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The Midnight Channel, commonly referred as TV World, is a location in the Persona series.

Description[edit | edit source]

The TV World is a small section of the world of human consciousness–C's World–made physical beyond certain areas in the real world, and accesible through TV screens thanks to persona fuckery and myths. As a thing of rumor itself, it is heavily affected by spread rumors and human thoughts, and in turn can take many shapes because of that, but it usually appears as a bizarre TV studio when empty.

Once certain people can find their way on how to have persons access and leave the TV World, commonly Persona-Users, and whatever area of the real world you enter through may determine where you will end.

History[edit | edit source]

While a version of the place already existed located around Inaba, the TV World part likely came into existence thanks to urban legends.

At some point, a certain police dick realized that, thanks to some goddess' fuckery, he could throw bitches and whores into the TV and get them killed. A despair-hating high-schooler gathered a bunch of weirdos and proceeded to punch both him and the goddess in the face, and then he left that hick town to become a chad. Thanks to this, the TV World became less foggy and more peaceful.

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Due to the extent of humanity's focus that gathered on Coolsville, the area around the city formed another version to the TV World.

After The Joker reveals himself to be Adachi Tohru back to his old self and pledges allegiance to Todd Howard, Chad reveals he was Narukami Yu who was certain Adachi was onto something. When Nero tries to protect the locker room's females from Adachi and awakens his Devil Trigger, Adachi desperately throws both Nero and himself into the TV.

After the fact, Adachi realized he never really found out the proper way to leave the TV World, and the two make a flimsy truce to help defend themselves from the Shadows (who are crazed because of all the wrestling and now sport luchador attire).

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Nero relieves himself by taking on the Shadows while Adachi records audio diaries and resigns to think only Yu might be able to help them. 2 months later, Yu arrives and reveals that leaving was as easy as walking through the TV they came in, angering Nero into punching Adachi.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

After Adachi relapses back into Joker and his connection to Kirei, revealed as the culprit of the murders and the Death Game, is found, he is confronted by Extra who tries to protect Red and manages to throw him into the TV World, only to himself be thrown inside by Samoa Joe as well.

Sometime later, Haze Stratos is hit by a truck and ends in the TV World through means unknown.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Within the TV World, Haze wakes up in a strange city and accidentally walks into the TV's young Drake Bell's house, finding Extra also there, and they engage in a bunch of sitcom shenanigans with Drake.

Meanwhile, Joker, who was still presumed missing, left the TV World with his previously gained knowledge and joined BANS in his Backstage Uprising.

After Drake & Josh get sent to jail (as well as Haze & Extra while trying to break them out), the two jobbers eventually are allowed to leave and join the TV's WWE reruns, where Haze has a lengthy rivalry with The Undertaker, but eventually uses another pedo in the E known as Jerry Lawler to get info on Dan Schneider and confront him.

Dan explains that the TV World was revealed to him when he was at death's door in the real world, and as an expert TV producer that remained on people's thoughts thanks to endless reruns, had grand knowledge on how to work things in the place; not only it was transformed into the setting from various of his shows, but he set most of the duo's storylines while enjoying himself on the little girls of this world who never age. Using a technique they learnt in this world known as "Job in Cutscene", they defeat Dan and Junodriver44 contacts Haze at last to tell him to exit through Dan's TV, arriving to the real world 12 years later in to what them seemed like only some weeks.