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"If oi've win, oi live. If we lose, we ded. If ya lad dan foight, oi can't win. Foight. Foight." ― The Yeagerists' slogan

Yeagerists are an organization, and a Tag Team.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Shinzou wo Sasageyo!"

The Yeagerist Movement is a group composed mostly of Ingerland nationalist fanatics who immigrated to Coolsville, and follow the leader of the movement, Eren Yeager, and his ideals. They often refer to him as "the spiritual leader of Ingerland" or "the true leader of Ingerland", as he represents the beliefs of the entire Nation of Ingerland.

Beyond their leader, they are lead by a number of captains, directors and officers that handle the outer image of the movement and the action they need to take to accomplish their goals.

The ideals are following their dreams without letting anything stand in their way (which for most Ingerlandians it comes down to fighting those fookin Italians and trashing pubs during footy matches). They organize parades in Coolsville for sharing their ideals and wanting a change in Coolsville.

They are not afraid to fight for their dreams, and their numbers rival an army.

History[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

The Yeagerist Movement begins after Eren Yeager's words and views inspire the Nation of Ingerland to change its way of life, and many immigrate to the USA to follow him.

However, the Shimano Family infiltrated the movement (thanks to Ruber) and pushes them to act in opposition to the president Hazz Maticus's government, twisting and corrupting their actions, until most of the movement starts following the Shimano Family instead, aiding them during their clash with the Sonozaki Family.

What happened to the state of the Yeagerists afterwards is unknown, but it's possible that Ruber or his influence has taken over it, or at least the portion that followed Shimano.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]


When their leader Eren disappeared, the movement found itself in a stump, losing power and action. Eren's brother, Zeke, tried to continue his brothers ideals along with Ruber, but they didn't prove to be enough to fill the leader's spot. At that time, when a man who had once seen relation to Yeagerism and been blessed by its founder, Rando, joined the group, his sheer prowess and demeanor inspired newfound motivation within common Yeagerists, and soon he was deemed the most fit to lead them and hastily made to be their second leader. To make for his lack of talk dexterity, the second-in-command Zeke is almost never not accompanying Rando when he appears to his followers and fills in for any time necessitates a speech from its main figures. To make up for the lack of influence Zeke could exert outside the group, they added Ame and Maebara Keiichi as part of the Public Relations team as well.

As is usual, The Yeagerists gather and chant at their base, the Coolsville Stadium, as their leader arrives. Zeke begins his speech by stating that in suck polarizing times, it's important to remember their goals: They must stand together against the evil menace that is TFR, no matter the cost, to be free from their claws; it's what Eren would have wanted! Allow their great founder to serve as martyr for all and carry his spirit forward in all their goals. Never allow brothers-in-arms to forget their ideals...and as always...Fight...Fight! With the crowd roaring up, Zeke asks everyone to move on with their routine as it's time for the scheduled meeting between leaders.

Under the stadium, Zeke gets the meeting started. Arthur Morgan, their embedded informant, reports TFR has a new program called "Tough Enough", and through his connections and some digging around has acquired the participants list. This leak will prove itself a giant weakness, and they'll expose the corruption with a well-produced video; Keiichi will write the script, and Ame will present it in a convincing way to the audience. The information itself, presents two candidates as very suspicious: first is Reize Seatlan, his wealthy father has made several donations to TFR, and then got a special spot on the show. Second and more important, the person known as Chinman is related to someone influential of a different variety: his legal guardian, Kiryu Kazuma, is a legend of the underworld, a very dangerous man who put many through a lot of pain. Although Keiichi understands the first point, he had to say something about the second; Shion and Mion have said nothing but good things about the guy. But Zeke argues he must've deceived them for he's nothing but a hard-boiled gangster, and Ruber claims his actions puts most of the people of the underworld he knows to shame... Keiichi finds it hard to argue against experts like Zeke when Ruber sides with him, and begins doubting if there's not more than meets the eyes to Kiryu. With the meeting concluded, Zeke counts on the tasked ones to deliver the truth.

KAngel, the favorite underworld investigative reporter of the internet, reveals news about the fire at Sneed's Feed & Seed: arsonist Jackson Kiryu was not only a member of Tough Enough swept under the rug, but his legal guardian is none other than criminal legend Kiryu Kazuma!

Due to recent revelations, Yeagerists double their valiant work by posing gathering around the TFR Arena and protesting. In response to Kyle Hyde calling them a cult, their guide Ruber asks the Coolsville citizens why they're here: "bad examples for the children!", "hiring criminals!", "you don't own a fookin footy club like Amakusa!". One of the protesters mentions that Norf FC's game is about to begin, and in the blink of an eye the crowd disperses... Ruber chants that enough was done for the day, and just enough people leave to make the entrance accessible.

The Yeagerists' protests get so crowded than an entire episode of TFR had to be cancelled.

Next time, they attempt to do the same again, until hearing about a special stream happening at the Coolsville Town Square urges them to leave... KAngel, the favorite knowledgeable internet archeologist of the net, digs up the deep, dark secret past of Coolsville: Now a pile of ash, in the past Sneed's Feed & Seed―or rather the "Eden of Coolsville" Chuck's Suck & Fuck, was visited by none other than the disgraced president Hazz Maticus for business related to the match-rigging scandal that shook the foundation of the wrestling business, in which the vile TFR showrunners participated in!

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
Tag-Team The Sons of Sperdo Win 1 0 0 「Inaugural TFR Tag-Team Championship」
Game: WWE 2K23

For Title: TFR Tag-Team

Hell in a Cell
Mafia City Win 2 0 0 For Title: TFR Tag-Team
Tag-Team Ranch Wreck Lose 2 0 1
Iconic Match
Mad Cow Match
For Title: TFR Tag-Team