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    The Undertaker is a dimeless anti-draw known to swoop down from the rafters to scare away viewers and plunge ratings into free fall. He has sporadically appeared in TFR, typically representing /asp/.

    "There are few things that are truly badass. There's me, the Undertaker, the American Badass. There's the Hells Angels, MMMMMMMMMMM, don't wanna mess with them." ― Undercarder shilling for the XFL

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM[edit | edit source]

    >Never the guy

    >Never drew a dime
    >Never had a good match before 2006 and even then was carried by vastly superior workers
    >Never cut a memorable promo
    >Never put anyone over
    >Never had the balls to step out his WWF comfort even when Ted Turner threw millions at him
    >Main evented the lowest drawing Wrestlemania of the '90s
    >Main evented the lowest drawing Wrestlemania of the '10s
    >Tanked the buyrate of King Of The Ring in 2002 so hard the PPV got cancelled
    >Was barely ever in the main title picture because he was never a big enough deal
    >Only the 2nd best member of The Brothers of Destruction
    >Only the 4th best member of The Ministry
    >Only the 8th best member of The Corporate Ministry
    >His backstage clique "The Bone Street Krew" was utterly BTFO by The Kliq and achieved nothing notable except inflicting Savio Vega on us
    >His biker cosplay was cringeworthy
    >His MMA cosplay was cringeworthy
    >Unironically calls himself """"""""DA BEST PURE STRIKER IN DA WWE""""""""
    >Shit taste in whiskey (this one is actually 100% true, JD is awful)
    >Shit hairline
    >Has his ex wife's name tattooed on his neck
    >Failed at his first marriage so badly that he resorted to marrying an anorexic bimbo
    >Only significant achievement was accidentally being booked to have a Wrestlemania streak
    >Is the wrestling equivalent of that one insufferably mediocre middle manager whose sole professional """""""achievement"""""" is staying in the same shitty job for 25 years
    >Drew so poorly in his 1997 title run that Bret Hart of all people had to take the belt off him
    >spent the latter part of his career burying superior young talent

    >The biggest impact he had on the business was sitting around in the back and telling one of his no-draw buddies to job to someone who could actually draw a dime

    Season 1[edit | edit source]

    Joins TFR to show the newest hotdog fed what a mmmmighty real baddass match looks like and to steal some dimes from matches of better wrestlers along the way.

    Episode 6

    Put in a match with a bunch of kids who haven't learnt of his badass story yet. Mmmmmanagement won't hear the end of this one.

    Episode 7

    Challenges Fred to see who the most mmmmmmmysterious one is.

    Season 3[edit | edit source]

    Goes back backstage for a while to enact his 27th retirement until he feels like it.

    Episode 6

    Mmmm. A stunning showcase of The Undercarder's potent and incredibly deadly pure strikes, and the most dimes match ever witnessed in front of a full and overpacked auditorium of ghosts. Also Nash ran off crying afterwards.

    Season 4[edit | edit source]

    Works for Mr. Bones because "he's one badass dude, wouldn't wanna mess with them" and has nothing better to do while down in Hell.

    The Extra OVA[edit | edit source]

    Was challenged by Tre trespassing into his domain. Not only did he get his Urn stolen, Tre beat him live on the WWE stage and sent him back to hell in a Last Ride Match.

    Episode 2

    Appearing in Hell on a bike made of dimes he siphoned from other opponents, the American Badass scored a win against Bane via The Last Ride and stole his soul. Now that's how to start a badass weekend, baby.

    Season 5[edit | edit source]

    He was trying to shimmy his way into what he thought was a mmmmmighty badass conference nobody told him about, when he managed to sneak in, he was trapped in the DEATH GAME.

    Episode 1

    He was selected for the non-candidate Death Rumble where the first 10 eliminated die and the winner and highest killer wins Immunity.

    Undertaker survived.

    Episode 2

    He was put in a 8-man battle to get Immunity×2 weeks.

    Armstrong won the Immunity.

