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Match 1: Battle of The Nations[edit | edit source]

Mexico (El Loco and El Hermano), Korea (Manager and Roland), Bri'ish (Kunt and Harold), France (Eri and Big Dog)

El Loco takes out Roland

El Hermano pin Eri

Harold pin El Loco

Kunt pins Big Dog

Kunt pins El Hermano

Kunt pins Manager

Bri’ish win

Match 2: Cops VS Joggers[edit | edit source]

Tornado Tag

Date and Akasaka vs 90 and Dog Nigga

Akasaka pinned 90

The Detectives Win

Match 3: King of No Intro[edit | edit source]


Soldier vs Joker vs Dou vs Silent Orchestra

Silent Orchestra pins Soldier

Joker pins SO

Dou pins Joker

Dou wins

Match 4: Big Boy Ladder match[edit | edit source]

Big Show, Sundowner, NTR man, Heavy, George, Midge

George wins

Match 5: Comedy Match[edit | edit source]

Tables Match,

Yugi vs Luka

Luka throws Yugi 1-0

Luka throws Yugi 2-0

Luka throws Yugi 3-0

Luka throws Yugi 4-0

Luka throws Yugi 5-0

Luka wins

TCR S3 Teaser lore[edit | edit source]

??? A
Bloody ‘ell what a fuckin’ mess that all was!
??? B
Tell me about it, speakin’ of, how’s the new arm after that redhead tore it off ages back?
??? A
Better than ever after that masked lad yelled at me, dunno ‘ow he manages to do that! Dunno ‘ow that Manager fella did it, but he calmed down that blue haired bint!
??? B
Yeah, dunno what she’s doing here now though, not like there are many women for her to face!
??? A
Well it’s because of that funny lab she brought over!
??? B
Yeah but surely she’d stick over there then!
??? A
You’d say that, but I don’t think she’d like to be stuck in there any longer y’know.
[kowashitai starts playing over a radio]
??? B
Guess so… What’s with all the stupid music goin’ round of recent though?
??? A
They call the people behind that “idols”, it certainly ain’t no Sex Pistols I tell ya! Silly twats can barely speak any proper English.
??? B
Oi, those stuck up souf twats would say the same ‘bout us.
??? A
Yeah, but they can go shag a pig’s ‘ead for all I care

So wots this anyways, all I hear is a woman screeching.

If I wanted that, I’d call up me mother-in-law!
??? B
Another wacky thing from that other island land, God knows why anyone listens to that shite.
??? A
Probably cos alotta companies moved over here because they like the prospects of a company on a moving country!
??? B
Why don’t they fuck off to that flying city then!?
??? A
More expensive than fuckin’ London over there. That and… They all see this place as safer.
??? B
Yer talkin’ about that uh… Massacre, right?
??? A
Yep, we’ve only lost a few, unlike that other show! Y’know, you think that shit could ‘appen ‘ere? The funny fuckers behind that game got away with it after all.
??? B
Nah, don’t think the new lot would take it sittin’ down. ‘sides, they got wot they wanted from that, no reason to start the same shit ‘ere.
??? A
Yeah, yer right.

… That wanker of a captain must be drunk again, he said this way’s the fastest to where we wanna go…

But what moron thinks going through Bermuda is a good idea?