The Servants of Hell

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A group comprised of those who follow the orders of the Lord of Hell himself. Of note is that most members participate against their will, generally for having their souls in their leader's possession. It also of note that La Parka works as a pseudo-avatar fo the calcium Lord himself, doubling both as a servant and the boss himself depending if he is being controlled at the moment.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Notes
[S4E4] Tornado Elim.: TV World Fools; The Samevoicers; The Sons of Sparda; The Servants of Hell Lose


For Tag-Team Title #1 Contenders
Dante ➡️ Postal D.
Dante ➡ Nero
Dante ➡ Adachi
Duke ➡ Doomguy
Dante ➡ Pardo
Vergil ➡ Duke