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"A shitty stream filled with memes, if you come from reddit or anywhere not 4chan, you are a nig ger."

This entire page is a huge autism box about the autistic lore behind a series of streams of shitty fanfiction where fights are simulated in 2K's WWE wrestling games, because it's about the only software you can use to simulate interesting fights, and wrestling is inherently autistic.

This all began when the man known as OP (or as shin back in his homeland) and his Janny decided to, following the recent surge of memes about Chris Redfield wanting Leon Kennedy to fuck his sister, stream after a Hunger Games thread on /v/ was very kino, and most of its participants were in his save. What came about was the origin of the legendary screenshot

that would circulate the entire internet.

Unknown to most people in the world, a series of unsolved conflicts from the matches prompted OP to continue streaming for another 8 more episodes, ending what would be the first season in a legendary match against The Bogdanoff Twins. Unknown to less people, TFR continued for it's second season, and by the time the third season came about, most watchers had already left and only diehard fans began.

By TFR's fourth season, it had inspired some viewers to hold their own wrestling autism competitions to their friends, and one (Gno_ma_ren) streamed it since OP couldn't stream that day, calling it "The Cartel Rumble". By next week, a desperate OP too busy to properly plan shit in TFR decided to put TCR characters as part of a storyline in TFR since he couldn't come with anything else, and so Gno decided to keep streaming. Thus, soon many, many more spin-offs were also born, and a whole universe of terribly autistic videogame wrestling came to be.

Battler Is Gay.