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Season 0 (Original)[edit | edit source]

  • Birth of a Paranormal Friendship
    • Probably one of the best matches of all time. An epic 40 minute bout between Leon S. Kennedy & Fred Jones. Kickstarted the feud that gave birth to the Paranormal Patrol, the driving force of Team NWF. The only ones who attended this match were OP and Janny. It happened months before TFR or Chrisposting was a thing, and it managed to last longer than most Iron Man matches, even though it was a simple one-on-one. Sadly, no archives or recordings exist of this bout.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

S1E1[edit | edit source]

S1E2[edit | edit source]

S1E4[edit | edit source]

S1E5[edit | edit source]

The Mystery Masters vs. The Therapy

S1E6[edit | edit source]

Van Darkholme vs. Aniki II

HUNK vs. Armstrong

S1E7[edit | edit source]

S1E8[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

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Season 3[edit | edit source]

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S3EX[edit | edit source]

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Season 4[edit | edit source]

S4E2[edit | edit source]

  • Fight Forever
    • To start off, how Johnny is even present is unknown.
    • There's hints at forces manipulating the match, as crowd began chanting "Fight Forever!" 24 minutes in. Then "This is awesome!" 27 in. Then a mix of eldritch voices as "You deserve it!" began a minute later. Then "Holy Shit!" 30 minutes in.
    • 32 minutes in, OP asked a favor of Delta to mindhacc the wrestlers to move into the ring from the ramp, but another force was at odds and the OP's control broke. When the wrestlers reached the ring 32 minutes in, the lights went out, and back on, the Deadman himself Undertaker appeared to attack Bane from behind, and then was gone. 34 minutes in, both wrestlers were again in the crowd, something drawing them away from the ring, and a minute later, both wrestlers tried to stop fighting, as if they never really wanted to, but were unable to do so and the brawl began again. This continued until OP got them Mindhacced again, to Johnny's reluctant victory 45 minutes in.
  • FMS vs The Package Deal
    • After the Redfield brother-sister duo entered the ring, the seemingly unthinkable happened. Extra, the man who was Bogged out of his past and Red, years after her WWE retirement and subsequent disappearance, have reunited in the ring, stepping forth as The Package Deal. Claire and Chris, perhaps shocked, refused to leave the ring for their opponents' entrance, though the two veterans were undeterred.
    • What followed was a brief match where Extra and Chris have decided to fight in the upper right corner outside of the ring, inflicting a draw. OP brought in Raidou and asked him to reverse time with his Mandom. Succeeding in that, OP decided to bring Delta back behind the scenes, so as to not let such a botch happen again.
    • Having covered all those bases, what followed was a grueling 40-minute match, with Delta having to Mindhacc the teams numerous times to avoid another mutual countout. As the 40th minute approached, OP, tired of the back-and-forth pinning, ordered Delta to mindhacc those who were not tagged in the next time someone would pin, so as to not let anybody interrupt the test of endurance and strength. Red has pinned, both Chris and Extra were stopped in their tracks, and The Package Deal won. Of course, there was a botch with FMS theme playing instead of Extra and Red's victory theme, but this did not take away from the fact that the legends were back. Oh, and the two hugged in the ring, much to OP's screeching.
  • The Representative Turnabout
    • The match was based upon King /v/alhallan Top 4, with the Duke replacing Doomguy, and Wright finally wearing his suit, for the first time in the history of TFR.
    • While Duke and Kiryu were quickly disposed of, Armstrong and Wright were a different matter. The opposing sides of the law. The 4th and the 1st. The total opposites, clashing for the right to be the ones to represent /v/. Just as it had in the Fight Forever, the ramp struck again, seemingly trapping the two in the endless loop of pins. But, just as in the first match, Delta mindhacc'd them back to the ring. Perhaps out of bias, the mindhacc put less of a strain on Armstrong than on Wright, giving him the victory.
  • Wright/Armstrong Bonus Rematch
    • At first, this was seen as a non-canon match. However, after Wright successfully performed a Phoenix Splash and pinned Armstrong, there were proclamations to give Wright a second chance, to let him and Armstrong fight each other for the last time, to see who is truly worthy. Wright's angered face after his victory was the cherry on top that made OP relent and book one last match for the day.

