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The Cookie, also known as The Parasite, Itagaki Parasite, or simply the Itagaki Oatmeal, is a... something in TFR.

Mysterious Cookie[edit | edit source]

The Parasite in question

A bizarre being credited for creating the DOA series.

Kojima holding the cookie

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

The Parasite's origins are unknown. It is only known that a scientist put The Parasite in SC around the same time as the the Focusing Stone was recovered.

Episode 8

In Mr. X's flashback, The Parasite was one of SC's "Prototype Projects", it had rejected it's original host body and somehow came into contact with the Focusing Stone, living within it, and using it's power to steal bodies. The incident was covered up and even completely kept from the higher-ups, and the body-snatching was regarded as one of it's innate abilities. This caused the stone to be locked up and garnered fear in the employees, which lead to a certain incident that caused all of the security to fail abruptly. On this moment, Richtofen infiltrated the facility (along with Samantha Maxis and Kirigiri Kyoko inside of the Summoning Key) to recover the stone, but the parasite snatched his body, and turned him into a fake copy of Tommy Wiseau.

Mr. X manages to separate The Parasite from Richtofen's body and stuns it, then uses the stone to try to shut down La Parka's death game

Episode 10

Saihara takes the stone after Mr. X is obliterated.

Episode 12

The Cookie uses it's power combined with the stone's to show Saihara Shuichi a glimpse of the timeline where Hachijo Tohya lost against HUNK, and Sminem sacrificed himself, to prove wrong Mr. BANS.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

After the death of everyone in the Death Game, the fate of The Cookie is unknown.

Episode 4

It was Walter Bennet who sabotaged security and got The Parasite into the Focusing Stone, as an intent to slow down their "ritual".

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

Somehow, the bionic arms left behind by Samoa Joe gained the body-snatching properties of The Parasite (or it made its way to them and possessed the bionic arms). When the Other Richtofen opens the trunk to investigate, the arms turn on and jump at him, taking over his body with the personality of Samoa Joe.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

The Cookie is finally done with such an antagonistic role in that story...

Episode 11

Appears before Leon S. Kennedy.

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

After "The Cookie" calls forth Leon S. Kennedy to their realm, Itagaki and Rika's selves in the sea of fragments welcome him, motivated to help guide him in the right direction due to their similarities, by giving him the knowledge about this world that he's missing, a fatal mistake for existences of their kind, which will make him understand his purpose. He's given a minuscule recollection of current events that Rika wrote down in the form of books about "Chuck's Suck & Fuck", "the Sonozaki Family", "president Hazz Maticus", "Coolsville Hills", "the Orphanage", "the Shimano Family", and finally, "Ada", finishing the atomic introduction to this world.

Leon awakens in his bed with a mission, and Rika & the cookie return to watching over the kakeras... specially this one, as one of their favorites.

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Episode 36: Rokkenjimania IV

When Leon Kennedy becomes trapped in a Sinless World after traversing The Vents, The Cookie appears to him. It asked if he remembered it, and memories of a distant dream vaguely seemed to be in Leon's mind. It explained the truth of this world: Fred is a veteran free of any addictions, Claire is a journalist with a well-adjusted life, Saihara and Amami seem to be good friends, Eric Sparrow is a gachimuchi star. Conflicts are forgiven, dreams come true. Leon Kennedy is a respected police officer. "Ada Wong" doesn't exist, because she lives a tranquil life in her homeland under her real name. This world is a pure and clean one, a world inside an ideal dream. But... there is a way to go back. Leon can't leave through the vents because the Leon of this world isn't the Leon that could possibly access the vents. The reason for this is one man, Chris Redfield, as his circumstances in this world differ in a very significant way: without allowing any of his squad members to die, he lacks the fear and trauma of loss that evolved into the obsession that made Leon his current self. To leave this world without sin, he'll have to return to himself. The other option, is staying in this world where a life where several people have reached out to help him awaits. But the connection between the vents and this world is becoming clouded and by the end of tomorrow's night the pathway to this world will close. He must choose for himself to remain blessed or leave through sin. A second later, it's as if the cookie had never been there.

If this world was indeed real, or an illusion to reveal to Leon his sin, remains unknown.

Gallery[edit | edit source]