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The second season of The Final Rumble. It takes place a month after Season 1.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 1: Assaulted
  2. Episode 2: The Nightmare Appears
  3. Episode 3: The Order
  4. Episode 4: Corruption
  5. Episode 5: Self Confrontation
  6. Episode 6: Nightmare Forces Attack
  7. Episode 7: Demon King's Reign
  8. Episode 8: Army of the Board King
  9. Episode 8 Extra
  10. Episode 9: Return of V
  11. Episode 10: Training Arc
  12. Episode 11: Demon King War
  13. Episode 12: Final Gamble

Plot[edit | edit source]

Behind the scenes, a certain product partnership is cancelled, and a desire of revenge is born.

In the beginning, Sminem walks into the ring for the first time since the NWF vs. FMS conflicts. He retells what happened in that time, and that some of the "Boglogical Weapons" left behind by The Bogs were staging a last stand and need to be "disarmed" to break them from a life of now-purposeless slavery and destruction. However, things start getting strange when Chris Redfield is found unconscious backstage by his Therapist. The strange events would only continue, as when Leon went out to talk about their newfound respect, he too was attacked, this time live by a a mysterious hooded figure. Leon would later wake up in the hospital after being brought there by Fred, surrounded by none other than Donte & Vorgin Sperdo who now seem to regard him as their "father" and begin telling him the disgusting story of their unholy creation.

Meanwhile, The King Of The Ring Board Tournament begins, a battler to see which board is the most deserving of being a champion. Things heat up when /a/ representative Todoroki has his contract bought out by Maximillion Pegasus thanks to a deal with the Board of Directors. After witnessing Leon being attacked, Vergil is confused by the kind of power displayed, and assesses that it must be a power of fury that must come from a powerful demon, calling it out. But instead, the shaded figure reveals itself as Nightmare Todd, and states that due to his weakened state caused by his other self, he isn't fit to fight him sends out a weak minion. Yet it was a trap, as Todd ambushed Vergil after his victory and disappeared with him.

Sminem, for unknown reasons, takes a long vacation from the ring and sells /biz/'s spot in the tournament to /ck/, insisting he must let the world take its own destiny. In the hospital, the Sperdos explain that after exiting their creation tube their creators put the empty vials back in the case before it was recovered, as Leon continues to get weaker until passing out into a coma. Redfield's Therapist announces in the arena that Chris, too, has fallen into a coma, and that he's ready to challenge whoever did that to him. But Todd, hijacking the screen transmissions, calls him foolish for not understanding that the coma is a byproduct of one of his demon techniques, the Mind-Link, and that while he prepares to gain the Qliphoth fruit and take revenge on reality, he'll send his middle-ranked minion to fight for him.

After defeating his former boss in Wesker, HUNK realizes that as a his own boss as a mercenary, this job isn't paying well enough and leaves TFR for good. Therapist returns next night, calmed down, and wants to settle things peacefully with this "Todd", but instead a strange figure appears and attacks Therapist; Nelo Angelo. Edward Richtofen, who mysteriously showed up in the Locker Room one day, brought with him a mysterious woman to facilitate arriving at this "world", but also for reasons that appear out of his control, he put the soul of someone else to control the body. Vergil's human half, V, can't bear to see himself fall again to such a low state, and challenges himself, although the match doesn't have the liberating effect he wanted. As Dante arrives from his vacation, both him and V are attacked by Todd's minions.

Maximillion Pegasus, the man who bought his way into TFR and the King of the Ring tournament, managed to win it all, and made /a/ the king of the boards. After seeing the state of his uncle, Nero rushes in to attack Todd's Order, and is terribly btfo. Meanwhile, Todd himself didn't waste time and has already acquired the Qliphoth Fruit, and uses it to advance into his third and final form: Demon King Todd.

The Joker got tired of hiding behind a persona and revealed his true self: Adachi Tohru, and challenges Chad to a match (which he loses), as he, too, reveals he was merely a persona of someone else: Narukami Yu. Agent 47, after beating Max Payne, put his sights on Ushiromiya Battler, but started to lose his mind after he was defeated time and time again, even after revealing Payne was actually his closest ally and having him help out. As everyone else is busy, Fred tries to take revenge on The Order by himself, but is nearly destroyed by them before Majima shows up to save him.

