Survive Bar

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A bar in Coolsville.

Description[edit | edit source]

A widely popular hanging out spot.

History[edit | edit source]

After it's bartender survived a deadly event in what could be called a miracle, he opened Survive Bar aptly named after this.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

Kiryu Kazuma and Suou Katsuya meet briefly here after he returns to town.

Katsuya and Ooishi Kuraudo get a few drinks after work before being interrupted.

Kasuga Ichiban gathers at the bar with his allies Jack Garland and Sinbad before HEAVY MACHINERY causes a commotion outside.

Ichiban and Serge wait here for Jack to return to the party.

The Bartender hears of the trouble at KaibaCorp HQ and gathers the three mercenaries in his bar to go help his boss and his friends.

Now that it's in postgame, the party relaxes at the Survive Bar. Ichiban plays modern FF games with Jack, who explains the action gameplay makes it faster to kill Chaos. Serge puts his great voice to work on the karaoke, and Sinbad has gathered new stories from this adventure. Okada smirks at Ichiban being the same, and hopes he can spar with CHAOS in the future as well, but Ichiban remembers he can't... because he has to defeat that fat plumber in Dragon Kart!

All heroes gather here when summoned by Amon Clan.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

The Bartender is seen less around the bar due to some errands he has to run occasionally.

Kiryu Kazuma enters the bar, meeting with Date Kaname and Kyle Hyde for the first time in ages, the latter mentioning The Bartender is out before finishing his drink and leaving. Date and Kiryu continue to talk...

Kiryu gets ready to leave, and Date overhears something strange beyond the alleyway exit. While checking, Date finds out the "Black Knight", before being attacked and kidnapped.

As Kyle continues drinking in the Survive Bar with TFR on the TV, the last few moments catch his attention when things seem to get chaotic. Then, an announcement by Saten... signals the fall of TFR.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Kyle once again is reading the newspaper while drinking bourbon early in the day, as usual. But then, he receives an unusual call from the TFR Board of Directors, and asks The Bartender to keep his bottle.

Several weeks later, Kyle finally has some free time, so he swings by and finishes that saved bottle while thinking deeply about recent events in his life, and The Bartender notices he's looking much more hopeful than usual.

Kasuga Ichiban arrives to Survive Bar and meets with his friends The Bartender and Wonder-Red. Since he hit an important milestone in the Part-Time Hero program, Red will be paying the drinks. It's been a while since he's wrestled all, so he wonders if Red would want a quick match, but Wonder Red promised he would NEVER EVER step foot in a wrestling ring. Before he gets to ask why, Ichiban's boss Sinbad (still weird to think about) calls him, and informs him he booked him a plane to Sindria to discuss important things. He apologizes for having to leave in a hurry so soon, but Red remarks it's a good place for a vacation anyways, and The Bartender says he better bring some souvenirs.

While Kiryu is uncharacteristically escaping his problems by drinking, Kasai Tatsuyoshi arrives and helps him cheer up, until Yamai Yutaka and his goon arrive to attack Kasai (and Kiryu since he's there) before walking away.

The Bartender is surprised at seeing Kyle at such an hour at the bar, but it's hard for him to do anything else when the protests are blocking everything again, besides, it's not like coming to drink and feel sorry for himself was his first choice. Trying to keep the drink at bay, The Bartender wonders if there isn't some contingency plan he could use, but he gives up when Kyle suggests alcohol might help him think about it. After a while, he receives a phonecall from Phi since the protesters have cleared. "Life always finds a way", The Bartender blurts ironically, but Kyle apologizes for shattering his expectations of drinking himself to tears. As he leaves, The Bartender tells him to "Follow the path that will put your heart at ease. Even if the truth might hurt, you'll feel some peace when you reach the end of the road".

After an esoteric message from a ramen shop owner, Francis Zach Morgan arrives at Survive Bar and, somehow gathering $10, orders the cheapest one-shot-kill drink, getting drunk with a single glass, before rushing off back to the food shop he came from.