    Undertaker is placed in the Main Vote, receiving 4 votes. Via Majority Vote, Big Show, Louis, V, Mastema, and Soldier G65434-2 are sentenced to the wild ride.

    Episode 4

    Pitted against Mr. America for the theme of "friendship".

    Mr. America wins the Immunity.

    Gets to play a special card game game before the match, and draws the Nothing card.

    Undertaker is placed in the Main Vote, receiving 1 votes. A tie-breaker is held. Via Minority Vote, Doomguy, Reviewbrah ...and himself are sentenced to the wild ride.

    Episode 8

    Returns along with Big Show as Dolls.

    Episode 10

    Along with all the other Dolls, gets blown up by La Parka's modifications once the Death Game reaches its final stage.

    Season 6[edit | edit source]

    Despite the death of the deadman, not many cared about it. As expected considering how many retirements he's had as of yet.

    Episode 2

    What is dead can never die, as he's back from Hell now donning the style of some guy on a mad conquest he found and beat down there. He also has a demmmmmmonic harem that he had to leave there.

    Episode 4

    He joins with Duke on BANS Army's assault and their intent to take over TFR.

    After Rando manages to defeat The Minotaur, they move in for the kill on the weakened warrior, but Mitake Miyao shows up to aid him.

    Though they are defeated, they are far too tired and Carder & Duke try to finish Miyao, but first they try to take off Rando's mask.

    As he is unmasked, Broken Man kills Carder (again) and knocks-out Duke.

    Episode 9[edit | edit source]

    Spending 12 years in hell, the deadman has lost even more humanity (and dimes) and become the fiend known as Hellbiker.

    When The Final Resistance's team invades The Factory, he takes Suou Tatsuya to his fiend domain, Wrestler's Court, and faces him. He is defeated and Suou is sent back, but as a last trick, Hellbiker sends him near the presence of The Circus.

    Episode 15[edit | edit source]

    Escapes from Hell to join one last time with his baddass chaotic buddies in Coolsville.

    Season 0[edit | edit source]

    Dead Dimes Walking.

    While not wrestling, he serves as the Judge on Wrestler's Court, the courtroom for all matters wrestling.

    Episode 14

    Court is now in session, presided by The MMMighty Judge, using the badass fast-paced initial trial system because he has a meeting with his biker friends. Vitalik asks from the Witness Stand to wait while his defense makes its way late, making Wright wonder if he has something up his sleeve... and indeed, he shocks everyone as he has hired the legendary undefeated defense attorney: Lawyer 47, who apologized for the lateness as some RED-HAIRED FAGGOT got his suit dirty.

    The prosecution makes their opening statement: Vitalik has mismanaged the company from health issues to match fixing, and presents evidence proving the connection between TFR staff and the late Chuck's Suck & Fuck; 47 quickly discards it on the basis that "it cannot be read because reading is for homos", a formidable move that the Judge allows while looking uninterested and all of Sminem's team acknowledges as a difficult challenge. Next, the defense makes a statement of their own, "all of the prosecution's evidence is fake and gay, fabricated even, and no real evidence will be heard against his client as Vitalik and TFR have done literally nothing wrong, and Chuck's is a gay den of lies."

    Edgeworth presents a decisive piece of evidence—a photo proving a match which had a different outcome than officially acknowledged after the lights of the arena suddenly turn off (that's ground for gimmmmmick infringemmmmmmment). But unluckily 47's glasses are too fucking blurry to see anything and he rips the image in half. Also, 47 would like to add one thing: no hat-wearing attorneys have been left mentally retarded due to TFR as they employ the amazing Dr. Piccolo, or at least that would be if he wasn't such a fucking traitor like the rest of the people in this room.
    Exhibit GAYYYY: Kyle Hyde. All those mysteries solved and yet no one can find out why you suck so much.

    Tell me, does the paper clip represent your penis size, or is it a metaphor for how you can barely keep anything together.

    Saihara? Amima? Who? So many Danganronpa shitters here I can't even keep track of them all.

    Who's running the billing here, a monkey, or a teenage girl?

