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An alliance of the killer virgin gamer, Adachi, and the deadweight demonfighter, Nero.

Despite their good teamworks sometimes due to their "bonding" spent trapped on the TV World, their totally opposite clashing personalities make it impossible for them to truly work together.

Unga & Incel[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

At the very end of the Todd conflict, Adachi attacked Nero, and after a short scuffle, Adachi sent both of themselves to a match in the TV World. After the match ended, they realized they were trapped, and shadows had noticed their presence...

Season 3[edit | edit source]

They spent most of their time shouting at each other over how to get out of there, until Yu Narukami came at the ends of S3 to rescue them both, making Adachi even more annoyed.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

An alliance made after Adachi's suggestion to participate for Tag Team Title contendership, and Nero's burning desire to beat his old man and uncle to prove he's not a D-word.

When The Final Impact was coming, they finally got their match for the /v/ title, even thought it was against the 2 other strongest teams. They were very much an afterthought in this fight with The Court and The Mystery Masters concentrating on each other, and Nero jobbing.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Their constant jobbing made Adachi become a schizo and he broke up the team by sending Nero to the hospital.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
TV World Fools, The Samevoicers, The Sons of Sparda, The Servants of Hell Lose 0 0 1 For Titles: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contenders
TV World Fools, Farm Crash, China Number One Win 1 0 1
Triple-Threat TV World Fools, The Mystery Masters, Champions The Court Lose 1 0 2 For Titles: /v/ Tag-Team