"So, you wanna have another fuckin' go? I like you, Wright. So I'll give you another shot. But be prepared to have your bones broken to dust." ― Senator Steven Armstrong

  • Backstage Brawl: Wright VS Armstrong
    • With both fighters rejuvenated, they continued their feud off the ring, right in the backstage.While at first Armstrong had the upper hand, tossing the attorney around like a rag doll, pretty soon Wright had the politician on the ropes, dropping Powerbombs left and right. In the process of the fight Armstrong ends up briefly bent over, before throwing Wright right on the nearby chair. The attorney miraculously survives that and the throws onto the concrete floor that follow. What's more surprising is that Wright, fuelled by the power of Objection, instantly jumped back to his feet after Armstong dropkicked him. With one more powerbomb, Wright prevails, proving that Nanomachines are no match before the power of the law.
    • And thus, with this sudden turnabout, Wright is the one to represent /v/ in the King of the Ring Board tournament. Will this win be a fluke, or a sign?

S4E4[edit | edit source]

  • Books & Ladders
    • A relatively normal match, up until when Raidou tried to draw a weapon and drew The Grimoire; he then used it to beat Kiryu, but inadvertently activated his Beast Style, and beat Raidou. Thenn seeking to rearm themselves, Raidou seek a ladder while Kiryu drew a ladder. While the outcome of the choice seemed obvious at first, Kiryu pretended to be distracted and drew Raidou over and surprise-attacked with the ladder clashing both weapons but winning, then did it again, and finally devastated Raidou by throwing his whole self into the ladder.
  • End of HUNK
    • The legendary conflict, reignited. Nobody knows why Armstrong decided to step up for TFR, but it will be remembered for the ages. The Match began in HUNK's favor, but Armstrong soon started performing counter after counter and going into 100% offence. However, he was still upclassed by HUNK 4 mins into the match. At 9:00 left HUNK became enraged, but Armstrong used this to trick him into a pin becoming 0-1. With 7:30 minutes left, Armstrong was starting to get weakened by HUNK's powerful blows, leaving him no option but to activate his last trick: Senator Armstrong activated his Super Nanomachines, turning him fully metallic. With 3 minutes left and his metallic form, HUNK wasn't able to even harm Armstrong anymore, leaving him open to be pinned another time to a 0-2. All attempts for HUNK to pin were met with failure, because Senator Armstrong HAD BECOME FUCKING INVINCIBLE. With 1:40 left, HUNK's neckbreaker stunned Armstrong long enough for him to get a pin and become 1-2, but Armstrong just woke up and pushed his shit in with a final Powerslam, turning the score 1-3. Armstrong taunted HUNK on the ropes by smacking his face a few times to no effect, and with a move, just like that, it was over. HUNK's record had ended. The Invincible HUNK was no more. The end of an era.

S4E5[edit | edit source]

  • Rematch of The Senator and the Grim Reaper
    • It was all Kojima's plan to have HUNK lose, he gave Armstrong the nanomachines, he rewrote the universe so HUNK would lose, and now he created a Reality Marble where the 2K19 was contained within, and had them fight in it.
    • Neckbreakers and Punts blew against each other, and half a match later no pins were successful. HUNK made Armstrong bleed, but he still wouldn't give up. 4 minutes in, Armstrong finally did the impossible again; he pinned HUNK, but this would prove to not be the end of it. HUNK raged, and the senator was punished. With 25 seconds left, HUNK's Neckbreaker was enough to pin the might Armstrong and draw out the match. These men prove again to be the best TFR has to give.

S4E6[edit | edit source]

