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The fifth season of The Final Rumble, taking place 3 weeks after Season 4.

List of Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. The First Twilight
  2. The Second Twilight
  3. Investigation I
  4. The Third Twilight
  5. Investigation II
  6. The Fourth Twilight
  7. Investigation III
  8. The Hollow Twilight
  9. Investigation IV
  10. The Cash-In
  11. The Fifth Twilight
  12. End of Investigation
  13. The Final Twilight: Debate of the Deathless Abjurer

Plot[edit | edit source]

When 60 wrestlers are called to a special conference, they suddenly are transported to the Universe 2K20 and become trapped. A "host" called La Parka has prepared a Death Game and these wrestlers are the main participants. The wrestlers will be subjected to life-or-death situations where their own wits must be the ones to take them on the path to survival. As La Parka states, in most cases, those who lose will be added to the majority vote, where a seemingly unsuspecting poll will be sent to the fanbase and all the weight of who dies will be on the voters' shoulders. In fact, at the very start of the show in the other world a poll was sent for a favorite wrestler... and HUNK was terminated. However, in other cases, a lost match can mean instant death...

In the First Twilight 40 men are sent to two 20-man rumbles, and the first 10 to be eliminated... die... or they will eventually as they are put on Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, a much more terrible fate.

Themes[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 8A: "Mad World"

TFR OPENING 8B: "Mad World"

TFR OPENING 8: "Mad World"

TFR OPENING 1 (Anniversary): "Across The Nation"

TFR ENDING 2: "Fallen Angel"