    And Janny? Janny!? JANNY!?

    And the prosecution? The prosecution? Heh. Who gives a shit about the prosecution, we all know they're gonna lose anyway.

    They're both foolish fools who are too foolish to know that they have been fooled. They are the poison that is rotting TFR from within.
    Sminem's team hangs on to the last string of hope after such demolishing defense...

    At last, the prosecution presents its most finishing piece of evidence, years upon years of company records that help detail Vitalik's scheme with other parties such as the mafia and even the president, gathered by a staff member risking his own well-being—Amami Rantaro. It picks the judge's interest but hears the defense's rebuttal first: Zzzzsnore. The decision is clear and the evidence doesn't change anything, disappointing Piccolo, Janny, and Amami, as they've met with a move worthy of an Ultimate Lawyer.

    With time at its limit, Edgeworth desperately looks for the missing piece to the puzzle that is such an impenetrable defense. his assistant Therapist affirms he must be on the right track, the defense's posture can only mean one thing, and that's that it's bluffing. If he can pinpoint his confidence's source, he can defeat it, and that's when Edgeworth notices it by using his father's glasses, his achilles' heel: his perfect bald. By distracting the judge by way of retreading on his father's lengthy medical records, he also annoys the defense into going into a rant, and uses the opportunity to steal Payne's wig and throw it onto 47's head; instantly, his focus, confidence and charisma are crushed before he can stop talking.
    Because, like the legend he is, the Judge...





    That's why... That's why I declare this case closed!

    Law degrees are a sham anyway, get a real degree like fine arts.

    Or at least be a cop so you can carry a gun and look cool. You'd be surprised how many are like th-
    A pure strike is delivered, and the judge finally sees through the defense's lies, sentencing the attorney to wrestler's court after the trial is over. In light of these events, the verdict is set, and the court declares TheFinalRumble... G U I L T Y. But Vitalik's conviction would come with a price, as TFR is closed down... for a while at least, until the place is confirmed free of corruption (and delivers 100000 bottles of jack to court). Additionally, the TFR title will be permanently retired, as well as all other titles vacated, but it was all a calculated part of the risk; as Sminem puts it, roster members will leave for indies or maybe nowhere and budget will go down, but wrestling will survive, and they'll be back sooner than they know it... with the trial over, all that's left is looking ahead.

    TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

    Drinks jack while watching his favorite wrestler, HUNK.

    Episode 2 [edit | edit source]

    When Leon S. Kennedy appears in a strange Hinamizawa from the vents, the strange figure of Tomitaker, the guardian deity, appears to repel the stranger from the town.

    Match History[edit | edit source]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
    Battle Royale Shingo Shoji, Vitalik, Spiderman, Erwin Smith, Fred Jones, Leon Kennedy, Chad, The Undercarder Lose
    W0 L1 -1
    0 0 P
    Extreme Rules Fred Jones
    W0 L2 -2
    0 1 P
    W0 L1 -1
    0 1 P
    Time Limit
    Hank Wimbleton, Ico, Johnny Knoxville, Battler, Undertaker, Richtofen NC Game: WWE SmackDown! Hhere Comes the Pain

    Stage: Times Square Brawl

    Note: Only Ico and Hank were actually fighting, Battler was building up speed in a corner and the rest were rolling around in gay baby jail corner.

    Win Game: WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

    Stage: Storage Brawl

    Note: Undertaker was the only one to pin.

