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"Magic isn't fucking real"

The third season of The Final Rumble. Takes place two weeks after the end of the second season.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 0: Prologue
  2. Episode 1: Y2K / WWF No Mercy
  3. Episode 2: Y2K3 / WWE Smackdown! Here comes the Pain
  4. Episode 3: Y2K6 / WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006
  5. Episode 4: Y2K11 / WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011
  6. Episode 5: The Present
  7. Episode 6: Black Locked Room
  8. Episode 7: Creeping Blackness
  9. Episode 8: Escape from Rokkenjima
  10. Episode 9: Rumble of the Black Sorcerer

Plot[edit | edit source]

"After the Yamato split the Demon King in two, the human part of Todd appeared. However, in such a weakened state, Todd was, ironically, put in a coma, in the same state some Mind-Link victims were in. As for the King's demon half, it's whereabouts are unknown. It is speculated by some that it might have been sent back to Hell, maybe to seek revenge one day..."

Everything in the ring of TFR had returned to normal, except that Pegasus was so greatly affected by the death of Erwin Smith that he turned schizo, but otherwise normal.

That is until Richtofen's match where the everything Shifted Monochrome, then Pegasus' match where everything turned into Toon World, and finally in Leon, Fred, Therapist and Chris' match the Screen Pixelated. Before the match could end, everything began to change, and our heroes were flung into the past... the Dimensional Merge begins.

Year 2000

Richtofen explains,

When ze Demon King Todd obtained Ze Ultimate Power, he got power beyond even those of our reality but he did not have the strength to control it, leading to the anomalies when trying to make the Howard Reality. When defeated Howard was split by Yamato, all of the power of ze fruit released was too much for ze universe to handle und now is short circuiting. Time is collapsing onto itself. We are not time travelling, but rather time is travelling to US...

Doc then sets up for time periods to shift at the end of every night, and asks everyone to believe him and follow his plan, as it will lead to fix everything. At the same time, the first of The Kronorium's prophecies, "Law and Chaos", comes true. Manny Pardo appears here to try and defeat his suspect for the Miami Mutilations: Chris Benoit. Everyone is then again shifted...

Year 2003

Richtofen tries to research in The Kronorium the man who he saw was holding the stone, but only finds that he is "man" named Chris-chan and the rest is nonsense, however he notes this "stone" is key in solving what is trapping them through time. Manny Pardo uses the Chrono Cross to follow the wrestlers into the next era to see if he became famous, only to find that Benoit survived their encounter 3 years ago; both men engage in a match to the death where Benoit's supernatural regenerative abilities and Pardo's thick skin left them in a stalemate, but Pardo managed to win in the end, although shortly after he was killed. The second of the prophecies, "Knee Deep in the Locker Room", comes true. Meanwhile Adachi and Nero remain trapped in the TV World. The times shift again...

Year 2006

The third of the prophesies, "The Great Seal and The Gods Rejected", comes true. Pardo and Benoit wrestle in Mr. Bones' ring in hell for his amusement, and Pardo wins once again. At this point, the doc notices that this is the first point in time when Chris-chan's presence appears, and although this isn't the Chris that has the stone, He will be, Richtofen tricks Battler Ushiromiya into believing the stone is magic to sends him to beat Chris-chan up to "measure power", and afterwards says "Thus begins ze Battler Dilemma", the final prophecy comes true...? Time continues to chaotically shift...

Year 2011

Meanwhile, as if led by universal threads, Majima meets a young demoness named Alice (SMT), but her nature as a demon of chaos leads her to betray him for Walter (SMT), beginning a long war for her love. Pegasus goes to see Erwin sometime before meeting him, and has him beat hard a more pacified Doomguy, which leaves him weak enough to be captured by someone sometime later. Richtofen faces his other self. Benoit escapes hell after 8 years, but Pardo had sold his soul to Mr. Bones to be allowed to put him back in, and now returned to living as one of Mr. Bones executioners. Once again Chris-chan appears, but this time he's holding The Focusing Stone, and has used it's power to merge with Sonichu, becoming stronger than ever.

After a final match against each other, Battler proves victorious again, and recovers The Focusing Stone from his neck. After everyone gathers up, Battler uses it to return everything as it should be...

The Present

Everyone rejoices, but as Fred notices the stone in the floor, and before he can pick it up, Richtofen grabs it and leaves our universe to go around doing dimension-hopping-fairy things and save the multiverse. However, something was not right, as 18 people including Battler seem to have not made it. And what's more, someone looking like Battler was seen backstage...

