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The Final Resistance is an organization in TFR.

Description[edit | edit source]

An organization lead by Central that was formed after the end of the world by remains of TFR wrestlers, it opposes the threats at hand and takes up guns to defend what's left.

History[edit | edit source]

TFR/Off-Season 1[edit | edit source]

In the timeline where The Bogdanoffs succeed in their defeat of TFR, they call forth their alien allies to wreak havoc in the world in an attempt to control it, and being their "Avatar Project". The X-COM Project, in a last ditch effort, recruits the former enemies of the Bogs, the TFR wrestlers, and begins fighting the threat. Although officially still called X-COM, the survivors take to calling the former TFR forces "The Final Resistance".

TFR/Off-Season 3[edit | edit source]

A different timeline that shows the early days of the invasion before the world ended, but different X-COM agents are killed.

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TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

When Rumble-17 brings forth the apocalypse in 2020 and destroys much of the world, most of the X-COM Project assets and personnel are lost. As many years pass in the Rumbled World, Bradford uses what little's left of X-COM to form an insurgence against The Three Kings and the BANS Army, by uniting with former TFR wrestlers who stand neither with Chaos or Law, a new faction born: The Final Resistance.

12 years after the disaster struck the earth, the resistance has finally begun to be able to stand against the other two groups in similar grounds; Central organizes two teams to raid bases to are beneficial to enemy forces, Operation:War Hawk has Team A lead by Date Kaname head to Tazuna Industries while Operation:War Claw has Team B lead by Kasuga Ichiban go to Serge's Fort. While Team A's incursion results in failure as Tazuna Joe is taken away by Kings' forces, Team B succeeds in bringing down the Fort and saving the former Resistance member Serge.

The next two raids begins with Operation:Sky Steed sending a joint team of Resistance and Troubleshooters members to Ruber's Castle in order to rescue Dimitri Blaiddyd and for King of Ingurland to regain his Kingdom from Ruber; although the mission is initially believed to be a failure after Law forces missile strike the area, everyone survives and the mission is somewhat successful. Meanwhile, Operation:Northern Paramour is prepared to one of the Factories, the most prominent one, to discover what happens inside of them. The mission results in total failure and high personnel loses.

A Christmas party is held between Resistance and Troubleshooter members to commemorate their victories, but The Kings take the opportunity to use the Troubleshooters as a way to rid of Resistance members. In the confusion and fear, the Resistance forces are mercilessly slaughtered, and all of them would have died if not for the sacrifice of Kadoya Tsukasa allowing them to flee.

The remaining Resistance forces gather once the hunt for them has slowed down, and joined by new members in the wake of the upcoming final clash between factions, Central steps down from the leadership and Narukami Yu becomes it's new leader.

The Resistance makes their way to the Coolsville Arena and gathered all together one last time, fights for the titles, and then through the Cosmic Egg in a last stand while Suou Tatsuya faces the final battle for the destiny of the world.