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"I'm breaking down — all the masks that I wear to hide my lonely heart now
But what if I'm just lying to myself?
If even now, you still want me when I am hurt, wandering lost in the rain
Then at least help me destroy it all — my solitude, and all my pain
Reincarnation (Hah Ah),
Realization (Hah Ah)
Reincarnation, I want to be reborn
" ― Kowashitai

Pre-release Poster

Not too long ago, a man named Ayin and his long abandoned AI named Angela reunited. It was not pleasant at first as countless years of pent up resentment between both of them boiled over into a war that turned bloody. However with the help of his friends that Ayin made during TCR's time and a certain detective, Ayin managed to defeat Angela and in a surprise twist of fate, broke the cycle of vengeance between them. Ushering forth a new era of peace and prosperity amongst the wrestlers of TCR.

But after the events of the Death Game that took the lives of many in TFR, can this peace truly last forever... Or will it crumble into an unending ocean of fear?

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 1
  2. Episode 2
  3. Episode 3
  4. Episode 3.33
  5. Episode 4
  6. Episode 4.44
  7. Episode 5
  8. Episode 5.5
  9. Episode 6
  10. Episode 6.3
  11. Episode 6.66
  12. Episode 7A
  13. Episode 7B
  14. Episode 8
  15. Episode 9
  16. Episode 9/11
  17. Episode 10
  18. Episode 11
  19. Episode 12
  20. Episode 13
  21. Episode 14
  22. Special Episode: Lonesome Survivor
  23. Episode 15
  24. Episode 15.5
  25. Episode 16
  26. Episode 16.5
  27. Episode 17
  28. Episode 17.5
  29. Special
  30. Episode 18
  31. Episode 18.5
  32. Episode 19
  33. Episode 20
  34. Episode 21
  35. Episode 22
  36. Episode 23

Plot[edit | edit source]

After defeating the curse of Black Ref and getting rid of that annoying Cirno.

"This is a thing I've never known before
It's called easy livin'
This is a place I've never seen before
And I've been forgiven
Easy livin'
And I've been forgiven
Since you've
Taken your place in my heart
" ― Easy Livin', Uriah Heep

Act 1: A Renewed Hope[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Naegi Makoto shows up to TCR and is shown the ropes around by El Loco Bandito and James Sunderland. Meanwhile, Manager and Spigot retire to run TCR as General Manager and Consultant.

Naegi is told about the tragedy of TFR that happened recently, an while a fierce battle begins for Manager and Spigot's titles, now vacant, Angela has trouble adapting to her now human body, as she learns of "Sleeping", and collapses after not doing that for several weeks. In her sleep, she faces terrible and bizarre guilt-ridden dreams.

Returning from TFR's "Flying" City, KingO' Ingurland comes back with Dimitri Blaiddyd, who has been freed from Kirei, and Travis Touchdown, who was recently knighted by the king himself.

The tournament for the titles beings, and in an interview by Spigot, Wakka affirms his dislike for Manager's "Machina".

The phone rings in the GM Office and Spigot answers, with what is being said being "Bonjour" "He bought?" "Doomp et"

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

While Naegi, Sunderland, and El Loco talk about the people who were MIA since the raid on LC, when suddenly, Q-Taro appears. Meanwhile, Roland meets Norman Jayden, who joins to investigate unusual activities since the TFR BANS incident.

Q-taro explains how he and Hitonari, Kenshiro and Visconti were fighting the Abnos, until Ace got devoured by one, Ken got hit by falling debris, and cornered with Tadano, he tried to escape through a vent but got stuck, until finally making it free recently. He still thinks the fighting is going, until Ken appears saying he made it out of the rubble when he was already gone and has been looking since, Hitonari also survived by negotiating with the abnos, and Ace falls from a ceiling vent.

Travis Touchdown is shown the medical area by Luis Sera, while they find THE HEAVY IS DAED and Dallas trying to revive him. They conclude that Heavy is being possessed by an Abnormality.

In the tournament, Heart of Marth and Winds of Destruction make it to finals, with The Winds winning.

