulates him for being on board with his plan, but two other special guests still need to arrive...

Episode 15

A great show, Kojima is excited at how the dimes have increased, and need to keep going full gear. Contenderushippo matchu! Titreru matchu! Nonstoppu Actionru! Dutch even puts his career on the line again! And if everything goes according to plan... the Cosmic Egg will be ready soon. The participants still haven't noticed not only he isn't Hideo... they stand above Law, Chaos, and the Resistance.

The two other special guests finally arrive: Black Battler and Chris-chan... The Divine Powers are gathered.

Episode 16[edit | edit source]

It is taimu... preparation for the activation of the Cosmic Egg are in place.

The world they dreamed of... where, by their hands, all will reach true salvation... a world where KojiMax Productions' titles will mold society's thoughts, and, of course, in which everyone owns copies upon copies of Skyrim, Death Stranding, Umineko and Sonichu.

A world where even B. Blattler has his own place. A world where they don't call anybody who would stop them from reaching happiness.

By molding society with his games, Kojima will help them reach true enlightenment. The time to hold back has passed: desu matchu witto troubreshooteru and resistancera again! Hero of Raw versus Hero of Chaossu! Gorudo and Aniki tag against Van-sama and a rong-awaitedo returneru! crazy matchu uppo for botho Kingu of Jobberu titreru and /v/ Titreru at once! Sixu man erimination chamberu matchu! Arr or nothingu! uppo to faito and ruck!

B. Battler questions the chances of someone gathering the "Holy Belt", but Kojima stands that his plan is frawress. Todd leads the way to the Cosmic Egg.

The fateful meeting comes at last: Suou Tatsuya catches up to the GM, and the unbelievable reports about Kojima, B.Batler and Todd awakening are shockingly true. Kojima is impressed for someone to finally notice his true identity at just a glance, and is glad to have been waiting to meet him all this time. As Power is distracted and compliments Todd's horns, Sgt. Hawk appears from behind and kidnaps her, to feed her veggies and obtain something contained within her.

Tatsuya challenges all of their ideals for a new world. As Ichiban prepares for a handicap, Rando recognizes Agent 49 rambling about his plan to win TFR Underground failing, and noticing that red-haired bastard, he forcibly joins Tatsuya's party without his consent. Ichiban teams up with 49 to keep him in line and go against B. Battler and Sonichu, Rando locks horn(s) with the Demonic Todd, and it's Kojima vs. Tatsuya, always has been adds the former, but if Kojima wants to force Tatsuya to use the Key for them... he won't allow it!

The behemoths of Rando and Todd clash, but Rando ends up victorious. Ichiban takes out Chris-chan, but then B. Battler defeats both him and 49. Kojima turns into "Super Kojima" but for the sake of everyone's hope, Tatsuya doesn't falter and defeats him.

As Tatsuya thinks the battle is over and sends Ichiban to fetch Power, Kojima reiterates that nothing is over, and the Great Flood begins, but Coolsville shall stay safe... a terribly strong rumbling is felt beneath their feet, and Coolsville soars into the heavens as a flying city in the sky―the last city in the world. Kojima tells that the truth lies not in chaos or law, but inside the Cosmic Egg, and walks away. 49 leaves now that he's done with FAGGLER, and Tatsuya finally checks on Power who feels terrible, but at least she won't make shitty ego-stroking jokes every 3 seconds while she's stealing Rando's stuttering gimmick. Ichiban is happy everyone seems on good spirits and retrieves the Summoning Key from Power's veggie-fueled expulsion, and the party heads to their final destination.

Todd, Chris-chan, and B. Battler quickly rush toward the Cosmic Egg after their defeat, and vanish inside its maze.

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Got the Sin Fruit all by himself to become a Demon King
    • Amassed an army of which he used to gain even more power
    • Managed to cage the beast Doomguy.
    • Escaped to Hell to plot revenge, but was killed by Doomguy.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Demon King Todd
The Sons of Sparda
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
NON-CANON? HUNK Lose Note: Believed to be the end of Demon Todd in a different world.
2/3 Falls Rando (2-1) Lose
W0 L2 -2
1 3 P
W0 L1 -1
1 2 P

Gallery[edit | edit source]