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The Final Rumble Wiki

A wiki made by /v/irgins to catalog some guy on Twitch playing a WWE game where some guy punches another. It's as pathetic as it sounds.

Currently hosting 9,012 pages with 2,161 articles and 5,453 files. There are 2 active users and 5 administrators.

TFR content (such as lore, entrances, trailers, etc) can be found in the official channel, and past streams (as well as for TCR and nWr) can be found in the archival channel.

For any new or returning editors wanting to contribute, please consult this.


Season 1

Leon and Chris fight out to determine which side will win, Team NWF (NO WAY friend), the side that believe Leon should have a choice of who he sticks is dick into (Claire not being one of those choices) and Team FMS (FUCK MY SISTER), who believes that Leon REALLY SHOULD FUCK CHRIS' SISTER, CLAIRE REDFIELD. These fights were determined by who had possession of the Briefcase of Leon's Sperm. Other sides and characters had vested interests in this briefcase, taking it for themselves, stealing it, sabotaging it by replacing the sperm inside with their own, or using the sperm for their own designs.

While this was going on, in the background, The Bogs had their own designs for the future of wrestling... and the world at large.

Season 2

The Bogdagnoffs are defeated, but peace is short-lasting. Things start to go wrong when a mysterious hooded man attacks Leon and Knocks Down Chris. The Hooded Figure seems interested in gaining power, and using Chris and Leon as part of his plan, he seeks to become stronger until he can obtain The Ultimate Power, and ascend to his final form. Sminem retreats in a vow to let destiny take its own course, perhaps no one can stop the Nightmare's newfound powers.

At the same time, the King of the Boards Tournament is taking place, and it's winner may define the fate of TFR.

Season 3

With the demon power defeated and it's user in a coma, the victims awakened, and The Order disbanded, everything starts to return to normal. That is, until weird events start to happen on Richtofen and Pegasus's matches, and something goes very wrong on the anticipated The Therapy vs. The Paranormal Patrol match; our heroes are being shifted through the ages of wrestling.

Once they make it back home, 18 wrestlers are gone missing, and someone that's not quite Battler shows up and causes chaos in the backstage... However, he may not prove to be the real villain.

Season 4

When Kojima buys TFR, all descends into mayhem. What's more than that, Kojima somehow has access to a way to change reality that he uses to bring his terrible ideas into the ring and torture wrestlers. Will there be any hero who can save TFR now?

Season 5

A sinister shadow falls upon TFR when a mysterious mastermind locks the wrestlers in a Death Game. Meanwhile, slowly but surely, investigative wrestlers begin to notice the strange things happening, and a terrible evil comes to light.

At times (You), the audience, will get to vote who lives, or who dies; but it will not always be a clear choice. Will our heroes survive to discover the perpetrator of these atrocities or will they fall into despair and never get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride?

Season 6

A new era dawns in The Final Rumble in the wake of the events which saw the deaths of sixty of TFR's wrestlers after a death game headed by vengeful fallen hero. The remaining wrestlers push forward past this tragedy and form a chivalric order to facilitate peace and friendship among them, but this peace wasn't meant to last, as the clock of death is already ticking....

In a not-so-distant future, the forces of absolute authority and ultimate freedom wage an endless war, while in-between them hope struggles to survive. Destiny is made manifest, and it all may return to zero...

Season 7

The year is 2019. After The Final Rumble has just started, the Bogdanoff Twins acquire a small indie company called "The Darkweb Rumble", and have turned it into Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling. The brand wars rage on!

But a shadow in the background connects strings to puppeteer dark events into play, a shadow looming since before this world even existed.

Season 0

Before the rivalry between TFR and BCW had began, even before TDKR, a mystery of both political intrigue and conspiracy looms over Coolsville. It all begins on a fateful day when two wrestlers meet in the ring―a meeting which will define fate itself.

Will the conspiracy that lies behind the scenes come to light, or will it's perpetrators drag everyone who opposes them into darkness?

The Extinct Light

A new rumble... ...will call for the final judgement... a world dominated by darkness... the squared circle is the stage for horrors never seen before...

Season 8

Have I ever told you about my dream? There are those who want to see this company in ruins. Did this ever cross your mind? This is how we finish our story. So part of my dream... Is to shape this next generation of talent myself. Take those diamonds in the rough and make them stars, capable of leaving a legacy of their own and carrying this industry forward. They say the show must go on, right? Yeah... Forever and always.

The rumble never ends!