Angela overhears Bateman and Alice talking about her actions, and becomes filled with self-doubt. Meanwhile, Travis settles in his room and calls someone he left at TFR, who decides to visit too.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Sundowner and Monsoon practice with the EGO weapons they got from L Corp and try to give war another chance, meanwhile Angela and Manager are left with running Britannia after Ingurland returns to TFR to represent his nation. The Winds appear to suggest upgrading Britannia's arsenal with EGO, but Manager initially refuses. After being reminded of the incident at TFR, he concedes to also training with Abnos, and has Gebura oversee them, albeit with some lingering doubt.

Nier complains to Manager about some "prank" cast on him by producers, to which Manager thinks they must've been left from Pitchford's time.

Angela has another guilt-ridden dream about her actions, with Manager, Carmen, and herself punishing her for what she did. Afterwards, she tells her dream to Roland, and her doubts about herself, her position in LC helping power Britannia, and her wild emotions.

Spigot answers the phone again, and the voice syas "Yorokobe Shonen". Spigot translates it with his Dicktionary and answers "ANO DAISHI SEITO O ANARUREIPU SURU TSUMORI WA NAKKATA!"

Sunderland, Naeegi, and El Loco discuss getting a letter to a special conference, when Roland appears and veers the discussion into who will be fighting Angela. After he leaves, they head for the conference. When they arrive, they notice the strange aura of the room, and meet with some other people invited. Harold Lott, Guts and Ushiromiya George discuss the similarity to the other incident. Gadget arrives with an upbeat aura, but quickly turns sour upon seeing El Loco, Gamer Wizard cuts their dialogue to announce his presence. Kunt, Travelling Knight and Potion Seller think of it as a poor joke, and bicker between themselves. The Whizzard and Jon Arbuckle meet with Gamer Wizard, and Midge aggresively asks for some steps to stand on, to which Soldier reacts equally. Dyatlov and Quint argue theories. While this happens, the door suddenly locks and a deep mist begins to appear, soon everyone starts to falter, until Naegi is left hitting the door without response until he, too, falls too.

Elsewhere, a clock moves it hand to 1, signalling Chris . "Of all the fruit of the garden, they sought the one, the forbidden."

Episode 3.33[edit | edit source]

Tidus and Wakka discuss the crazy fog that appeared last night, since the ship is passing through The Bermudas, and the possibility they vanish.

Lain shows up while Travis is talking with Luka and Alice, and challenges her to a match. Meanwhile Angela gets "advice" from Spigot, which is questionable in nature, but she still gets a meaning out of it.

Act 2: Face the Fear, Build the Future[edit | edit source]

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

Naegi wakes up in a dark room similar to the one he was last in, when a mocking voice suddenly makes itself known, and queries him to wake the others up while the "main event" is set up.

What have we gotten ourselves into...?

With everyone now woken up, the voice commands them to find a tape in the room, and put it on the VHS.

Meanwhile, Ugly Bastard and Rapeman discuss their new franchises, the former having set up "NTR Idol Agency", and the latter "Rakeman's Rakes and Hoes", and how much better they are since being dissociated with TCR. They talk about their Boss being "on that other place" and Bastard having sent an old friend from his real estate days to scout TCR out.

In TCR, Manager blocks Eri's path to give her a threat if she were to do "anything" to Angela, not only a professional by firing her, but a personal one. Binah comments on Manager's strangely violent behavior, but he deflects to it being what almost anyone else would do to Eri, and tells Binah he's gonna request something from Yesod. While Eri is preparing for her match, Bateman confronts her about her decision to punish Angela, and states that since doing that would fuck with his rematch against Manager, she should reconsider what's best for business, but she ignores his advice.

Back in the fog, the wrestlers plug the TV and insert the tape, however the video is broken and only audio comes out; audio that announces the one and only: OPkuma! The doll climbs out of the busted TV and makes an offer, an offer that involves YOU; the doll introduces itself as the mascot of the greatest show in the universe, The Final Rumble, and offers to play a game not even the higher ups in TFR know about; a game of mystery, friendship and deathly wrestling: Dimes Camp! OPkuma denies knowledge of any skeleton named BANS. He also mentions some rules will be set in place, and those who break them will be punished accordingly.

In TCR, Norman Jayden investigates about possible BANS connections, when Sera and Akasaka enter the room wondering where Sunderland is, and hoping he would make it to his match.

