The Demon of Debt

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Debt of Hell[edit | edit source]

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Once there stood a Hollow Man, devoid of all joy. This man lived every moment in painful agony over his debt, and tried his best to quench its thirst, draining every single penny he ever made out of his hands.

His boss eventually decided his lack of emotion wasn't doing any good to the business and decided he would need to show more emotion, forcefully. He strapped in him a mask who once belonged to another wrestler long ago.

This mask had soaked enough anger, agony and despair to turn that man into a monster, and now remained but a cursed relic. Upon strapping the mask into him it became attached, and let flow all emotions contained in him. His despair turned into a burning anger over his debt and consumed him. He had become The Demon of Debt.

Now, he followed the directions of the boss that would grant him money without doubt.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

The Demon of Debt has expired.

This character died in the Death Game

He went to a special conference with his good friend Drake Bell after dispelling the effects of the mask, and was trapped in the Death Game in Universe 2K20 by La Parka.

Episode 1

He was selected for the non-candidate Death Rumble where the first 10 eliminated die and the winner and highest killer wins Immunity.

Now that he's gone, Drake has fallen into an even deeper depression...

Episode 8

Brendan gets revived as a doll, and since no one wanted to team up with Drake Bell and his back luck, he got paired with dolls instead. However, Drake doesn't get to talk to Brendan after the fight before he disappears with the rest of the dolls.

Episode 10

While trying to escape, the participants barge into the previously locked room, and find the executed participants sitting in chairs. Drake tries to hug Brendan, but his body silently falls to the ground.

Drake has to fight Brendan's Doll for his own deathmatch. Drake tries to think of him as not the real one... he held the body in his arms... but due to La Parka's meddling with him, Brendan forgets his demonic persona and starts to remember, about their stay at disneyland, when they tricked the guards, and stole the suit of Mickey's outfit. Drake accepts that it really is him, and hugs him.

When the time of the execution comes, Drake can't bring himself to pull the trigger, but as he runs towards Brendan to hug him, he falls with a wound bleeding crimson red. He screams wondering who shot him, Josh Peck shows up saying that he shot him so he wouldn't have to, but before he can get to him, La Parka shoots him for breaking the rules. Drake can do nothing but scream in agony at the death of his two brothers.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Episode 11

Apparitions of debt try to take Drake away... but he'll stop them... he'll escape debt no matter what...

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Donald Mustard Win
W1 L0 1
0 0 P
3 HIT ✖️ $100 =

DQ: Donald accidentally pulled Brendan in the ring moments before he was count-out.


Royal Rumble

  1. The Prince
  2. Chris Redfield
  3. Duke Nukem
  4. Leon S. Kennedy
  5. Cole Quinn
  6. Manny Pardo
  7. Senator Armstrong
  8. Kazuhira Miller
  9. The Demon of Debt
  10. La Parka
  11. Joshua Graham
  12. Nero
  13. Kyle Hyde
  14. Sam Hyde
  15. Winnie the Pooh
  16. King of Ingurland
  17. Dan Schneider
  18. V
  19. Kaname Date
  20. Char Aznable
  21. Maximillion Pegasus
  22. Drake Bell
  23. Phoenix Wright
  24. Reviewbrah
  25. Terry Davis
  26. Extra
  27. HUNK
  28. Kazuma Kiryu
  29. Max Payne
  30. Goro Majima
Lose Christmas Special
Game: WWE 2K20
Royal Rumble
  1. Donald Mustard
  2. The Demon of Debt
  3. Jeff Mangum
  4. Pete
  5. Akagi Shigeru
  6. Mr. X
  7. Joshua Graham
  8. Kazuhira Miller
  9. The Prince
  10. Dante
  1. Kaname Date
  2. Jeff Mangum
  3. James Sunderland
  4. The Prince
  5. Postal Dude
  6. Joshua Graham
  7. Sam Hyde
  8. The Demon of Debt
  9. Soldier G65434-2
  10. Dante
  11. V
  12. Bane
  13. Ricardo Milos
  14. Travis Touchdown
  15. Doomguy
  16. Kazuhira Miller
  17. Strelok
  18. Duke Nukem
  19. Terry Davis
  20. Manny Pardo
W1 L1 0
0 0 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Note: First Royal Rumble CRASHED.

Royal Rumble
  1. Kevin Nash
  2. Strelok
  3. Terry Davis
  4. Pete
  5. Ricardo Milos
  6. Donald Mustard
  7. Samoa Joe
  8. Max Payne
  9. Jeff Mangum
  10. Brendan Fraser
  11. V
  12. Garcian Smith
  13. Gippo Dudee
  14. Calypso
  15. Duke Nukem
  16. Mastema
  17. Akagi Shigeru
  18. Louis
  19. Tommy Wiseau
  20. Patrick Bateman
W1 L2 -1
0 0 P
Death Rumble
Elimination №: 6
Royal Rumble
  1. Donald Mustard
  2. Sam Hyde
  3. Garcian Smith
  4. Old Man Henderson
  5. Pete
  6. Postal Dude
  7. Terry Davis
  8. Dr. Salvador
  9. Ricardo Milos
  10. Strelok
  11. Brad Pitt
  12. MC Ride
  13. Gippo Dudee
  14. ZUN
  15. HUNK
  16. Human Holocaust
  1. Max Stirner
  2. Dr. Salvador
  3. Max Payne
  4. MC Ride
  5. ZUN
  6. Human Holocaust
  7. HUNK
  8. Brendan Fraser
  9. Gippo Dudee
  10. SANS
W1 L3 -2
0 0 P
Wild Ride Rumble
For: Escape of the Wild Ride.

Elimination №19

Note: First Royal Rumble CRASHED.

Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Raymond Shields, Winston Payne

Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Brendan Fraser, ZUN

W1 L4 -3
1 1 P
Immunity Battle
For: Immunity×1
Drake Bell Lose
W1 L5 -4
1 2 P
W1 L1 0
0 1 P
For: Survival

Royal Rumble

  1. Angry Video Game Nerd
  2. Louis
  3. Hachijo Tohya
  4. Edward Richtofen (Primis)
  5. Hazama Masayoshi
  6. This Man
  7. Terry Davis
  8. Drake Bell
  9. Kino Punch
  10. Dan Schneider
  11. Pink Gril
  12. Agent 6 Gorillion
  13. Garcian Smith
  14. Agent 47
  15. Extra
  16. Big Knife Manju
  17. Ushiromiya Battler
  18. Phosphophyllite
  19. Travis Touchdown
  20. Ilya Kuvshinov
  21. The Prince of Persia
  22. Date Kaname
  23. Nagisa Kaworu
  24. Tony Hawk
  25. Triple H '01
  26. Majima Goro
  27. Andrew Dobson
  28. H. P. Lovecraft
  29. Kiryu Kazuma
  30. The Demon of Debt
Lose Elimination #29