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Team Rumble's logo
Team Rumble's logo

The team that makes TFR composed of OP, Janny, Anne, and assorted drawfags.

Also a different team that develops Dark Rumble and the Emblem of Forgery.

Description[edit | edit source]

During the climax of the Death Game, as Mr. BANS rants about how he came to his current situation, he mentions a group known as "Team Rumble" who have been toying with everyone's lives, having made similar things 52 previous times, and that their goal removing all the unclean ones with the complete restart of the universe using the Focusing Stone.

Through many of BANS' ramblings were initially believe to be nothing more than a madman's delusions, The Three Kings had, in fact, been developing such a plan in four phases. For the first phase, they gathered all the blessed ones who would accompany them into the golden land. For the second phase. they rumbled the world, clearing it of it's current hierarchy as well as cleaning a large amount of the unclean ones, and setting the stage. The third phase, a 12 years period, would be setting their position by creating the restoration of society in their favor, as well as the foundations for the next phase of their plan, and leading an keeping pressing opposing factions so they never get the upper hand. The fourth and final phase of their plan, was to generate enough energy for the final goal of creating their ideal new universe, as well as incapacitating or exterminating the opposing factions, as well as the final purge of unclean ones.

Though their plan almost reached perfect completion, the unforeseen interference of humanity's spirit guide and the crawling chaos, their new universe was stopped from being the ideal they wanted, and so in the new universe, they tried to begin anew from 0, only to be thwarted by an unexpected amount of people recovering their past memories.