  • The Chamber Turnabout
    • Elimination Chamber - Terry Davis vs. Mr. America vs. Phoenix Wright vs. Bane vs. Adachi vs. 47: The match was between those six to determine, who gets to choose a tag team partner to challenge the Tag Team Champions. Strangely, both Adachi and Agent 47 were reverted to default entrance and music.
    • Everything pointed to the match being if not exciting, then at least entertaining. But it all changed when Phoenix exited his cell, the second one to leave, as the music that followed him had that unique edge of nostalgia behind it. And rightfully so, since it was the music from the first intro of Season 2. And to its' tune, the first pin happened. Phoenix Wright eliminated Terry Davis. Immediately, when the music from Season 1's intro started playing, another man was pinned. 47 was pinned by Wright after his Phoenix Splash connected and subsequently eliminated. At this point the spectators were getting pretty excited, riled up by attorney's prowess. The music moved on, giving the floor to Club Foot, the second intro of Season 2. On the words "All I got is a dirty trick, I'm chasing down the wolves to save you" Wright executed a Lie Detector on Bane and pinned him, earning another notch on his belt. Crowd was going wild.
    • With three wrestlers remaining, Adachi and Wright, two sides of the law, made an impromptu alliance against Mr. America, the crooked cop saved the attorney from the Leg Drop, twice, once by covering Wright, the second time performing Solida del Society on America before he could execute his signature move. At that point, Monster, the third intro of Season 2 kicked in, and Wright saved Adachi from Leg Drop by covering him himself. Eventually, with two Lie Detectors, Wright has to eliminate his wayward partner. Then, there were two. And four pins by the attorney.
    • As if to signify this, Born for Greatness rolled in. Pumped up, Phoenix did his splash on Mr. America, but it was not enough to eliminate him. Not deterred, he climbs the ropes again and performs an Elbow Drop. And that wasn't the end of it, as he climbed the rope once more, tired and beaten, but determined to see it through. Unfortunately for him, that did not connect. After Mr. America started gaining advantage, Wright suddenly jumped right up after getting body slammed. But even that wasn't enough, as Wright was slammed and choked and elbow dropped by his opponent who totally was not Hulk Hogan. Yet that couldn't keep the seeker of truth down. Downing his adversary with a Lie Detector and performing the final Phoenix Splash on Mr. America, Phoenix Wright finally pinned him, earning his victory by eliminating all other wrestlers of the chamber by himself. For the first time in the history of TFR. The crowd and the chat went absolutely batshit insane in excitement. And to think, that is only 50% of his power.

S4E7[edit | edit source]

  • The End of Extra Saga
    • The rivalry that transcends time and space, the fight that might as well have been predestined, Extra and Red face their bitter rivals, Samoa Joe and Brooklyn Von Braun, this time not under the banner of WWE, and not for the rights of being in the Hall of Fame. Time has passed, things have changed, TFR's the head honcho of the Wrestling Industry, and the fight that night was for the Mixed Match Challenge Belt. (Note: Per Kojima's words, if The Package Deal lose, they too will get augmented.)

The match was accompanied by the classic music that's been following Tre and Red's journey, such as Not Ready to Die a Subhuman, The Stand and Sons of Fate. Much to the seething in the crowds, Burn My Dread (Last Battle) was also played. Still, the music fit pretty neatly with the process of the match, as the wrestlers traded blows and taunted each other with savagery and relentlessness and the fight went back and forth.

Though the augmentations of Bionic Heroes gave them an advantage in the terms of damage, their teamwork was quite lacking. Extra and Red have saved themselves and each other from their opponents' covers, most notably saving each other miliseconds away from the third count, Extra recovering on his own from a Crossface, Red being able to save Extra from the Coquina Clutch (Which, to remind you, took Tre's life in the non-canon timeline of Extra OVA), then immediatly jumping back to save him from a pin, Extra rising up merely seconds after that to save Red from being pinned, and so much more. Like Extra hitting three Places Behind the Pines on Samoa, as well as two Knightfalls. Or the fact that Red has prepared for the encounter accordingly, and studied Magic, which let her move Brooklyn around with Telekinesis.

Yet, the match could not end in a standard way. The Curse of the Ramp has stricken this type of match, which meant that a repeat of Manny vs. Benoit could occur. On the 45th minute, the DELTA time had struck. Right as OP had announced that, Red has covered Brooklyn. DELTA activated his mindhacc powers to stop Samoa and Extra in their tracks, preventing them from interfering. 1, 2, 3. This time, Red has been successful, and achieved victory. The Package Deal prevailed over The Bionic Heroes once more, this time on the turf of TFR, proving themselves superior. The bond between the two had not deteriorated in the least, even after memory wipes.

S4E8[edit | edit source]

  • King of The Ring Finals - Battle For The Falklands
    • It was finally time; The battle of the legendary reminder of /s4s/, Commander Malik Agar 'Gippo Dudee'; and the meatbeast and unbreakable lover of the footy of /sp/, Cam On Ingurland.

