Dark Rumble and the Emblem of Forgery

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Just after /v/-tan and Travis Touchdown win an improvised tag team match for the titles, things start to go south when next thing he knows, Rage Guy wakes up in a strange castle...

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • Ch. 12B: TBA
  • Ch. 13B: TBA
  • Ch. 14B: TBA

Unit[edit | edit source]

Character Class Chapter
/v/-tan Lord 1
Boomer Paladin
Extra Cavalier
Red Cavalier 2
Doctor Piccolo Healer
Johnny Knoxville Knight
Travis Touchdown Lord
Zoomer Journeyman
Chris Redfield Fighter
Joe Tazuna Soldier 3
Haze Stratos Thief
Lain Iwakura Mage
Leon S. Kennedy Archer 4
Terry Davis Priest
Nigger Shaman 4x
Claire Redfield Pega. Rider 5
Jill Valentine Priest 7
Shingo Shoji Cavalier 7
Miyao Mitake Drac Rider 9
Aniki Brigand 9
Van Darkholme Pirate 9
Rance Sword Lord 9
Nero Mercenary 10
Kirigiri Kyoko Peg Rider 10
Dante Ranger 11
Koga Narushima Brawler 11
Jesse Pinkman Recruit 12A
Power Archer 12A/12B
Ricardo Milos Dancer 13A
Rando Berserker 14A/13B
Spigot Rogue 12B
Manager Pupil 12B

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Changelog[edit | edit source]

As per usual make sure to report bugs in this page's discussion section, during TFR/TCR/G1/TSR, or whatever means of communication you prefer using.

Version Changes
ALPHA V2.5 ALPHA 2.5.0
ALPHA V2.4 ALPHA 2.4.0
  • Added chapters 12A, 13A and 14A!
  • Weapon type for /v/-tan changed!
  • Replaced animations for /v/-tan with completely new ones!
  • Added new playable units!
  • Rebalanced all class skills to lessen skill bloat!
  • Fixed up earlier chapters a tiny bit!
  • Koga can now talk to certain units for permanent stat buffs in certain chapters!
ALPHA V2.3 ALPHA 2.3.0
  • Rebalanced all of the new chapters
  • Added missing voiceclips
  • Added missing death/battle quotes
  • Fixed chapter 8 end crash
ALPHA V2.2 ALPHA 2.2.1
  • Fixed Ch.9 escape bug killing last unit.
ALPHA 2.2.0
  • Added Chapters 8x, 9, 10, and 11!
  • Added recruitable characters Mitake Miyao, Aniki, Van Darkholme, Rance, Nero, Kirigiri, Dante & Koga!
ALPHA V2.1 ALPHA 2.1.0
  • Imported to a brand new ROM, which should fix the wrongly-installed patches problem.
  • New class for priests to promote: War Monk (uses Axes and Staves)
  • Assassins can now use Bows, and Rogues can use Staves
ALPHA V1.3.1
  • Added new unit palettes
  • Added a promotion class for Soldier
ALPHA V1.3.0
  • Added 3 brand new chapters!!!
  • Voice clips for characters
  • Character portraits updated
  • Some other stuff
  • Thieves can actually steal shit now.
  • Reworked dialogue, up to chapter 3's chapter end event.
  • Fixed up a couple of bugs
  • Implemented unique Battle quotes and Death Quotes for all bosses (except OPKuma)
  • Implemented the World Map Intro
  • Inserted a couple of enhanced portraits for Travis, Johnny, and Zoomer
ALPHA V1.1.5
  • Added the respective characters' palette for Battle animations.
  • Village in CH5 now stays open if anyone but Joe visits it.
ALPHA V1.1.4
  • Fixed a bug in Ch.4 that would cause the chapter to end much earlier than it ought to
ALPHA V1.1.3
  • Fixed minor bugs and typos
  • Fixed Joe dialogue glitch
  • Changed ability obtained from the CH5 Joe event
ALPHA V1.1.2
  • Haze chibi portrait added.
  • CH3 end event crashing potentially fixed
  • Added an event at the end of Ch. 2.
ALPHA V1.1.1

The Final Rumble: Dark Rumble and The Emblem of Forgery is a top down SRPG developed by Team Romhack, a subdivision of Team Rumble, where most bugs are actually features! Explore a vast world with over 20 story chapters, recruit classic TFR characters into your party, and defeat the evil OPkuma!

Download Here!
For bug reports or suggestions, just post about the hack in any current TFR thread if it exists. We'll (probably) see it.