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The first season, after some kino hunger games, where TFR started.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 0: The Hunger Games
  2. Episode 1: The Case of Sperm
  3. Episode 2: The /v/ Championship
  4. Episode 3: /v/ Tag-Team Championship Tournament
  5. Episode 4: The Extraction
  6. Episode 5: The King of Jobbers
  7. Episode 6: BCW
  8. Episode 7: Bogdanoff Takeover
  9. Finale: Battle for TFR

Plot[edit | edit source]


It all began with Chris asking Leon to impregnate his sister so the Redfield line could continue. However, Leon rejected the offer since he only had eyes for a woman named Ada Wong. But, Chris insisted, and insisted, and insisted, and leon only said no, way, and fag.

The arguing between Leon and Chris to determine whose Leon's sperm belongs to escalated to the point where Chris made of allies like Wesker, Vergil, Dutch, Boomer, and eventually, his Therapist, to make it an all-out war for Leon's sperm, but as Leon keeps saying "Now Way Fag" his best friend Fred and some other people start sticking by him and his ideals of freedom, most notoriously Dante, Battler, HUNK, and so the conflict between Team NWF and Team FMS begins.

There are said to have been several 'hunger games', with the winners of three of them being Gentleman of Kos, Jill Stingray and Necrozma for NWF, and then a final victory to team FMS thanks to Metal Gear Ray. However, these conflicts might have been mere simulations.

Conflict[edit | edit source]

At some point, Chris remembers that government agents need their junk frozen for safekeeping, and so Chris obtains The Case, but Leon wouldn't go out without a fight, and the two battle several times for ownership of the case, stealing it, etc. Eventually, Chris wins the case, but the victory is shortlived as Mr. X steals it right after.

Meanwhile, The Bogdanoffs scheme in the background as they have their own plans for the case, and Sminem works from the shadow to steal the case too. When "Dante" and "HUNK" start acting strange, suspicion begins to arise. Sminem contacts Battler Ushiromiya to join his group of Mystery Masters and investigate HUNK's real location. However, it was revealed that The Bogs had rused the other wrestlers into thinking that The Case was still relevant to their plans, but that they had already used it when they were in possession of it.

The Bogs and Senator Armstrong discuss about taking over the world with the BCW stream. Chris' Therapist convinces Leon and Chris to unite their efforts in defeating the Bogs, and Sminem's Mystery Masters help too. Leon, Fred, Chris and Therapist fight The Bogs and their imperfect clones of that they used The Case to create: The Sons of Sperdo. In the end, the forces of good triumph, and the Bogs are banished from wrestling.

However, in the wake of their exile, the Bogdanoff left a nightmare...

OPs/EDs[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 1: "Across The Nation"

TFR OPENING 1 (Finale ver.): "Moonlight Nocturne"

TFR CREDITS 1A: "Credit Line Of Whole Staff"

TFR CREDITS 1B: "Kimigairu"