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The Extinct Light, numerically referred as Season 7.5, is the ninth Season of The Final Rumble.

The Extinct Light trailer

Coming May 12 May 19 MAY 22. Be there or be extinct.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Part 1(D a r k n e s s)
  2. Part 2(B e r s e r k er)
  3. AEW Dark Begins
  4. Part 3(E x t i n c t i o n)
  5. Part 4(D e p a r t u r e)
  6. Part 5(G a t h e r i n g)
  7. Part 6(C o n v e r g e)
  8. Part 7(L i g h t)

Plot[edit | edit source]

The tale begins with a grandfather retelling the story he witnessed firsthand to a child.

From the death of one company and the crippling damage to another, a power vacuum was left behind which those waiting at the wings sought to claim. Okonogi Tetsurou bought Amon Elite Wrestling and gave it to their protege, Amakusa Juuza, renaming it to Amakusa Elite Wrestling. But much worse was the evil which was soon about to be born.

This is a tale that begins with innocence, but this innocence was soon corrupted and lost. Fear, terror, sadness, being stuck in a pitch-black void, unable to see the light... or know if it existed at all. Such is the nature of this tale.

It begins when Albert Wesker begins an experimental Melanin treatment funded by "Mr. Beast". His new doctor, Samuel Oak, however believes they should "speed the process" by jumping from miligrams to grams...

John Bradford and Roger Retinz find a letter left behind by Maximillion Pegasus stating that "He can bid his time nor get attacked by his former partner no more, so he has left the company to fulfill his one true promise", and both men scramble to think about what to do. Meanwhile, Amakusa Elite Wrestling continues to hire and instantly debut many wrestlers that either chose to leave or felt "left behind" as TFR's precarious situation worsens since all the schemes and ploys that staff were on had been revealed.

Wesker, once back in his home, doesn't feel too well and his body expulses all the "Melanin" he had ingested, reverting him to his whitey self, while the "Melanin Slime" escapes. In a dark alleyway, the slime changes shape... and gives new life to something forgotten...

With AEW being a threat to TFR's current weakened position, the Board of Directors decides it's time to take drastic measures and instate a new Head of Creative, against Bradford's advice, and Sandro the Great is decided for the position. His first move, to begin the Berserker Brawl Tournament.

Meanwhile, as Date Kaname finished a visit to the Survive Bar, behind its alley the Slime formed into the shape of a man, bringing forth "Our Black Friend" into the world once again. Drawing the attention of the nearby Date, with berserk madness he beat him up and vanished with his unconscious body, faster than the nearby Kiryu Kazuma could hope to save him.

As the tournament continues, Dutch van der Linde begins hatching a plan that could take it by storm, but not too far a way the sadistic thug V mercilessly slashes his opponents. On AEW's side, Amakusa keeps the debuts coming, with Arisato Minato rising to become their champion and the very ideal of what an AEW wrestler should be.

Coolsville Hills, an emblem of the city and one of its safe heavens since "The Prince of the Tower" took over it, is sieged by the berserking black beast and it's previous victims which now found themselves corrupted, and completely takes over once it defeats even the mighty Prince.

On the end of the Berserker Brawl's qualifiers, Jacket continues to rapidly and concisely move through everything he faces, and Dutch continues his plan by allowing his protege Colombo Spice to pin him. Meanwhile, Saten and Balrog secretly observe the progress on the tournament, secure that by the end they'll be able to reap everything thanks to the former's mysterious pupil being somehow linked with the event.

As Eugene Chaud looks at becoming a new wrestling legend in AEW, Arisato takes a dark turn and attacks Demi-fiend on his pride month promo.

To find out more about what's going on, Kiryu visits The Cagist at NXT and wrestles for information, learning not only that Date is possibly still alive, but that the beast's attacks are intensifying and have lead to Big Pussy's death. After his visit to Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield visits his therapist and finally moves on and fully recovers from his depression, while Ushiromiya Battler who felt lost in AEW also becomes encouraged thanks to Steve.