The match began in strong favor of Gippo, with a kick that knocks down Ingurland and a throw from the top rope that would put most wrestlers in serious disadvantage--but Ingurland was no ordinary wrestler. A counter switches sides and has him hammerin a Gippo kneeled on the floor. Counter after counter, reversal after reversal, these beasts just don't give up. Ingurland manages to lift Gippo with a blow for a hurtful attack, but soon Gippo counters and reverses into a pin to a 2-count. Another 2-count later, Gippo punishes Ingurland in a corner with 5 fulminating strikes that get him to bleed. However, Ingurland hits him in the abdomen and uses his legs to trip him, then does the "CAM ON" dance into his terrible "Rope Sit Down Pin" where he uses the impulse of a rope to land sitting on the opponent and lands his first pin with a 1-0 score.

Gippo quickly turns the situation and gives Ingurland "THE REMINDER", but he escapes. Gippo gets another 2-count on Ingurland and fails a top rope, leaving him open for Ingurland to pin, but fails. Ingurland 2 sleeper holds back to back but fails both, and Gippo stomps on him HARD. Gippo pulls a top rope "Slippy Gerrard" that connects and a powerbomb that still doesn't grant him his pin. Ingurland did his "CAM ON" move again but failed the pin. Gippo does ONE pure strike but Ingurland counters the next move, however Gippo no-sells and pulls of a DDT and REMINDS him, into a pin that evens up the score. 1-1.

For the final third of this fight 10 minutes in, Gippo tries to remind Ingurland into a pin but fails, and keeps hitting Ingurland but doesn't pin, which probably costed him the win. Ingurland responds with 3 pure strikes that make Gippo bleed but he DDTs Ingurland, yet he no-sells and gives him a headbutt despite Ingurland bleednig so much you can practically see his brain. Gippo evades his charged fist and gives him a wind-up uppercut... BUT HE NO SELLS AGAIN, HE GETS UP ALL MERRY AND HAPPY LIKE THE MEAT MACHINE HE IS, JUMPS AROUND WHILE YELLING "CAM ON!" "CAM ON!" AND DOES HIS ROPE JUMP SIT UP INTO GIPPO'S FACE THAT DESTROYS HIM AND NETS HIM THE WIN.

  • Confrontation of the Infernal and the Holy
    • Two of the biggest fan favorites; The holy man who could only feel joy in suffering, and the avatar of the lord of hell Mr. Bones; THE match of the century.

The match started with Parka punishing him like any soul who would dare even speak to the big bone in hell, but that quickly changed. The Priste pulled move after move, throw after throw, and after a back slam, he praised the lord and prayed for strength. After getting hit after a failed grab, he pretended to be dumbfounded, only to dodge fast and pull a horse kick, but that only angered Parka who punished him into bleeding. A pin failed, but the Priest stil pulls his Yorokobe DDT. But then the skeleton power retaliated with a Spinebuster, and another pin that failed.

The Priest pulls a series of counters, he is hit with a dropkick, but the priest plays smart and keeps rolling out and playing the long game. He plays with the mind of the undead monarch and tricks him into a moment of weakness, then strikes true.

However, the boney devil stil kicked out, and from the chat OP screamed: "HE HAS TO DO THE YOROKOBE DDT AGAIN". The priest crossed his eye for a moment, as if hearing OP, he opened them again, when up to La Parka, grabbed him, opened his arms and screamed the loudest "PAMELA" Hell will ever heard, and pulled the DDT into a pin.

He did it.

S4E9[edit | edit source]

