The Final Impact

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The Final Impact is the terrible event that devastated and caused the end of the 2K19 timeline in the world of the TFRverse.

Alleged Description[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about The Final Impact, especially not by the wrestlers themselves. All that is known is rumors that it an event so terrible to threaten existence itself. Due to such little information, what really caused this is unknown, due to having so little information about it. Yet somehow, many things seemed to survive by unexplained means.

A few multiversal entities are the target of rumors that they decided to reverse or had some knowledge of the event:

  • Richtofen "returned to the TFRverse only to find it in ruins, and he was the biggest contributor to the creation of the new universe", but he hasn't really been seen by anyone since he left with the stone.
  • God Emperor "apparently something about stopping the warp", but he refuses to comment on it and wanders backstage screaming to people about something he did naht do.
  • Mr. Bones "despite not being on the level of multiversal entities, moved things from the shadows to stop or delay The Final Impact, as he needs people to live to be the ruler of Hell", but it's doubtful he'd have enough power to do that.
  • The Bogdanoffs "not really helped but used their multiversal contacts to escape the universe before it was too late", and yet Bogdanoff Industries's hold on crypto did not drop for even a minute.
  • OP, "apparently 'commanded' the wrestlers as a legion of troops", but nobody would follow a macaco and members of the TFR Board of Directors are seldom seen to know what they look like.
    • Janny "helped OP as a General" but he's just a janitor who does it for free.
  • Xi Jingping "apparently sacrificed the entire chinese race as fuel to power a way for him to move into another universe", probably true.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

What is reported to be what was seen in the final moments before The Final Impact of the 2K19 timeline occurred. Authenticity of the image is debatable.
It is unknown how, but a new universe was created, called the "Universe 2K20" due to The Final Impact allegedly happening on the 1st of 2020. However, as the Laws of Wrestling were created by ancient Magi long gone, the newer mages who translated it into the new universe barely could handle it and as a result magic abilities aren't as restricted in wrestling rings.

It is currently unknown if The Final Impact will repeat in the new universe, but higher entities are monitoring to see if it can be stopped this time, because if it were to happen again it would mean complete annihilation.

The truth about The Final Impact is however that it was mostly lies fabricated by Kojima, who is also the bringer of TFI. The 2K20 universe is a fracture of his own creation and the 2K19 universe wasn't destroyed at all, in fact both universes existed parallel to each other in secret. Kojima's plan was to move everyone into the 2K19 universe and cause TFI, removing only the beings he liked and having the rest die at the end of an universe. The reason the universe is so different is because like all things Kojima, it was a shoddy creation, and the difference in Laws of Wrestling was designed by Kojima himself to "spice things up".

The Final Impact was supposed to hit long before anyone had a chance to learn the truth, but thanks to Kojimas many projects, bizarre spur-of-the-moment genius booking, and inability to manage a budget when given control and a blank check, it kept getting delayed until the truth was known. When it was revealed the wrestlers who weren't showing up to weren't just participating in dark matches by his biased booking, but because they were trapped in the old universe, he used this by giving them a final televised match before the TFI was ready. Before it was ready, wrestlers tried to rebel, but after having failed, The Cartel Rumble wrestlers arrived to stall Kojima one last time, giving them a fighting chance for one last stand against Kojima.

In the end, Kojima was defeated, banished and rejected as well as The Final Impact stopped from ever happening. In the timeline where Kojima won, he was successful in bringing it forth, but at the cost of his own life as he was dragged into it by Sminem.