The Berserker Brawl begins in earnest at last, V and Jacket clash in a match of pure disdain and true brawling, with Jacket emerging victorious in the end. Amakusa overdoses and delivers a nigh-unintelligible announcement, as AEW is slowly descending into chaos while G-Man's Family gets paid to occupy seats.

While Stork recovers in the hospital from being attacked in Coolsville Hills, a mysterious figure approaches him. Kiryu meets with Redfield on his way to Coolsville Hills, and when the latter learns about Date, a man he could even consider part of his squad, he joins Kiryu in his mission without thinking. With nothing to do, Dante visit the mahjong parlor and learns at the same time as Ooishi Kuraudo and Raiden about Date thanks to Mizuki, and all decide to set on to rescue him. Upon learning on TV that various wrestlers have gone missing including Steve, Battler feels hopeless, until an agitated Agent 47 bursts into his room claiming he took Maxerino from him, and after calming down, accepts a temporary alliance to help Battler investigate for the missing wrestlers. And at last, someone that was foretold finally arriving... arrives.

As the end of Berserker Brawl approaches, competitors must pull out all the stops. Even Ryan Rave is forced to use a weapon to move forwards against the weakened Jacket, and Dutch plans to not even allow Lucid to reach the ring; yet after being revealed to be Saten's pupil, Lucid unleashes his true power and easily knocks out all of Dutch's clique, but uses too much power and self-destructs... secretly, this works in Saten's favor as he now has all the data he needs for his next move. HUNK congratulates Extra on how far he's come but also punishes him for losing focus so he will hurry up and complete his training... for the Grim Reaper is running out of time and won't be there when Extra's ready to stand side-by-side with him.

York and Pardo investigate the recent crime scene of Big Pussy's murder, finding interesting details of the killer's modus operandi, and get an idea of what to do next.

Suou Tatsuya is supposed to make a pizza delivery to Coolsville Hills, but a mysterious phone call advises him of terrible danger, and that he's supposed to be somewhere else. Against his better judgement, he decides to arrive to where the voice told him to go, meeting "Suit Joe", a servant of the voice, and soon enough finding himself among the likes of Agent 47, Ushiromiya Battler, Dante, Kiryu Kazuma and Chris Redfield; all of them gathered there for a purpose... except Tatsuya himself, he thinks. Being given white suits by Joe to protect themselves against "The Black Knight" blackening ability, they make their way to Coolsville Hills. On the way, they find that Outlaw Mudshow Wrestling, an arena a few ways from Coolsville Hills and where Ooishi, Raiden and Mizuki were investigating, is under attack, so Dante and Kiryu take a detour while the rest of the group marches onwards.

Upon arriving, they find the place under attack by Blacked Date and Blacked Chopper, and their friends plus Kevin Nash at the verge of falling under the enemy's control. Swiftly jumping into battle against the berserkers, after their victory and recovery of Date, they find out the Black Knight was actually piloting the chopper under his blackening fog, and the being jumps at Kevin Nash, having found a perfect container for his formless power, before vanishing away.

A mastermind-like figure makes one final call to secure salvation. The Berserker Brawl reaches the very end of it's path of bloodshed with two battle-scarred legends of NXT meeting once again, and The Plan triumphing yet again. "Evil" finally makes its move as Saten invades TFR's production truck, and one of Board's lapdogs, Sam Stone, tries to stop him, but it's completely useless. Central tries to rush to help but is stopped by Balrog. Saten announces on TV as TFR completely falls into their hands, and Kyle can only despondently watch as another scandal washes over TFR, wondering if anything will be left at all this time, but still he can't let it all go to waste and must hold on to "it".

