The Package Deal

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A Tag Team formed by the highschool friendship of Eric Sparrow, and a hot-headed girl with red eyes. There's not one without the other one.

Red's hot-blooded aggressive style and noselling, and Tre's deceptively non-threatening-looking techniques and sturdiness make for a terrifying combo (and high injury rates), and having had years upon years to perfect their synergy, they can get the work done whether the opponents wants it or not.

History[edit | edit source]

Extra OVA: WWE 2k22 MyCareer[edit | edit source]

Childhood friends who followed their dream together from their time at school and joined a wrestling promotion. After Rejecting the Blade Championship Wrestling contract, they made their way to WWE and the Hall of Fame.

TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

Tre was brainwashed by the Bogs and turned into "Extra", until eventually re-discovering his past and reuniting with Red.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
Fuck My Sister Draw 0 1 0 Mixed Match Challenge

Note: Match ended in a count-out DQ draw, so OP reset asked Raidou to help, and DELTA too.[Iconic Match 1]

Win 1 1 0
Iconic Match

Mixed Match Challenge

Red ➡️ Claire

Note: Partners kept interrupting pins until OP got fed up and took control called DELTA.[Iconic Match 1]

Tornado Tag: Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Win 1 2 0 Mixed Match Challenge

Note: Walter accidentally brushed Alice and retard ref DQ them, so a rematch was called.

Tornado No-DQ: Win 2 2 0 Mixed Match Challenge
Extra ➡️ Walter
Tornado No-DQ: The Bionic Heroes Win 3 2 0
Iconic Match
End of Extra Saga

Mixed Match Challenge

Red ➡️ Brooklyn

Note: Final conflict of the fierce rivalry.

The Mystery Masters? Win Rokkenjimania II
Mixed Tag
Tatsuya's Party Win
WWE 2k22 MyCareer
Type Vs Result Record Details
Mixed Tag-Team Extra & Red
Josie Jane & El Mago Jr
NC 0 1 0 Winter Fest Tryout

Note: No official names yet.

The Package Deal
The Miz & Maryse
Lose 0 1 1
Maryse ➡ Red

Note: Von Braun appeared on-screen, distracting Red to be pinned.

Rusev & Lana
The Package Deal
Win 1 1 1
Red ➡ Lana
The Package Deal
Becky Lynch & Finn Balor
Win 2 1 1 SmackDown's Women's Championship

Homefield Determiner

Red ➡ Lynch
The Package Deal
The Bionic Heroes
Win 3 1 1 "The Final Showdown"

Battle for the Hall of Fame

Note: Brooklyn herself was semi-augmented before this match with a layer of nanoskin covering her arm.
Both wrestlers where subdued in their signature submission move until they tapped.

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