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The fourth season of The Final Rumble that takes place one month after the last, just after Off-Season 3. It's important to note that since this season TFR changed from WWE 2K19 to the newly released WWE 2K20, impacting both the matches and story development potential (in generally negative ways).

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 1: Amnesia (VOD)
  2. Episode 2: Takeover (VOD)
  3. Episode 3 (VOD)
  4. Episode 4 (VOD)
  5. Episode 5 (VOD)
  6. Episode 6 (VOD)
  7. Episode 7 (VOD)
  8. Episode 8: Return of Crypto (VOD)
  9. Episode 9: War of the Prototypes (VOD)
  10. Episode 10: The Final Impact (VOD)
  11. Episode 11: Script of the Mad Writer (VOD)

Plot[edit | edit source]

After being defeated and beaten by Agent 47, Phoenix Wright mentions that the Mystery Masters are looking for a temporal replacement since... Battler Ushiromiya was left with complete amnesia.

Behind the scenes also looms several questions: What really happened for everything to be different? Was a new universe, the 2K20verse, created to replace the last one? What was The Final Impact and what caused it?

Meanwhile, famous producer Hideo Kojima, looking at HUNK's match, has decided to hire him, and has taken over TFR. Currently he toys with the wrestler's lives as he can rewrite reality to his whim somehow. His plan being to make another masterpiece out of TFR. More than that, for some reason Phoenix Wright had begun abandoning his friends and putting them in matches he knew couldn't win. Why is he doing this, has right betrayed his friends?

However, Sminem has returned to stop him. But as a last measure, Kojima, who keeps growing more insane and stressed by his plans being tampered with, blasts him into another dimension and locks him there, temporarily.

As the wrestlers protest more against Kojima's abuse, he rushes his defence plans and sends his incomplete army of Neo-Wrestlers: The Prototypes.

Kojima, seeing no way for them to win, reveals his darkest truth: The 2K19verse was never destroyed (yet), those were propagated lies, in reality he created this 2K20 universe and moved all the wrestlers he liked there. And now, he was planning make "definitive cuts" to the cast by transporting all those who opposed him to the original universe, and once in there, bring forth The Final Impact for real to vanquish them. What he never expected was The Final Rumble's experimental brand, The Cartel Rumble, to come to the rescue and stall him against his prototypes, delaying TFI. Not only that, but when Kojima desperately sent the Super-Nanomachine improved Senator Armstrong, the ones who stepped to stop him was Miles Edgeworth, with Wright from the sidelines, and when he activated his new fully metallic skin, 30 seconds later with a wrist flip Phoenix turned them down, leaving Edgeworth able to hastily defeat him.

However, Phoenix Wright sends a message, revealing that the reason he had turned against his friends all had a purpose. It all goes back to Sminem and The Final Impact, Sminem could see that in the future something terrible was going to happen, but he could not see how. Sminem had bought TFR before his vacation, and entrusted his place on the board to Phoenix. Phoenix was put in contracts negotiations, searching for the kind of person Sminem had described. Anthony Burch, Randy Pitchford, Yoko Taro, none of them had fit the description he was looking for: Egotistical, Narcissistic, and willing to pay any price to force his vision on the product. And that very man thought 'any price' was not only 50% of TFR, that he thought during his power trip was the full thing, but also HUNK and the Focusing Stone. He was the one to hire HUNK, to get the focusing stone. He then had his 'Producer', personally modify it, and then sent HUNK to Rokkenjima, carrying the stone. But the thing is, Battler obtaining the stone was his prime directive the entire time. Kojima and HUNK had know each other ever since then, contrary to what he led people to believe. While it was a vital plan of saving everyone trapped, it was also the starting point of The Final Impact. The stone was reprogrammed in such a way that, shortly after Battler would suffer his loss at the hands of Agent 47, he would be the first victim warped to Kojima's new universe he was about to create. In that universe, with the power of the script on his hands, he had the ability to write reality as he saw fit. Battler was used as a lab rat: Having to experience every disturbance in that new universe by himself, including Kojima's magic, it wasn't long before his body and mind gave in. After surviving such abuse for as long as he could, and with the new universe shaping itself to be similar enough to the old one, Battler was returned, aged and amnesiac. It wasn't long before he entered a comatose state and was presumed dead at some point. By leading them into the meeting room, Kojima managed to bring everyone he wanted into his new universe. Those who he didn't consider valuable enough? left behind, wrestling one another on a weekly basis, in matches that weren't being broadcast. Phoenix displayed everything to Sminem through a camera in his beanie, and he told him the next step was getting on Kojima's good side. That's why he betrayed his friends so many times. Because he trusted Sminem above everyone else, and Sminem trusted Battler above everyone else.

"He has fought so much, and nobody even knows about it. He fought magic, he fought the universe... and he fought his memories which are now mostly gone.
He can only remember things related to his time with HUNK... Including his match with him. He doesn't recognize himself as Battler anymore, but he still wants another fight just as much...
" ― Phoenix Wright, shedding a tear for Battler.

Then, when Kojima met Battler again, now calling himself Tohya Hachijo, Kojima saw him as his rival and the only thing standing against him now. Eventually, all the Mystery Masters gather up to confront him about giving up the script, and even receive support from Kirei Kotomine. But Kojima brings in his indestructible machine, HUNK v2. When the he fights against Tohya for the destiny of the universe, Battlers memories rush into Tohya as his spirit burns bright and he becomes so strong not even HUNK can stand up to him.

Gaining the script, Tohya reveals the golden truth: About everything Kojima has written, his games, his visions, and even himself; IT'S ALL NOTHING BUT A FORGERY!

Themes[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 6: "Tell Me Why"

TFR OPENING 7: "This Is War"

TFR ENDING 1: "Waiting So Long"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is often considered the worst season of TFR, but it's actually the best one.