York drives his way back into Coolsville from the crime scene, more sure of his conclusions, when he sees a post criticizing AEW's magnificent "Water" and in trying to educate, is unable to see the a distant something approaching his car under the rain. Extra learns just before his match that HUNK has left, and although trying to keep a strong forte, he learns his opponents are none other than Red's group in a handicap. After losing the titles, Extra learns of the invasion on TFR and that HUNK left for AEW, and if that wasn't enough, Red celebrates that loser left to the indies while "consoling" Extra that he can now give up his dream, and "extracts" his gas mask into the trash.

Blowing past security, the heroes in white led by Chris reach the middle floor of the building, finding 4 of the blacked wrestler guarding the path. With Dante's arrival just in time, Chris, Battler and 47 hold them off while Dante and Tatsuya rush further up the tower. Almost overpowered in numbers, The Therapist arrives in the nick of time to aid them in saving his patients. Even defeating the 4 guardians, the sheer number of blacked wrestlers is overwhelming for just the four. Unlikely heroes arrive in just time, Hisoka, Joker, and Potemkin, to hold them off. Just outside the top floor, the Blacked Prince makes his stand, with Dante hurrying Tatsuya past him as he tries to hold him off. But in an unexpected move, The Prince is able to knock him out before he even realizes―but, at just that moment, an extra hero arrives unseen, Phoenix Wright, to make things as they should be, before taking off to a different part of the tower before Dante recovers.

On the top floor, Tatsuya reaches the heart of the darkness, pitch blackness enveloping everything, even the being causing this disaster. Since finding such an exceptional, extraordinarily receptive host, both of them have evolved beyond their previous capabilities, washing away his previous madness and gifting him speech and full development of his potential: they are now... Super Blacked Nash Super Blacked. His reason? nobody would ever comprehend, not only before, but what he needed to survive as a small formless slime... the fear he endured which became terror... this is his revenge, and painting the world black he'll create ultimate terror, by extinguishing the light.

Tatsuya is completely unable to do anything to him. Just then... a savior who received a call arrives, a shining light in the darkness, meeting the four heroes and Wright on his way, at last finally arrives a brilliant hope to illuminate the darkness, Leon...'s best friend Ark Thompson. The fight is harsh, and Ark falls in combat, but he gives all the hope and light he can spare to Tatsuya, who with the last of his strength explodes Super Nash's quad. The two get up and deliver a lethal kick to the King of Spades, but... his roots of darkness extend to the whole building, and with one swift flick of his hand a self-destruct mechanism activates, sure of his own survival. Running to the rooftop, it's the end of the line... but everyone shows up in an helicopter to rescue them. But... Tatsuya can't leave things as is, urging Thompson to go while he protects all of them. With no time left, Chris throws an RPG at Tatsuya, who rushes it up Super Nash's ass and pulls the trigger, and Coolsville Hills... explodes.

With the mission done, everyone gathers up at the karaoke, including Kiryu and Date (except for Ark whose friend Leon had given him a mission). But... Max wasn't nowhere to be found among the blacked people... because he was taking a secret vacation in Brazil, thanks to a trustworthy call he received promising a top notch experience if he didn't tell anyone he was going. Tatsuya finally feels like he found the path in which to find what was leaving that emptyness inside of him, like a light in the darkness just illuminated his way. Chris feels it in the bottom of his heart to thank everyone from becoming his new squad and helping him become "himself" again, and decides it's time to finish with one last round of singing, together.

Observing... Kotomine Kirei is impressed not even Our Black Friend was a match, but now he has everything necessary for the next step, he knew it would take time and won't give up on the ultimate black-out. Rejoice... because it's time... for Rika to taste his latest mapo tofu recipe and determine if it's strong enough to knock out a normal person. Mii... it needs a little more spice. Impossible... even Gary "Buster" Holmes couldn't stand it... but next time, he'll get it for sure. Nipah~!

OPs/EDs[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 12: "Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye"

TFR ENDING 11: "Just Breathe"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Extinct Light's dialogue interface is based on Loopers.