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The Plan is a concept/ideology/goal shared by certain individuals in TFR.

Description[edit | edit source]

"The Plan" (also known as Keikaku in eastern office man language) is a universal idea shrouded in mystery. Part of the idea of it being not only three steps ahead of the enemy, but also three feet above them as well.

It is a nebulous and formless concept that few can truly understand, and even less in its entirety, but those that do seem to have a certain insight awaken inside of them that makes them more prone to scheming.

The final conclusion of the plan is allegedly grand, but unknown.

History[edit | edit source]

It is unknown if the plan was always set, or it has changed with time (and potentially Rumors).

The main accomplisher of The Plan has been Dutch van der Linde along with Ruber, though they have made plans that are not The Plan, it is unknown in what cases they have been accomplishing The Plan and not just a plan. Ruber and Dutch have been interested in several plans, but while Ruber has been more interested in his plans at times, Dutch has always believed in The Plan.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

The nature of (one of the versions of) The Plan was eventually revealed (or overwritten) in Season 6:

In the Rumbled World, what was once thought as a small tag team, was actually a secret organization with the intention of fulfilling The Plan the entire time: Men With a Plan. Their members have searched for it to come true from the shadows behind their apparent allegiances to BANS Army, The Three Kings or even The Final Resistance.

  • Dutch van der Linde, the original accomplisher of The Plan who had become exiled after being betrayed, resurfacing 12 years working on The Plan but appearing as a Three Kings agent.
  • Ruber was always Dutch's premier partner in The Plan, he had "betrayed" Dutch and become king of Britannia, then became Cam on Ingurland's "redeemed" partner, and finally betrayed him with Micah Bell, all while still being in on The Plan.
  • Chris Redfield joined thanks to the Kings' brainwashing, which backfired when he was informed of The Plan's nature, possibly by Bevi.
  • Arthur Morgan, a former member of the resistance, was kidnapped by Dutch and seemingly joined The Kings' side, but brainwashed or not, he was let in on The Plan and joined it.
  • Micah Bell as a true american saw how rotten the american people were, and followed the plan to reach paradise. He joined Ruber in obtaining the Tag-Team Belts.
  • Adol Christin was Ruber's disciple, he saw the weakness that plagued humanity and saw it fit to bring forth it's successor. He gained the Jobber Belt and /v/ Belt near the end of The Kings' plan.
  • Bevi rejected all other factions and used his Basement as center of operations for The Plan. It's possible he learned of The Plan much before any other member. He stopped Narushima Koga from obtaining the belt.

The Plan was the following of the "Oracle of LEON!" and why Dutch has taken interest in Chris ever since Season 1.

As they interpreted it, it was the plan for humanity to ascend and Claire to become the mother of a new humanity in which everyone is a Redfield-Kennedy. To accomplish the goal, the members seek out the Holy Belt while keeping up the image of working for the different factions or standalone.

At the cusp of accomplishing their plan, they were stopped by the fiercest of warriors who somehow had knowledge of them, and The Plan crumbled.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

The nature of The Plan remains unknown, but power and control seems to play a part in achieving it.

The group accomplishing it is a rag-tag of fierce and egocentric wrestlers who are following Dutch's promises of rising to the top, whom call themselves directly as The Plan.

  • Dutch van der Linde is the one making most schemes work with his background influence and politicking pull.
  • Red
  • Papillon
  • Colombo Spice was a competitor in the Berserker Brawl tournament that was convinced by Dutch's words and used his tricks to win the entire event.