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This section contains copious amounts of namefaggotry
It's time to catch you guys up on some unintended lore on my garbage wrestling.
So basically, to start with...
I did some streams of THE CARTEL RUMBLE (yes, that's what it's called) to some friends on the server this thing started on.
And some good ol' LORE ended up happening (read: something I didn't want to happen, happened, and I had to do an asspull related to THE PLOT)
and I'm streaming on here again because >discord streaming is garbage it turns out.
So in summary:
Anthony Burch won a Royal Rumble
(yes, seriously)
The Royal Rumble prize:
A fight with Dimitri
Burch won


In this cursed timeline, Burch got his hands on the Dicksucker
He used it's power to activate his

in order to defeat Dimitri

(aka I had to come up with why everyone jobbed to a joke character)
After the fight, THE GAMER WIZARD (trust me, this was a character BEFORE all of this) turned up to reverse the timeline and seal Burch's WII U NEN (and sent him back to his cuckshed)
(just 4 kings looking at each other)
now the Dicksucker is missing
THE GAMER WIZARD also has the Autism Cure(mercury-free),

and can challenge The Grand Autismo (currently Miller)

at any time. (not Kazuhira Miller)
El Loco Bandito continues to search for missing Dicksucker
Now there is a tournament between Cartel members
(read: self-inserts, because this IS basically a thing I do with friends)
What is the prize?

Nobody knows
Except me, bootleg OP

(aka videoanon)
Who will win the tourney?

Will Burch get his WII U NEN again?
Will 2K19 not crash on me?

I doubt the last one.
and you guys must've considered TFR plots insane
and it'll only get dumber from here
i wanna die

4-Way[edit | edit source]

  1. MC Ride
  2. Sam Hyde
  3. Anthony Burch
  4. Eri
Anthony Burch ➡ Sam Hyde
Eri ➡ Anthony Burch
MC Ride ➡ Eri
  • MC Ride
    • Win

The Case of the Missing Dicksucker[edit | edit source]

El Loco Bandito
So my head fucking hurts, like something big went down and I don't even know it, but I do know this. My dicksucker is here and I know it, and you fuckers don't know how good that shit is. But it is mine, and it's supposed to be mine. That shit in the wrong hands will be bad, I'll say that. That's why I'm here. It's my dicksucker, give it back.
  1. El Loco Bandito
  2. El Hermano
  • Jiren Azul
    • Win

Self-Insert Tournament[edit | edit source]

Exactly what it says. Also B. Ref got smacked a lot.
american talon
belias american sim
render behelit miller
behelit mallory
bag boy (moot) jesusbarrel
nyron bag boy waelcyrie
toaster toaster rookie (gamer wizard)
90 alchius

Battle for a Contract[edit | edit source]

A ladder match with a (((contract))) was on the line.

  1. Kenshiro
  2. The Manager
  3. Spigot
  4. Patrick Bateman
  5. Runescape Bot
  6. Woody
  7. Hugh Neutron
  8. Dimitri Blaiddyd

The Case of Contract for TFR

  • Ladder Match
    • For TFR Contract

  • Patrick Bateman
    • Win
  • Notes
    • Much to his disappointment, it turned out to be a BCW contract. Who the fuck wants to go there?

Cure for Autism Cash-In[edit | edit source]

  1. The Gamer Wizard
  2. Grand Autismo Miller
  • Miller
    • Win
    • Keep Grand Autismo Title

Wheel Time[edit | edit source]

  1. Jesusbarrel
  2. Render
  3. Miller
  4. ???
  5. Bgi Hsow
  6. BOAR
  • Hell in a Cell

Jesus ➡ Render
Jesus ➡ ???
Miller S➡ Big Show
BOAR ➡ Jesus
BOARRR ➡ Miller
  • Dimitri
    • Win

???[edit | edit source]

  1. Daniel Bryan
  2. Big Dog
  • Bryan
    • Win