The Final Rumbling

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"The Final Rumbling" was, technically, the first TFR spin-off, ran by OwOP aka "fujOP".

This page is meant to preserve this "important" piece of TFR history.

Description[edit | edit source]

An alternate wrestling promotion without set date that streams Attack on Titan themed matches and characters. Most notably, fujOP ran the Sims portion of TFR/Off-Season 3.

Based on old wiki history, this list includes all of the surviving evidence of known characters that appeared:

History[edit | edit source]

FujOP became very close with OP after watching one of his streams that she (yes, >she) found through a 4chan thread. Behind the scenes, FujOP and OP brainstormed together an idea for a spinoff and thus, TFRing was born; both for shits and giggles and because both of these losers were fans of SNK for some ungodly reason. FujOP produced around 6~8 wrestling streams on TFRing's channel.

During the variety post-Season 3 off-season, FujOP streamed a The Sims with TFR characters, where she got her apt nickname since she really liked forcing characters to be gay while blaming it on the game.

FujOP had other streams she did when not streaming for TFR but left the streaming life due to having a dogshit PC and wanting more privacy. She also had a humble YouTube channel which was later deleted for similar reasons, though she regrets not archiving some of her more memorable videos for old times sake. And thus, FujOP was, and always will be, crinf.