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The humble beginnings of the first ever subsidiary (Read: Bootleg knockoff) of The Final Rumble.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the Continental Sea Fortress known as Britannia, a group of people inspired by the wrestling show broadcast from the infamous Flying City Coolsville, decided to create their own wrestling show. After hiring a bunch of wrestlers that are new to the wrestling scene or rejected from TFR who are now coined as "The Neverevers" .The Cartel Rumble was born.

During TCR's first broadcast after a pilot showing a few weeks ago, A mexican bandito appeared to demand return of his "Dicksucker" and warned of a bad future should this item fall into the wrong hands. However these warnings fell on deaf ears to the majority of the staff and talent of TCR with the exception of a mysterious stranger who took great interest in finding this "Dicksucker".

Meanwhile the talent of TCR were beginning to build their own legends within the ring of The Cartel rumble.

Such notable wrestlers were:

  • The Burdened James Sunderland, who had such a stubborn resilience against anything that anyone could throw at him that he could take on even the strongest fighters and give them a run for their money.
  • The Boar Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd, whose ferocity was a sight to behold in the ring and a source of fear for many of his opponents.
  • The Mad Guardian El Loco Bandito, the original owner of the Dicksucker who was not afraid to kick the shit out of anyone who got in the way.
  • The Mysterious Big Dog, a pearlesecent being from another world who is considered almost unstoppable to anyone, unless they knew where to strike.
  • The Ever-Changing Manager, a stranger from another land who ran a company dedicated to the pursuit of impossible knowledge. He gained strength by tapping into the power of those he defeated; which reflected in his clothing. The first half of the notorious Jerkcity Corporation which he runs with his companion.
  • The Eccentric Dick-King Spigot, the loyal and totally not homosexual companion of Manager who he met through very odd circumstances. His style of fighting revolves around humiliating his enemies until they submit. The second half of Jerkcity Corporation
  • The Hermit Gamer Wizard, an independent practitioner of using video games as an outlet of magic who has a strong distaste of females after multiple bad experiences with them (a notorious one involving a succubus attempting to steal his powers by trapping him inside the cover art of a graphics card).
  • The Black Beast of The Backstage 90, who terrorised the backstage area by attacking anyone who walked in his territory and steal their shit.
  • The American Psycho Patrick Bateman, who won the BCW contract case in the pilot.
  • The Child Hero Luka, who defended his honour from multiple adversaries who wanted to do unspeakable things to him.

While this was happening, the owners of the tournament decided to play a little tournament between themselves to see who was the strongest fighter amongst them with a special prize given to whoever won the tournament. The tournament turned out to have been a really bad idea for this prize was the Dicksucker itself, given as a prize in the misguided belief that it was merely an onahole. During the winners unveiling of The Dicksucker, The Dicksucker was accidentally activated and after scanning through the memories of the Showrunner; brought back an old adversary of The Boar Prince to life, a ghoulish looking Edelgard von Hresvelg, who proceeded to attack the showrunner of TCR and bring back other people from her time. Dimitri, El Loco Bandito and James Sunderland rushed into the ring to attempt to stop Edelgard from bringing back her Empire. Unfortunately the rushed alliance between Dimitri, James and El Loco wasn't enough to stop Edelgard and soon enough all of the TCR loyalists were forced into retreating with help from the mysterious stranger who has now revealed himself to be the legendary mercenary and wrestler of TFR, HUNK.

The TCR loyalists managed to hijack the C.S.S Isle Of Mann and escaped from Britannia which was now under the control of The Adrestian Empire and began to create a resistance to take back Britannia from The Adrestian Empire and bring back TCR to its rightful owners. While TCR was training to take back their company, The Adrestian Empire now called World Empire Wrestling (WEW for short) was attempting to deal with the former owners (The Namefags) who hid in their private locker room during the entire takeover and on top of that, multiple wrestlers from TCR sneaking into the stadiums and attempted to fight The Empire on their own and an deal that was being arranged by TCR and TFR before the takeover created extra issues on top of it all.

However little did the Empire know that the former owners had put spy cameras around their stadiums to "Make sure all of the lore is recorded" (and "F-f-for research" when it came to the female locker rooms) which TCR loyalists exploited to gain multiple opportunities to fuck with them and create new plans around them. The cameras revealed that WEW is planning to do 2 belt tournaments, a Singles Championship belt and a Tag Team Champion ship belt with the winners getting the privilege to meet Edelgard in person. TCR used WEW's tournament plans to sneak in TCR wrestlers and The Mad Lads (Dimitri, James and El Loco) and potentially cut the head of the snake in one fell swoop. Multiple people entered the tournament: Wrestlers representing WEW, The Namefags who were extremely annoyed that WEW took over and interrupted them during their ritual and TCR loyalists that were not on the blacklist.

