The Darkweb Rumble

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The Darkweb Rumble, or TDKR, was the name of a "brand" during which OP streamed immediately after the conclusion of Season 6. Based on a slightly old save, the intention was to trick people into thinking it was just bonus wrestling, when it was actually the prologue to Season 7. Season 7's prequel, Season 0, takes place even further before its events.

Description[edit | edit source]

A short-lived but high profile indie fed run by The Okonogis.

Due to its roster's potential, it was acquired by The Bogdanoffs and with some roster adjustments, re-brandished as Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling.

While part of its roster was kept, many were not given a new contract and then acquired by The Final Rumble instead, yet some however were never seen again.