Cope Island

In this timeline where The Final Rumble disbanded, and certain someone wasn't able to form a Military force, wrestlers, now reduced to hobos without a home or money, were forced to live together on an island and give up wrestling. If regular TFR is a Shonen show, this would be the spin-off Slice of Life manga. In this Off-Season, OP streams the lives of our heroes on Cope Island, giving us a closer look into their psyche. At the same time, a mysterious group starts to make itself present along the wrestlers, known as The Shitheads, what does this mysterious organization want?

The Uprising

Taking off after an epilogue to Season 3, the third off-season is divided in two parts: First is a prequel to the second off-season and we can see how the world behaved during the first bogliens attacks.

Second is a Sims stream by OP2 where certain someone has trapped our wrestlers in a chaotic city known as Coolsville...

The Darkweb Rumble

Janny plays Hotel Dusk but not really, while OP runs "The Dark Web Rumble" or TDKR which features new wrestlers, including some from the elusive Season 0.


Big break.

Including the Spazz OVA of how he rose to "fame".

The Wait

Another huge break of random stuff including HITMAN.

Other Streams

Spin-offs and other TFR adjacent streams.

The Cartel Rumble


The Cartel Rumble is a brand under The Final Rumble. A spin-off show with it's own set of lore connected to TFR hosted by Gno.

Normally on Saturdays. Recently stream has become bi-weekly (when there aren't more delays) due to workload.

Season 1

When a bunch of men with low intellectual capabilities decide to start a rumble of their own, all hell breaks loose (literally).

Season 2

After the fall of The Adrestian Empire's revival, a lonely AI decides to now take over the company.

Season 3

Strange otherworldly happenings begin when a bunch of wrestlers go missing, and a world of horror begins...

New World Rumble


new World rumble or nWr is a stream by n00b, one of the archivists, that broadcasts a few hours before TFR or TCR as a pre-stream.

Season 2

Recently aquired some connections with the plot of TFR/Season 6.

Season 3

The mystery of the new World rumble...

G1 Nonstop Infinite Climax


G1 Nonstop Infinite Climax is an independent brand separate from The Final Rumble and has its own set plot separate from it, with a few elements in common, alt universe style.

Usually on Sundays.

Sunshine Super Stardom

SSS is the "sequel" to G1, although both shows continue to exist with G1 occasionally being streamed instead of SSS.


Known as Ace Attorney Online Vidya or Ace Attorney Rumble.

A spin-off focusing on primarily Ace Attorney characters alongside a number of other series, based off the /v/ Attorney Online server.

Usually on Monday.


Also known as the more esoteric Ace Attornery "Vumble"

Rumble Premier League S1

The Rumble Premier League is footy show hosted on the same channel with each team representing a different brand/rumble.


Changed name to "Ace Attorney Versus" because nobody understood what the fuck was a vumble.

RPL Season 2

The second tournament, with a new format and different teams competing.

The Slow Rumble


An independent brand, by deadweightnero.

Usually broadcast on Thursdays when not delayed. (Friday when another show is not scheduled.)

American Federation Rumble

A stream on Wednesdays, formerly known as The Epstein Rumble. Also host to The /his/ Colosseum, a history-focused brand.

The Epstein Rumble S1

A grand 64-man tournament is held, while our heroes Halligan and Dojima uncover The Mystery of the Druids™ who run the promotion.

The Epstein Rumble S2

Sigh... Somehow, Epstein returned.

American Federation Rumble S1

The ugly reds rear their heads over america.

The Tournament Arc


A stream mostly focused on anime characters. Mostly on Tuesdays. Archives link.

Season 1

/co/ characters invade to take over.

CN Rumble

A stream focused primarily on Cartoon Network characters alongside some Nickelodeon and Disney characters.

Usually streamed on Wednesdays.

Season 3

Since Torres has taken over, it's now Salvation Series.

It finished off with a final movie, a dream of a perfect world.

Third World Rumble

Spin-off brand that utilises Fire Pro Wrestling World instead of 2K.

Usually held on Tuesdays.

The Fraudhack Rumble


A Fire Emblem and ROMhacks related rumble held by the creator of Dark Lord & The Maiden of Light.

VS Underground


Perd Rumble is an independent show hosted by Perdicionn.

On Thursdays @6PM EST.

New Millennium Special


A... something by Mimihanaka using The Sims for lore.

Was announced at the TFR end of year stream and happened on sundays close after new years, overlapping with G1/SSS.

Adult Video Rumble


"Please for the love of god don't watch this shit show."



Turn back ye who dare step into these cursed lands of Skaia.

The Final Rumbling

Technically the first spin-off, a bonus stream by the allegedly first female TFR fan "fujOP" focusing mostly in Attack on Titan characters.

Currently inactive never existed.

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