  • Kojima Counterattacks: War of the Prototypes
    • As the riots inside the TFR facility escalated, Kojima, who has been upgrading HUNK through dubious means, can no longer hold off the wrestlers with his own powers and those of his subordinates. Knowing that he can't let his trump card, Armstrong, out yet, the gamedev orders to set the Prototypes free. These horrific abominations, experimented and changed beyond recognition, were sent to hold the wrestlers off, while Kojima's own plans come closer to completion.
  • The Blue Demon in Death Valley
    • Calypso, who has been besmirched by Kojima a few weeks ago, stepped forth to clash with the first Prototype. The Undertaker of a different universe, spliced between the two, capable of acting as ferociously as always while missing body parts. With his powers, he locked Calypso and himself into a Hell Cage. The Demon in Blue fell before the 4th minute of the match came. The first victory went to Kojima.
  • The Tyrant and the Boss
    • Another seeker of vengeance took Calypso's place. Mrs X, horrifically mauled by Kojima's powers, sought to repay the maims inflicted upon her tenfold. She was stopped by a different being. A mindbroken man taken out of the loop of infinite death and a bossy diva, fused together into a mindless form, seeking the sweet release of death and The Arrow. The unstable stand that once was a part of Diavolo, the man part of the fusion, inflicted a ruleset of 10 minute Table match. Yet, soonafter, the abomination gained a sense of control over it, and prevented Mrs X from scoring even once. Sashavolo, however, shattered two tables with the body of the Tyrant. Second victory came to Kojima.
  • Killer 2+1 No More Hero vs Kojima World Order
    • Three Prototypes, a hulking giant with a mask for a face that once was Erick Rowan, Triple H controlled with the skull-like lock on his head, and a Big insectoid menace went as one team. The renown tag-team Killer2 and Travis Touchdown halted them in their tracks. The stipulation of this match was a 3 on 3 Tag Team. Knowing the power of these monsters, Travis thought up an ingenious plan. Acting as a bait, he led Hagridrowan outside of the ring, and counted both him and himself out. However, the situation quickly turned south, when Garcian Smith, who sought to count-out the Beelzebub Show, underestimated the intelligence of the prototype. He was alone outside of the ring, and was the only one disqualified. It left Andrei alone, against two servants of Kojima, and he quickly fell as well, succumbing to Bug Show. 3-0. Kojima's win was assured. But the fights continued on.
  • The Extra Saga Rematch
    • One of the wrestlers turned out to have intimate knowledge of one of the prototypes. From the first notes of the hellish tune accompanying him, Extra knew who was approaching. Samoa Joe, now 80% a machine, out for his blood. This fight had only one win condition. Submission. Something Extra was not experienced with, and something Samoa was accustomed to. And yet, he did not falter. He did not despair. If he would, Red would be doomed. And he couldn't allow that. What followed was another grueling match, as it was common in Extra vs Samoa matchups. The Chat, along with Extra, had HOPE. HOPE that Extra would prevai over the augmented adversary, whose power packed even more punch than before. First attempt at submission by Extra failed by the Rope. And so did the second, this time by Samoa's power alone. Tapping into power he had a very, very long time ago, Extra attempted to end Samoa with his own move, the Coquina Clutch. Yet, that failed too. Extra quickly got out of the Crossface inflicted by the cyborg. After a counterfest, a session of manhandling, brawl outside of the ring Extra caught the heartless machine into another Coquina Clutch. And this time, he proved victorious. 1-3 in favor of Kojima... But even now, there's hope for man.
  • The Sands of Time
    • The last Prototype lurked, in search of one specific superstar. And that superstar did the same. The Prince of Persia meets his descendant, turned into a literal furry. Stipulation was an Iron Man match, 15 minutes. Both the relic of the past and the embodiment of the present fought bravely, but managed to score only one pin each. Then, Prince, using up the last sands of time available to him, turned back the clock, and the stipulations. The first pin would determine the victor. And between the two... It was the prince who had achieved victory. 2-3, Kojima was still winning. But... there was another Kojimabomination.
  • The Turnabout of '92
    • An escaped Prototype, the first of its' kind, Kevin Nash, driven to the brink of death and fused with La Creatura, to make a true abomination. To oppose it, a certain lawyer who has gained a bad standing with the audience stepped forth. And yet, the combined prowess of the rape survivor and La Creatura overpowered the powers of the Law Wright had wielded. Or perhaps Wright was operating for Kojima and jobbed on purpose. In any case, this didn't lighten the view of the chat of Wright at all. Kojima prevailed, 4-2. The Final Impact was imminent.

S4E10[edit | edit source]

  • Pure Nanomachines VS The Law
    • When everyone had lost hope in Phoenix Wright being a scummy traitor by betraying his friends time and time again, he accompanies Miles Edgeworth in stopping Senator Armstrong from reaching The Impact Room. 3 minutes into the match, Armstrong activated his Super-Nanomachines, turning him completely metal and becoming destructing incarnate against Edgeworth. However, a mere 30 seconds later, with a move of the wrist from Wright, the nanomachines are deactivated and both men stand in even ground again, Armstrong notably confused. Being on the same level again, Edgeworth pulled all the stops on Armstrong during his the time he didn't comprehend the situation's development, and with an Edgecution, he did it. He defeated Armstrong. Thus, The Final Impact was delayed further.

