The Epstein Rumble

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American Federation Rumble (formerly known as The Epstein Rumble) is an independent brand hosted by JeffreyEpstein.

Description[edit | edit source]

Seasons (TER)[edit | edit source]

TER/Season 1
Season 1
In the mid-2010s, Dojima and Halligan did some stuff. And then Ocelot joined them to take down Jeffrey Epstein who is actually a druid. I didn't even have a plot written down until mid-season so I'm putting as much effort into this description as I did for S1.
TER/Season 2
Season 2
Sigh... somehow, Epstein returned.

Seasons (AFR)[edit | edit source]

AFR/Season 1
Season 1

Operation Red Rumble

In the quest to acquire talent for his new federation, Bandit Keith does what every good American does; invade other nations.

Seasons (T/h/C)[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (?)
Centuries before the founding of TER, history's greatest warriors, leaders, and overall nutbags settled anything from personal disagreements to warfare between nations in a wrestling ring.

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