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The Prototypes are a group of mutant and modified wrestlers enemy of TFR created by Hideo Kojima as an experimental new kind of wrestling, and repurposed as a weapon against TFR and it's wrestlers when Kojima tried to become the sole owner of TFR.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

When Kojima infiltrated TFR as a secondary writer, he already had his eyes fixated on bringing forth his own ideas into wrestling to revolutionize it and make it a true masterpiece of entertainment. When he acquired TFR, he funded a secret lab where he would experiment on wrestlers, but to keep it secret he used low-drawing wrestlers from WWE. Thus, the initial batch of Neo-Wrestlers, The Prototypes, was born.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

He created experimental wrestlers in an attempt to create new draws to wrestling, but when the overall project was at 30%, his mistreatment of the TFR cast caused them to riot, and he had to use them mid-development as a last stand to TFR. However, despite the initial victory, he was attacked by surprise by TCR wrestlers when the repairs weren't fully complete and they were defeated.

Some which were thought to be transformed WWE wrestlers were actually just copies (with Triple H's exception) which was another of Kojima's forgeries. Others, however, were indeed the original.

List of Prototypes
# Codename Base Notes
K-00 "KWAB-92" Kevin Nash,

La Creatura

Original test prototype of a fused KWAB and La Creatura.
K-01-UT "PURestrikER" The Undertaker A being from another dimension.
K-02-SD "Sashavolo" Diavolo,

Sasha Banks

Two being fused into one body, with severe trauma.
K-03-HR "Hagridrowan" Erick Rowan Extreme gigantism, that outgrew the skin.
K-04-3H "Lockman" Triple H Brain control mask in the victim's brain.

"The Bug Show"

Big Show Genetically enhanced bug hybrid clone.
K-06-SJ "Samoan Terminator" Samoa Joe Almost-fully mechanised killing machine.
K-07-RR "Largecanine" Roman Reigns Animal-DNA enhanced human.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

The fate of most of the Prototypes is unknown, but some of the base wrestlers have turned up normal, so it's possible the modifications were somehow undone.