Before Angela's match, Manager acts overprotective of her, with her reassuring she can do it on her own. Eri, after losing the match, tries to take revenge on her with a chair, but before she can cross the door, Bateman and Bug Show show up to defend the biz, meanwhile on the other side of the door, the celebrating koreans hear the scuffle and Manager enters. Big Show "lets her go" against the TV in the locker room while Bateman commentates it will come out of her paycheck, and they leave; meanwhile Manager asks Hokma to rewind the TV to fix it, only for Manager to spear Eri into it again. Akasaka enters to ask Manager if he knows about Sunderland's whereabouts, and they notice others have been missing as well.

Somewhere, in OPkuma's room, he observes everything through several monitors, and addresses someone looking at the audience...

Oh! So you're all finally here! You seriously didn't think I wouldn't notice you all watching?
Ha! I knew you were watching all along!
I counted on it in fact, I want you all to watch because this is where you come into play!
We'll be testing how much you really care about these guys!
So, we're going to be putting up a vote.
A vote for their lives!
Huehuehue- I mean nyuk nyuk nyuk!
Only kidding! That would be so unoriginal!
At the end of each episode, you'll need to assemble a team out of these jobbers!
Why? So they can be put to the test.
Tests of the world... you know how horrifying it can get, don't you?
Choices matter, especially yours!
No more flights of fancy, or subtle paths to rile your 1-bit heads up!
Only with Strategy™ will you decide, who will live... and who will die...
Or, you know, you can just kick back and relax, and watch all these no-dime wrestlers die.
But since this is your first time, I'll explain how this will go. I'm such a nice bear aren't I?
Everyone has Health, Sanity and various stats.
The party you chose from the vote the episode prior, will face many devious obstacles in their way.
Don't worry, I'll whip these writers into coming up with something for that!
You pick who bites the bullet, and you make the choice as to what they'll do to deal with it.
Then, we roll the dice! Their relevant stat against whatever is rolled plus or minus modifiers, the higher value wins!
They win? Good things happen! The random roll wins? Bad things happen! Pretty simple!
If only we had the budget to put everything in a nice looking 1-bit style! A shame!
Take care of my Despair Side! Bad things will happen more often if they start dying or go insane!
And I have big fun things planned for them so it would suck if they all ended up dead early!
That's all! Surely you can make basic choices better than you can with doing puzzles yourself!
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!
Chose three people that you want in the party for their next task!
Clock's ticking!

And so, the clock ticks 2, signaling Leon's name. How much is a life worth for those that crave it?

Episode 4.44[edit | edit source]

The next day, TCR's Guest and his girlfriend take a tour at the facility and experience an abstract architectual nightmare where things don't make any sort of sense. Meanwhile, during the night before E4.44, Dagoth Ur evens the score with Yugi by putting him in his place by smashing Mutou Yugi over a table with in Manager's office. Doing this, Dagoth Ur accidentally foils a conspiracy to assassinate Angela by waiting to ambush Angela and sticking a magnet onto her and instantly short her out under the assumption that she is still a machine.

Elsewhere, Daisaku Kuze finds out that the federation his old friend has sent him to is filled to the brim with cops. Haru and Akasaka go out to solve a case and Dimitri and Byleth team up.

Episode 5[edit | edit source]

Episode 5.4[edit | edit source]

Episode 5.5[edit | edit source]

Episode 6[edit | edit source]

Episode 6.3[edit | edit source]

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Episode 6.66[edit | edit source]

Episode 7[edit | edit source]

Act 4[edit | edit source]

Episode 9[edit | edit source]

Episode 10[edit | edit source]

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

Episode 13[edit | edit source]

Episode 14[edit | edit source]

Episode 14.5[edit | edit source]

Episode 15[edit | edit source]

Act 5[edit | edit source]

Episode 15.5[edit | edit source]

Episode 16[edit | edit source]

Episode 16.5[edit | edit source]

Episode 17[edit | edit source]

Dimes Camp[edit | edit source]

Main Page: TCR/Season 3/Dimes Camp

Rules for Wrestlers
  1. Number 1:
    • Do not call for outside help.
    • If I find out you have been deliberately getting people outside of our little game to do your dirty work for you, then you will be sentenced to death.
  2. Number 2:
    • Don’t tell anyone about our little game, this is a fun game for us and the audience… wherever they may be.
  3. Number 3:
    • Breaking the challenges I provide will result in an immediate death sentenced for the wrestler who breaks it!
  4. Number 4:
    • Any attempts, perceived or otherwise, on your gracious host, will be dealt with swiftly and will result in a painful death.
    • And don’t think about trying to gang up on me either because I am not a mascot to be trifled with!
  5. Number 5:
    • Nobody will judge you if you try to kill each other. After all, these dimes cannot be shared equally am I right?
Doom Counter

What is Doom?

