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The Cartel Rumble is a wrestling brand separate from The Final Rumble, sharing some buriness ties.

It features its own storyline in the TFR world, and while TCR is canon to TFR, TFR canon takes priority over TCR statements when viewing TFR, and vice versa.

Description[edit | edit source]

The latest TCR logo, Was suggested as the new logo by Angela before she had Randy Pitchford suffer an "terrible accident".

A wrestling show hosted on the UK. While at first featuring a strange cast of weirdos, soon enough things take a turn for the stranger when the Manager arrives...

The Cartel Rumble is hosted on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation, not Big Black Cock). Being under the BBC means that despite being a knockoff of TFR they ironically have a higher budget than the brand they are copying from, such as being able to afford a camera that records the show in a silky smooth 60 frames per second and with a streaming license in hand (Through possible sexual favours) and a well-paid security team TCR can stream without fears of having the stream destroyed or crashed. (Nope, NET has gotten wind of the upstart wrestling show and has sent agents to sabotage the show.) (Gets delayed a lot instead.)

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season 1(Return of the Mad Empress)
TCR/Season 1
El loco's artifact, the boar's past, the adrestrian empire, and the insurgence against the mad writer.
Season 2(Face The Fear, Build The Future)
TCR/Season 2
New management, Abnormalities, Lobotomy Corporation, the longing AI, and the exodus of the boar.
Season 3(The Realization of My True Self)
TCR/Season 3
TCR/Season 3/Despair
The redeemed Angela, the return of the boar, the missing wrestlers, the investigation, the false world, and the dimes camp.
Season 4(INVASION)
TCR/Season 4

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Started as Gno_ma_ren streaming to friends in >PISScords, OP's inability to stream due to having to fuck his sister prompted him to be given the reigns.

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