S4E11[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon VS Hostess...?
    • A match where Kojima decided to flex his reality bending as the scriptwriter to push Tohya's buttons, each wrestler had modified appearances.
    • The Dragon of Dojima, Smirk Demon, Baldou Kuzunoha, and Goromi. At first, each wrestler was concentrating on his rival, and 6 minutes in, Calvou speared Goromi through the barricade for the first time in TFR history. 8 minutes in, staring at each other for a moment, Goromi pinned Raidou Calvo and then worked together with The Dragon to eliminate The Smirking Man, working practically as tornado tag team. Once the opponents were done for, the two yakuza had a heated rivalry match that ended in Kazuma Kiryu's victory.

Both wrestlers went at it like maddened beasts, Dimitri specially giving it his all, even trying a Crossface that was ropebroken. He tries to attack but is reversed and clotheslined outside the ring. When Armstrong comes to attack him, he quickly gets up and throws him into the ring, then activates his BOAR RAGE. However, before he can use it, Armstrong stuns him and attacks, but is countered once Dimitri went back to normal. Dimitri is tripped into a rollup but breaks at 2 and reverses it into Armstrong, who does the same until they finally break up. Dimitri tries to get up in a corner, but Armstrong kicks him down and suplexes into a pin that breaks at 2.3. Dimitri quickly rolls out the ring to escape, but Armstron uses the chance to activate his Super-Nanomachines. He does a kick combo on Dimitri but he reverses the grab and throws Armstrong away. Dimitri gets into the ring and catches his breath and tries to kick Armstrong but it's countered and rolls out. When Armstrong comes down to punish he deceives and jumps on him, delivering 7 strikes to his face. Thrown back into the ring, Armstrong uses an effective Powerslam and pins but it breaks at 2.5 and escapes. Dimitri is supplexed but HE TRICKS AND TRIPS HIM AND TRIES TO DO A NECKBREAKER, but it's reversed. The senator punches Dimitri in the face, kicks him on the floor, suplexes him, punches him, kicks him, suplexes him, and before the next punch Dimitri counters with a sliding clothesline and kicks Armstrong viciously, he punches him but his punches flow off an seem to have no effect on his metal skin. HOWEVER Dimitri breaks another pin at 2 and isn't ready to give up, even if he gets beat up by Armstrong again and again. Dimitri pushes him down and lands with his feet on Armstrong from the top rote. Dimitri tries to grab and throw him over the shoulder but he slips and comes to Dimitri with a clothesline, BUT HE DODGES! Dimitri knees him and applies a Neckbreaker, but Armstrong tricks him from the rope and jumps into a rollup. Dimitri escapes at 2.1 and gets applied a Spinebuster, then a Powerbomb, and a clothesline that misses, Dimitri kicks but it has no effect and Armstrong lunges at him, but Dumitri sidesteps it and applies 3 choppas into a rope-impulsed clothesline and a top rope stomp that misses, and a rope-impulsed clash that Dimitri turns into a toss, then Armstrong rolls out and...!

That's when OP's internet crashed for the next day and a half. He would try all sorts of crazy shit to get it to work, but to no avail. Next night he tried again but to the same result.


  • HOPE Against The Machine
    • The hour was 11PM, The Cartel Rumble had just ended. OP, seeing his internet return, decided to test the stream. He said fuck it, and started a match, and if Hopeman won and we had 60 viewers, the finale would begin right then and there. 12... 19... 30 people were formed before a fight even begun, awaiting in anticipation for the conclusion. 34... Nagito Komaeda appeared on screen, reaching 40. Next... Yorokobe Shounen, 45... 48... The match finally began. 50... but then, it seemed like Despair was gonna prevail over Hope, 55... A sudden Twist of Hope to Kirei, Kirei bleeds, 58... and then, Komeda wins, but... 3 people despair. Just when all seemed lost, Komade stares directly into the cam, and we reach 61.
    • We finally got the conclusion to the last match... Armstrong throws Dimitri around and pins for a win. Disappointing, but before that point the match was great so it was all worth it.
  • Encounter of Soldier and Writer
    • The final encounter between Sminem's Chosen One, and The Legendary Interdimensional Mercenary turned Ultimate Weapon.

What can be said about this match except that absolutely nobody expected the way it turned out? To start off, HUNK was one whole point average over Tohya, meaning if anything that the battle should be relatively equal sided with HUNK having a bit of advantage.

