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The sixth TFR Off-Season coming after Season 6.

Janny vows to finish Troubleshooter (and doesn't) then vows to finish Hotel Dusk: Room 215. You'll never guess what happened. OP also starts streaming Zanki-Zero: Last Beginning to fill the gap janny left.

Meanwhile, a show called TDKR begins, filled with new debuts every week of more obscure characters and some being in-jokes from Season 0, but in reality TDKR is a prequel to Season 7.

List of Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Dark Web Rumble Episode 1
  2. The Dark Web Rumble Episode 2
  3. The Dark Web Rumble Episode 3
  4. The Dark Web Rumble Episode 4
  5. The Dark Web Rumble Episode 5
  6. The Dark Web Rumble Finale
  7. Season 7 Prologue

Plot[edit | edit source]

TDKR, The Darkweb Rumble, founded and ran by The Okonogis, begins it's life and is soon after found itself being bought by The Bogdanoffs, who deliberately do not buy all of the contracts in it, throwing many people into the street, including young talent Ushiromiya Battler. The name it will be rebranded into... BCW.

Saihara Shuichi and Kyle Hyde find out about this, informing The Final Rumble GM Phoenix Wright, who then informs TFR CEO Sminem. In response, TFR starts hiring, with Sminem handing Wright a list of names he wants to negotiate with, and especially one who should get an iron-clad contract. And since Sminem is a man of the people always willing to fight The Bogdanoffs, he'll think about hiring the ones that were let go from TDKR. Wright is free to continue his investigations into sending a covert TFR agent to BCW, but the most important thing... we can't lose this war.