Notable events during the tournaments was:

  • The Namefags unleashing their secret weapon The Midge to participate in the tournament,
  • Jerkcity Corp finding a loophole to participate in both The Single and Tag Team championship
  • The Mad Lads entering WeW via very shitty disguises that somehow worked
  • Sundowner plotting to take out WeW with The Mad Lads
  • TFR sending in The Mystery Masters to investigate WEW.

TCR finally got their chance when Jerkcity Corporation managed to win The Tag Team belts and put their plan into motion. They began by smuggling Dimitri into the same room as Edelgard in a big travel case taken by Jerkcity Corp when they finally meet Edelgard and mention a codephrase which would be Dimitri's sign to break out the case and Edelgard. Sundowner, who became the bodyguard after pretending to have found the Mad Lads was in on the plan too, however TCR did not expect for him to divert from the plan and attacked Edelgard first before the codephrase could have been said, Jerkcity Corp then attempted to salvage the situation by announcing the codephrase and Dimitri came out and proceeded to attack Edelgard too. But before Dimitri could do anything lethal to Edelgard, Sundowner alerted The Empire about the attack, forcing Jerkcity Corp and Dimitri to retreat. Jerkcity Corp was cornered by The Empire inside the ring and things were looking very grim for Jerkcity Corp, until in a shocking display of defiance, Jerkcity Corp managed to fend off The Empire and defeated them inside the ring. While The Empire was busy fighting Jerkcity Corp, Edelgard and Dimitri also fought inside a ring and a very close battle was had until Dimitri got the upper hand and took Edelgard down. Dimitri began to plead with Edelgard to stop the madness and surrender before it got any worse, Edelgard refused to yield for she still had one last trick left up her sleeve. Before Jerkcity Corp met with Edelgard, she was studying the powers of The Dicksucker and found out about it being able to find the memories of people within the user and being capable of recreating those people if you have had direct contact with them; Which would have been no problem if it were not for a case of extremely bad timing by Saihara attempting to help out Dimitri after the fight allowing Edelgard to summon The Bogdanoffs via the memories of Saihara battle against them.

Both sides were forced to back off and recoup from their battles, during the battle, the Backstage was a constant war zone between WEW and TCR staff fighting over control of the area. WEW called for reinforcements from several independent companies to help win the war against TCR, one notable company had a history with Manager and sent an agent to make an attempt at kidnapping Manager via luring him out into the ring with a fake letter from Spigot. This plan would have worked, were it not for the timely intervention by Spigot who proceeded to beat back the Agent and sent them retreating after a Dick Punch (Spigot notes that during the Dick Punch he did not feel anything resembling cock or balls, which he found odd.). The fighting backstage began to quell with TCR looking to be the victors on that front. Which gave James and Dimitri enough peace to cash in that match they promised to each other when they first met. After an intense match James finally proven himself strong and managed to defeat Dimitri.

With TCR now in full control of the Backstages, The Mad Lads entered the Ring and demanded Edelgard to come down and fight them. Edelgard refused, instead telling them that she has found another use of the Dicksucker. Using the memories of an Edelgard impersonator, she managed to revert from her ghoulish visage to her true form and amassed all remaining WEW loyalists to attack TCR. TCR also went on the attack and attempted to defeat the WEW wrestlers, however the ferocity of the WEW wrestlers was too much and the only TCR member who was able to defeat their opponent was El Loco Bandito against Inspector Gadget. But the side battles were not the biggest concern, the battle that mattered was the main one against Edelgard and her most loyal soldiers. James and Dimitri noticed how strong Jerkcity Corp was and offered them to join them in battle against Edelgard, which the Corporation accepted and so began the final match for control of The Cartel Rumble and by extension, Britannia.

The match was so insane that describing it on here would be a long one so go to here for the rundown on the match.

Edelgard was finally defeated with Dimitri giving the final blow, spelling the end of The Adrestian Empire's control of TCR and Britannia, ushering in a new era of TCR...

Sometime after the events of Season 1, TFR called in TCR to help prevent The Final Impact from destroying the 2K19 universe and Dimitri went to Hell, Detroit to make sure Edelgard could never go back, he was never seen again. Somewhere else in the world a mysterious man begins to take an interest in TCR...

Elsewhere, someone from Manager's past has found out where he has gone to and begins to plot a scheme to bring him back into the fold...