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Season 7 is the seventh season of The Final Rumble. The thematic is a reset back to S1 remake style and wrestling business.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 1: New Beginning
  2. Episode 2: Vented
  3. Episode 3: Discontent
  4. Episode 4: Release
  5. Episode 5: Draft Night I

  1. Episode 6: Return
  2. Episode 7: Qualifiers Phase I
  3. Episode 8: Qualifiers Phase II
  1. Episode 1: Dead Man
  2. Episode 2: Mystery
  3. Episode 3: Investigation

  1. Episode 4: Disappearance
  2. Episode 5: Draft Night II
  3. Episode 6: Revelation
  4. Episode 7: Qualifiers Phase I
  5. Episode 8: Qualifiers Phase II
  1. The Final Tournament

Plot[edit | edit source]

After the birth of the Cosmic Egg, a new universe has been birthed in place of the old one, but thanks to the efforts of Suou Tatsuya, he has managed to alter it from The Three Kings' perfect image with small changes that little by little will distort their original ideal. What awaits in this new world?

After The Dark Web Rumble is bought from The Okonogis by The Bogdanoffs, the up an coming The Final Rumble with Phoenix Wright as General Manager decides to buy the contract of some of the fired wrestlers from the acquisition.

OPs/EDs[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 1 (V.S7-1): "Across The Nation"

TFR OPENING 1 (V.S7-2): "Across The Nation"

BCW OPENING 1 (V1): "The Beautiful People"

BCW OPENING 1 (V2): "The Beautiful People"


Popularity Poll[edit | edit source]

# Name Points
6th Power 047
8th Eren Yeager 033
9th Regigigas 036
10th Ooishi Kuraudo 035
11th The Methé 034
12th Rakesh Kumar Orton 033
Kotomine Kirei
14th Date Kaname 032
15th Phoenix Wright 030
16th Kyle Hyde 028
17th Suou Tatsuya 027
18th Spazz Maticus 025
20th Date Kaname 024
21st Majima Goro 020
22nd Senator Armstrong 017
24th Fred Jones 016
Travis Touchdown
Sonozaki Mion
27th Vergil 015
Apollo Justice
Kasuga Ichiban