This is basically a measure for us as a gauge of “how much despair is there for OPluma to utilize?”, the worse the situation is getting, the more Doom is generated!

Doom builds naturally over time same with ATN, however while ATN is more like a timer Doom is a resource that we can utilize.

What is Doom even for?

The amount remaining determines factors in the finale fights

Spending to cause bad things to happen (i.e. Doom Match, events, etc)

Doom is visible, ATN is not (but is reflected in changes in story and size, see below).

Doom starts at 10

Despair deaths is +4

Despair insanity is +3

Certain events can raise or lower Doom

Doom goes up naturally by 2 at first, increases depending on the situation (aka how badly despair is doing, every 2 deaths = +1 natural doom gain)

What can be done with Doom?
  • 2 points: Doom Match w/ (86 Overall)
  • 4: Doom Match w/ (89 Overall)
  • 5: Doom Match w/ (90 Overall)
  • 6: Doom Match (92 overall)

Note: We can take away 1 doom from the cost at the cost of it being randomized who they attack.

Doom Events (Unlock later down the line):
  • Deepen the Fog (repeatable):
    • The fog is thicker and even stronger, making it harder for people to see. Maintaining this has a great cost though
    • 5 Doom, -1 Natural Doom gain, -3 ATN (cannot go below the minimum of the current level)
  • Worsen State (repeatable)
    • Strengthen your ability to draw more despair, your evil seeps through like poison. Gain power faster but draw more notice.
    • Costs 5 Doom, +2 Natural Doom gain, +3 ATN
  • Doomed World (can be repeated once)
    • With growing strength the surrounding area bends to your power, everything is becoming worse for everyone.
    • ALL skill checks -1 (does not affect Otherworld)
    • Costs 8 Doom, +4 ATN

What the fuck is a Doom Match?
  • The targeted character losing such a match takes a large chunk of HP/SP damage (-9 to both)

ATN Attention

ATN” is how much the public knows about the missing wrestlers. OPkuma is trying to keep this scheme quiet, the more ATN, the more chances people are going to notice.   

There is an extremely slow passive regen for any episodes a character is not used, +1 to HP/SP per episode.

People don't enjoy sitting around doing nothing while under the watchful eye of some malevolent force, make sure that you give the entire roster a chance to do something otherwise morale will plummet, and may cause future issues down the line.

Exhaustion kicks in after a character has been used in two episodes in a row, this will mean they are unable to be used for the next episode (unless an exception is made).

Despair members must take care to avoid hitting 0 in either HP or SP otherwise they will suffer from a bad case of death or insanity. Hitting 0 is not the end of the world since if you can heal them away from 0 before the end of the episode you can stave off death for a little longer.

Bonus: HP 00 00 SP
STR 00 00 KNW
DEX 00 00 CHA
PER 00

Characters participating will have their stats and bonus recorded on pages and shown with the following template.

Under here, you can find the full participant list and their stats.

Keep in mind these might change and the list accuracy could be compromised after each episode

Investigation[edit | edit source]

ATN Attention

ATN” is how much the public/investigation knows about the missing wrestlers. The higher profile the case is, the more Ayin is willing to pool in resources to help out the investigation to prevent panic from setting in over another perceived death game. 

Causes for ATN gain:

  • Lore reasons
  • Despair side getting spotted
  • Random Events
  • Repeated attacks on the investigation
  • Certain events on Investigation
  • Slowly gains naturally as well


In Investigation for all characters after taking a rest for an episode (unless specified) they regain ALL HP and SP.

Do note that Investigation members cannot die. But if they reach 0 in either HP or SP, they will be considered exhausted and unable to be used in the next episode with one exception.

If there are not enough members to field in for an episode, exhausted members can be sent in with half HP and SP at an increase of DOOM (+10 DOOM).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • TCR/S2Ex02 and TCR/S2Ex04 are set not long before the events of Season 3 and thus are technically the prologue episodes of this season.
  • Drafting of Season 3 was made shortly after the end of Season 2, the draft went up to 132 pages by the time Season 3 began proper.
  • The ED was made in 4 days.
  • Gallonjak created the logo.