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This is the "central" page if you want to help in editing the wiki, and like most shit on here it's barebones and incomplete. If you want to change that, then get editing. Or Battler will appear behind you in 30 minutes. If you want to add spinoff shit from your outlaw mudshow listed under "Other Streams", then the answer is "as long as you do that shit yourself, don't bother wikigods too much, and keep to the general idea of how a page should look, it's all game".

List of general notes.

  • Include the Brand template on character and tag-team pages to mark what stream it belongs to.
  • Write the name of japanese characters with the family name first.
  • Add categories when convenient, for example the Lore category. Note that most categories are automatically added with certain templates.
  • When adding a category for a series a character belongs to, add the Category:Series to it, as is standard for all categories of a series.
  • The "Episodes" field in the "Infobox Episode" template counts all streams including bonus, but for "Infobox Season" only defined episodes should be counted.

Help Pages[edit | edit source]

  1. Help:Character pages