Dutch van der Linde, who had a falling out with Arthur Morgan and joined with Ruber instead, had tried to convince King Pegasus to use his money on his plan to defeat Todd Howard, but Pegasus pays him no mind, as he instead instates Erwin Smith as commander of the Anti-Todd Corps. Being disappointed one last time, Ruber instead leads Dutch to pledge Men With a Plan's alliance to Todd, and Adachi follows suit as well after killing Richtofen's mysterious woman and defeating Yu.

A month after being knocked-out, Dante wakes up in the hospital, and tells the doctor to make sure his deadweight friend stays in bed. When Nero wakes up later and hears what Dante called him, he loses his shit and rushes out to find the bastard. Dante challenges Nelo Angelo to restore his brother, and moments before Dante receives a finishing blow, V enters the stage and self-sacrifices to fuse back into the complete and restored Vergil. Upon his return, Vergil reveals the true source of Todd's power: as he lacks true power even with the Qliphoth, his minions are also Mind-linked to him and give him false power. Erwin gathers his soldiers in Fred Jones, Goro Majima, Billy Herrington andRicardo, along with the Mystery Masters as Intelligence Team, and has a conference to plan defeating Todd's minions to leave him vulnerable, declaring it's time to train in preparation.

Todd's control over reality, dubbed the "Howard Reality", becomes stronger as Robert and Mr. America are trapped in a time loop and disappear, the pages of the Kronorium begin changing, the audience experienced an illusion of a match that couldn't have happened, and the Temple of Shangri-La had been found.

The Demon King War breaks out at last. The enraged Nero finds Dante at last, only to be knocked out. Waking up again, he finds Dante and Vergil leaving for The Throat of the World to confront the Demon King, and use the power of Yamato to make him as he once was. Nero obviously wants to go, but is reminded he must protect the locker room (including Kyrie) and backs down. The Anti-Todd Corps mission begins as The Butterflies destroy Men With a Plan's connection to Todd. Fargoth, however, fends off his attacker in Majima and remains giving Todd power.

Aware that he is being hunted but focused on channeling his reality bending power, Todd decides to make a gamble and bets the destruction on his enemies on releasing his caged beast, a warrior so powerful it could annihilate him in his current form. Being defeated in a match during war time, Erwin feels he has failed his soldiers and his king, and bets the fate of those near him in making a sacrificial final gamble: Erwin descends to the entrance of Hell and summons Todd's caged beast, Doomguy, forfeiting his life but debilitating the Demon King and freeing his hidden ace with one stone. Fred Jones destroys the link of Todd's other minion, Janitor, and Adachi tries to assault the locker room until Nero's unwillingness to give up forced him to send both of themselves to the TV World, where he was empowered enough to defeat him and maintain his Mind-Link.

The Sons of Sparda arrive to the Devil Palace Bethesda on The Throat of the World, and battle the Demon King, who intoxicated by naivety and his own ego, didn't awaken to the truth in time: that he had become entranced in his own empire of lies he had built, that his power was nothing but an illusion, and that he had no real future even after all he had done to acquire it; he let his guard down and was promptly defeated. The two hunters, using the power of the Yamato, split the human Todd Howard, of his demon power, which managed to escape. The two brothers, having overcome the threat, once again engaged one another to prove who had the stronger blood of Sparda.

Meanwhile... Adachi and Nero remain trapped in the TV World as Adachi never learned how to get out, and doctor Richtofen reads on the Kronorium, reading about the future fate of the universe: about the "Law and Chaos", about "Knee Deep in the Locker Room", about "The Great Seal and The Gods Rejected", about "The Battler Dilemma". And most importantly... about "The Stone of Shangri-la and The Golden Necklace".

Musical Themes[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 2: "...To Be Loved"

TFR OPENING 3: "Club Foot"