    Kevin Nash Win
    W1 L2 -1
    1 1 P
    W1 L1 0
    1 1 P
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Game: WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain
    Full List
    Game: WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006
    Bane Win
    W2 L2 0
    2 1 P
    W2 L1 1
    2 1 P
    Note: Perfect sync with the song "Smell of the Game" as it says "That is bullshit blazing" just when Carder pinned.
    Royal Rumble
    Entry Order
    1. Battler Ushiromiya
    2. Shingo Shoji
    3. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
    4. Rage Guy
    5. G-Man
    6. Mean Mark Calloway
    7. Rance
    8. Adam Jensen
    9. Archer
    10. Chosen Hunter
    11. Tatsuya Suou
    12. Louis
    13. Albert Wesker
    14. Rando
    15. Osama Bin Laden
    16. Vergil
    17. Van Darkholme
    18. Doctor Piccolo
    19. DELTA
    20. Arthur Morgan
    Lose Game: WWE 2K19
    1. Steve Burnside
    2. Black Ref
    3. Vorgin
    4. Kirei Kotomine
    5. Sebastian LaCroix
    6. Ricardo Milos
    7. Big Show
    8. Chuck
    9. Raidou Kuzunoha
    10. Mrs. X
    11. Eric Sparrow
    12. HANK
    13. Richtofen
    14. Albert Wesker
    15. Donte
    16. Sneed
    17. Van Darkholme
    18. Doomguy
    19. Arkantos
    20. Arthur Morgan
    21. Mark Wolff
    22. CJ
    23. Aniki
    24. Agent 47
    25. Chris Benoit
    26. Tommy Wiseau
    27. Hank Wimbleton
    28. Johnny Knoxville
    29. The Undertaker
    30. Battler Ushiromiya
    Christmas Special
    Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
    1. Leon S. Kennedy
    2. Maximillion Pegasus
    3. Louis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Zombie Benoit
    6. Erwin Smith
    7. Garcian Smith
    8. Undertaker's Druid
    9. Christine
    10. Max Payne
    11. Chris Redfield
    12. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
    13. Manny Pardo
    14. Jonathan
    15. Johnny Klebitz
    16. Andrei Ulmeyda
    17. The Undercarder
    18. Cole MacGrath
    19. Balthios James
    20. Battler Ushiromiya
    21. Alex Mercer
    22. Yosuke
    23. Albert Wesker
    24. Goro Majima
    25. Walter
    26. Dutch Van Der Linde
    27. Edward Richtofen (Primis)
    28. Doomguy
    29. Fred Jones
    30. Arthur Morgan
    Christmas Special
    Game: WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011
    Royal Rumble
    1. Max Stirner
    2. Human Holocaust
    3. Dr. Salvador
    4. Postal Dude
    5. Winnie the Pooh
    6. Brad Pitt
    7. Sam Hyde
    8. Old Man Henderson
    9. ZUN
    10. MC Ride
    11. SANS
    12. Soldier G65434-2
    13. Carter
    14. Undertaker
    15. Reviewbrah
    16. Tony Hawk
    17. Andrei Ulmeyda
    18. James Sunderland
    19. Mr. X
    20. Big Show
    Dead Death Rumble
    Elimination №16
    Ladder Char Aznable, Doomguy, Kiryu Kazuma, Senator Armstrong, V, Mr. X, Soldier G65434-2, Undertaker Lose
    W2 L3 -1
    2 1 P
    Immunity Ladder
    Mr. America Lose
    W2 L4 -2
    2 2 P
    W2 L2 0
    2 2 P
    Friendship Match
    For: Immunity×1
    Tag-Team Kiryu Kazuma & Majima Goro

    Doll Undertaker & Doll Big Show

    W2 L5 -3
    2 ~3 P
    Dolls Match
    As: Doll

    For: Immunity×1

    Elimination Chamber Nero, Demi-fiend, Kasuga Ichiban, Hellcarder, Dan Schneider, Punished Yu Lose
    W2 L6 -4
    3 ~4 P
    As: Hellcarder

    For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender

    Alucard, Boomer, Serge, Kazuhira Miller, Robert, Pixy, Hellcarder, Edward Richtofen Lose
    W2 L7 -5
    3 ~5 P
    As: Hellcarder

    Note: MITB qualifier.

    Rando & Mitake Miyao

    Hellcarder & Duke Nukem

    W2 L8 -6
    3 ~5 P
    As: Hellcarder
    Suou Tatsuya Lose
    W2 L9 -7
    3 ~6 P
    W2 L3 -1
    2 3 P
    As: Hellbiker
    Steel Cage
    Hell Biker, Rando, Aleph, Red Lose As: Hellbiker

    Note: simps

    NON-CANON Mario Win As: Hellbiker

    Note: Mario feel pity of Undercarder and let himself lose.