However, it was a fucking stomp where HUNK couldn't do anything right even once. Battler steamrolled with 6 pins in a row in the set 20 minutes while HUNK didn't even activate his nanomachines (that he did, indeed, have). Armstrong's matches had already put HUNKfags on edge, but this was the match that made them go ballistic. Funnily enough, this would lead to trouble on the very first episode of S5.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

S5E1[edit | edit source]

  • Jobber Royal

Aleksandr Pistoletov, Albert Wesker, Rance, Gene, Tatsuya Suou, Tom Brady, Alucard and Archer fought in an otherwise unremarkable 8-Man Battle Royal but what really made this special is that Tetsuya got the fastest elimination in TFR history by baiting Pistoletov over the top rope at ZERO seconds at the start of the match. Unfortunately Tetsuya himself got eliminated later by Archer who went on to win the match.

  • La Parka's 20-Man DEATH Rumble Matches

At the end of the episode La Parka announced his Death Game and then killed the fan favorite HUNK to establish himself as king asshole. Unfortunately that was not enough for him and forced 40 unfortunate wrestlers to split into two groups and fight for survival in two Royal Rumbles. The first 10 wrestlers that got eliminated would be executed and to spice things up the wrestler that won and the one that got the most kills (not just eliminations) would earn an Immunity from getting voted to die. It was all but assumed that those unlucky to be the first 10 to enter would be the victims HOWEVER Winnie the Pooh in group A shattered those expectations by entering at number 5 and then eliminating Old Man Henderson, ZUN, and then eliminating number 11 Sans which not only saved him since Steve After Not Surviving was the 10nth fatal elimination, it also earned him an Immunity since he indirectly killed the most wrestlers. Congrats? The other Immunity in group A went to some guy named Tony Hawk. In group B Samoa Joe entered 7th and also saved himself while getting the killer Immunity by eliminating Max Payne, Kevin Nash and Gippo Dudee and the winner Immunity went to Tommy Wiseau who went berserk at the last stretch and eliminated everyone else one by one to earn the top spot.

S5E3[edit | edit source]

  • The tag team champions Men With a Plan (Dutch Van Der Linde & Ruber) fought to defend their titles from team Master & BERSERKER (Kirei Kotomine & Dimitri Blaiddyd) as the second to last match of the night. It was a typical back-and-forth tag team match however all of a sudden Ruber denied a tag and just left the arena, forcing Dutch to fight both Kirei and Dimitri alone. Everyone was stunned by this (Dutch especially) since it meant that Ruber pretty much handed the tag team belts to Kirei! After this betrayal Dutch just gave up on the match and let himself get a 3 count the next time Dimitry pinned him.

S5E4[edit | edit source]

After another round of merciless executions due to La Parka's Death Game OP wanted to lighten up the mood by testing how the fresh recruit Rean could fair against the undefeated 1v1 god wrestler 2k19 HUNK. What OP didn't count in is that since this was a bonus match, Rean didn't need to hold up anymore and he proceeded to not only counter most of HUNK's moves but unleash a series of headpats that managed for the first time ever in a pure 1v1 to put HUNK down for the triple count.

S5E5[edit | edit source]

  • Following the draw result from the 5-way table match in episode 3, OP booked the two that managed to tie up, Joe Tazuna and Edward Richtofen, in an 1v1 10 minute ironman table match to see who the real winner is. After Joe managed to put Richtofen through a table, fucking Godzilla debuts in the absolute horror of OP who wanted to debut him later that day. Joe managed to keep his cool though and just putted the newcomer through a table the moment he(it?) entered the ring, leading to everyone's sides being obliterated. After doing some ligger extermination, Joe went on to win the match.

S5E6[edit | edit source]

What started as a simple decision of pressing a button in a lore segment turned into a fucking 80 minute long shitshow due to chat's inability to decide which option is best and OP getting hardcore netted right in the middle of the lore. The end result? See for yourselves.

S5E12[edit | edit source]

  • uhh idk? BANS vs Agent 47 exists but 47 jobbed really hard at that one

Season 6[edit | edit source]

S6E7[edit | edit source]

Ichiban musters all of his strength into saving his friend in the 2/3 falls 10 minute ironman match.

S6E9[edit | edit source]

Pure explosive dimes.

Door-kun buys time for his friends to escape.

S6E16[edit | edit source]

Snekfucker's classic showing, making the entire chat KNEEL.


Off-Season 6[edit | edit source]

  • Justice of the Chamber Turnabout
    • Apollo Justice soloes the entire elimination chamber coming out halfway through.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

soon (in valve time)

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