The Elite Enigmas

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A group of up-and-comers and their mentor.

Enigma-solvers of the Elite[edit | edit source]

Two shining stars from different brands who shared a conflict and a sin, and now team together to be reborn thanks to the man who seeks to bring them to embody the future.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Nero comes out to the ring to, once again, ask: So... what does the audience want to talk about? First of all, last week's match must've surprised everyone, when avid up-and-comer Battler seized the opportunity and defeated his father Vergil. Nero ran into that ring in fact, and was able to determine the passion when being face-to-face to that young wrestler, the heart and determination. But he could also sense the one thing stopping him from breaking that glass ceiling, grabbing the brass ring, and making it to the next level here... he's been trying to get rid of it, giving his best, but it's not enough. But will AEW let potential like that go to waste? The answer is obvious, and he'll even do what Wright failed to do with his "Mystery Masters", because he'll create his own, the "Elite Enigmas", but instead of letting them fail, he'll provide them proper guidance as a true role model, and sure as hell won't betray them or anyone in this company! And to prove they're being reborn in this company, the third member alongside Battler and Nero himself will be... Kaidou Shun. This way, Battler will atone for his sin against all those that joined forces to defeat TFR.

Battler and Kaidou are put against the very champions, and Nero behind them gets the first row seat to witness the future of the business born from the sinful past. Both young competitors do their absolute best and save each other many times, but in the end they can't defeat the reigning top brass.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
Tag-Team Notorious Talent Rising Lose 0 0 1 Support: Nero

Members: Battler & Kaidou