    30-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Gene
    2. The Undertaker
    3. Goldberg
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Steve Austin
    6. Aleph
    7. Rean Schwarzer
    8. Suou Tatsuya
    9. Eddie Guerrero
    10. Joshua Graham
    11. Aniki
    12. Johnny Gat
    13. Chris Jericho
    14. Maebara Keiichi
    15. Komaeda Nagito
    16. Kurt Angle
    17. Narushima Koga
    18. Dimitri Blaiddyd
    19. R-Truth
    20. Cam On Ingurland
    21. Rance
    22. Drew McIntyre
    23. Kevin Nash
    24. Ric Flair
    25. Samoa Joe
    26. Bevi
    27. Seth Rollins
    28. Ooishi Kuraudo
    29. Triple H
    30. Fred Jones
    Lose Elimination №: 7
    30-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Mario
    2. Galo
    3. Balthios James
    4. Fred Jones
    5. Dr. Piccolo
    6. Raiden
    7. Rance
    8. Bevi
    9. Fat Albert
    10. Geralt of Rivia
    11. Joshua Graham
    12. CJ
    13. Tyrone Ngubu
    14. Gene
    15. Dimitri Blaiddyd
    16. Demaro
    17. Aniki
    18. Roger Retinz
    19. Narushima Jakob
    20. Albus Bernstein
    21. Rean Schwarzer
    22. Narushima Koga
    23. Sandro
    24. Zoomer
    25. Kazuhira Miller
    26. Matador
    27. Van Darkholme
    28. Hell Biker
    29. Boomer
    30. Arthas Menethil
    W2 L10 -8
    3 ~6 P
    As: Hell Biker

    For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

    Elimination №2

    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Rokkenjimania II
    As: Hellbiker
    2/3 Falls
    Champion Kuzunoha Raidou (0-2) Win Rokkenjimania II
    For Title: /v/
    Royal Rumble
    S6E15.5§#The Rokkenjima Rumble - Prelude to The Golden Land
    Full List
    Lose Rokkenjimania II
    As: Hellcarder
    Leon S. Kennedy Win
    W3 L10 -7
    4 ~6 P
    W3 L3 0
    3 3 P
    As: Tomitaker
    NON-CANON Ushiromiya Battler, Agent 47, Triple H '98

    HUNK, Rakesh Kumar Orton, Undercarder '00

    Lose Game: 2K18

    Note: Battler did a cool never before seen ladder sprint drop on HUNK.

    Spazz Maticus Win 「Spazz Wrestle Training Arc」
    Note: Spazz paid the mmmmmmmmmm price
    There's few beings who are truly baddass, there's Battler Ushiromiya, mmmmm wouldn't wanna mess with him.
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
    Game: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
    Full List
    Win Rokkenjimania III』– Electric Rumble Boogaloo Arc
    Game: WWE Wrestlemania XIX
    Extreme Rules
    Higurashi Haruto
    HUNK & The Undercarder
    Win Rokkenjimania III』– Zoomer Arc
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Rokkenjimania III』– The Final Arc
    NON-CANON Kaidou Shun Lose Game: WWE 2K22
    The American Badass, The Dead Man, The Undertaker, The Phantom, Saihara Shuichi, Lord of Darkness Win/


    Rokkenjimania IV』– Chair Arc
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Return From The Past Arc
    Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006
    NON-CANON Ric Flair Lose Support: Kane (The Brothers of Destruction)

    History - Extra OVA[edit | edit source]

    Extra OVA
    Type Vs Result Details
    Tre Lose Stage: The Underworld

    Tre stole his Urn.

    Last Ride Match Lose

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Holy shit he knew about Chris Benoit's suicide all along

    • In S6, the real Helltaker was supposed to show up and beat him for stealing his outfit, but it ended scrapped.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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