What's even more, somehow V has returned. Phoenix sadly has to announce the 18 people that are lost: Vorgil, Leon S. Kennedy, TheRapist, Ricardo MilosDutch Van Der LindeBoomerJohn MaddenBrendan FraserJC DentonJacketSteveRaidenLee EverettEthan WintersHANKLa Creatura, & Vergil, ans this "Battler" guy has been locked in his office ever since they returned. Fred speaks with the other Richtofen who was brought with them from the past, and reveals Primis originally stole the stone from him. Kinzo Ushiromiya comes to reason with his grandosn, but it's no use as he doesn't open the door; just before leaving, the door opens, and Kinzo goes in, but the door shuts and a *bang* noice is heard.

As Donte and Wesker are defeated and blame each other, the scene shifts to Rokkenjima, where Vorgil and Leon are beginning to work together and bond with each other. Max Payne goes to investigate Battler's room, and follows him entering another room; but the door is locked behind him...

Phoenix calls an emergency meeting: After kicking down Battler's door, Kinzo Ushiromiya laid on the floor dead, with an open wound on his stomach with the cause of death unidentified. A loud noise was heard in the room while the room was locked, with "Battler" presumed to be inside, and "The Agents of Payne" have also been missing for a week.

Meanwhile in Rokkenjima, Battler gives up trying to find an exit, but concludes that if the stone got them there, it will take them out, so he sets out to somehow find it. Agent 47 reveals that he has allied himself with Black Battler and helped him kill Kinzo. Later that night, GordonJa/ck/SergeJack BakerJoe Baker, and Gold, were assaulted backstage and 47 claims that Black Battler did it all.

Battler, hopeless, has seen no trace of the stone on wherever this island may be, and starts to give up hope on returning to their universe, when an helicopter carrying the inter-dimensional mercenary HUNK accidentally lands on the island, while he's carrying The Focusing Stone, that he somehow got, and Battler challenges him to a match for it. Obviously, Battler lost, but a nameress benefactor bought it for him, and so Battler still got the stone in the end. Also Nero and Adachi were finally released from the TV World.

Saihara catches Agent 47 leaving the arena and reveals his plan: Black Battler ended here as a mistake, and was not "real" to our reality and couldn't interact with it, but if enough people believe in him, and if Battler did too, he would become real and replace Battler, and Agent 47 had been doing everything since the start to make people believe in hin; this causes Agent 47 to go into denial and started claiming that Black Battler did everything without even his help; but Saihara claims that Battler will make things wright and prove Black's fakeness, as they are the only ones who can interact with each other.

Battler and Black Battler fought with each other for which one was more believed on, while throwing Red Truths at each other, Battler won with 5 Red Truth's over Black's 2.

"And, with this, I'll finish you off! I will deny you once and for all!
Allow me to go over the case, one more time:
Kinzo Ushiromiya was alone when he died. The body wasn't found until it was already decomposing.
The exact cause of death couldn't be determined by our detectives. But the scenario doesn't point to a direct murder, like a gunshot.
The room was locked and contained no secret passages, therefore no one could enter or leave it.
47 claims the backstage attacks were done by "Black Battler". However, evidence indicates that it was the work of two people.
47's best friend and partner, Payne, has been missing lately.
At the same time, that fact doesn't disprove his involvement with the situation.
If "Black Battler" hasn't been able to directly affect our reality, he doesn't belong in it.
If "Black Battler" hasn't been able to participate on Kinzo's murder or the assaults, he hasn't affected our reality as of now.
Therefore, by declaring the following, I am denying your existence:
1) Kinzo Ushiromiya was dead the entire time.
2) The Agents of Payne were responsible for the backstage assaults.

Black Battler's existence was denied, and as he came into our world, he vanished, back to irreality.

Not much longer after, a certain sorcerer and assassin would have settle matters in what would would be their final rumble... when Battler found 47 backstage, trying to hide evidence, he revealed everything to 47, he knew all about his plan. 47 barely resisted breaking down to challenge Battler to one final match between the two. Battler got too cocky, and 47 used the opportunity to attack Battler with everything, brutally defeating him and beating him afterwards. It was the most dejected Battler had ever looked. What will this mean...?

Somewhere, a company director schemes it's own plans for TFR...

Musical Themes[edit | edit source]


TFR OPENING 5: "Paint It, Black"