The Battler Show

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A character from Umineko WWEn they cry.

The Weapon of Mass Truth[edit | edit source]

When Big Show was forced onto the Wild Ride, he never expected that his Wild Ride would be a dream where he gave up wrestling and took part in an extremely cringe and mediocre sitcom with a family that was similar to his own but were not his own. After going through many cycles where he lived through his retirement, he grew uncomfortable with being unable to wrestle ever again and began to realise that everything was all an illusion and in the next cycle, he attempted to break free from that illusion. Sadly he failed to escape from it after a malevolent figure manipulated him into not going back to wrestling, saying that Big Show's family will suffer greatly without him and in a symbolic ritual he was pinned down by his family and counted out. Thus the cycle begins again.

However in the Kronorium, there depicts a tale of a different timeline. The story describes that during Big Show's attempt to break free some mysterious outsider interference led to a piece of the divided Battler Ushiromiya ended up possessing Big Show in another timeline. The Big Show used The Golden Truth to dispel the illusion and in the process gained the title of "The Battler Show" breaking him free from La Parka and crashing The Wild Ride.

Match History[edit | edit source]