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The ultimate being of blacking and blackening.

The final boss of The Extinct Light.

Super Knight of Blacking[edit | edit source]

Kevin Nash had an unnatural and wholly unique condition, an almost miraculous affinity for just this specific condition of being blacked, the single existence with the title of "the being with the supreme right to be blacked".

The Black Knight was a formless being who had experienced nothing in his life, this one or the previous, but tainting of pure things, darkness that consumed him and turned him to madness, and a stretching darkness filling him in every way. Thus, he had become a lifeform of the highest potential of blacking.

When using Nash as container, the Black Knight resonated with him beyond all limits he thought possible, the two consciousness merging together to become a new being of unparalleled power which allowed it to break away from its consuming madness. Plainly put, Nash's potential to be blacked was limitless, and so was the Black Knight's power within his body. As the new being changed, first it became Super Blacked Nash, then it became something BEYOND blacked.... Super Blacked Nash Super Blacked.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

After the attack on OMW, the Black Knight had kidnapped Big Daddy Bitch Nash, sensing his potential as a vessel, and by coincidence, found the perfect and ultimate vessel just for him.

Episode 7[edit | edit source]

Five blacked guardians he had made to protect his tower, Coolsville Hills, as he enacted his plan: The Grunch, Enderman, El Ogro de las Americas, La Creatura, and finally guarding his lair the Dark Prince, along with the entirety of the security force backing them. When heroes clad in white who resisted his ability to black over beings showed up, few by few the heroes stayed behind guarding their friends as they went upwards, until only a single one remained.

As soon as Suou Tatsuya entered the top floor of Coolsville Hills, it went fully dark, more than that, it's a complete blacked void where even the walls seem to grow apart. He was overwhelmed by complete darkness. The creature responsible it announces itself at last, only visible by the faint red glow of lines covering his body. This blacked room is the mere beginning of his power. Why do all this? his distant past should be enough of an answer, but he would never comprehend. On the other hand, his recent past... what he had to do to survive as a formless blob of blackness in those alleyways... they will be experienced by the whole world.

For all that he went through, Tatsuya is sorry, but for what he's doing in fighting for revenge... he has no respect or sympathy! He, too, was looking for a purpose, something missing, a piece, and now... he feels on the verge of finding that... and is not gonna let him take it all away! Because in fighting to protect something... the people and the world he cares about... he won't, can't lose to something so petty. But to SBNSB, who lived in Terror that grew from the Fear he had to endure for so long, to be called petty... this is the cause of his revenge, he'll spread Fear, and create the ultimate Terror, the only way they'll ever understand such despair, by painting the world black: he'll extinguish the light!

If that's his intention, then Tatsuya will illuminate him with the light burning in their hearts instead! But, Tatsuya's light isn't nearly enough, his effort is useless and he can't even touch him. After all, one-on-one becomes a simple task when you're used to gangbangs. At the most crucial moment, Tatsuya felt he failed everything...

On the lower floors, everyone wonders how Tatsuya is doing as they defeat the last of security. Just then, the last of the heroes arrives.

Therapist: Hey... I think we just got ourselves some late reinforcements.

Battler: Huh? What took you so long?

Agent 47: Yeah, real useful coming up now, when we're all tired and injured!

Chris: I... Didn't think you'd come... But you know how happy it makes me to see your face. Leon..........

Wright: We've been expecting you. I think you're just on time. Feeling fresh? You better be. There's a big task ahead of you. Leon..........

Just when Tatsuya thought it was all over, out of the darkness, like a beam of light, came a shining hope for them all, an unlikely hero. Leon..........'s best friend Ark Thompson! He got the call a little later, but he rushed to make it on time. Super Blacked Nash is surprised, but not even that can stop Terror that is rooted in Fear. Ark is surprised if that used to be Nash, but Tatsuya is 'fraid to say so. The time is just right, so Tatsuya is ready to go for one more and do it. Make the world shine bright, like an eternal hot, sweltering summer!

Nash is too powerful as he's used to even more than two-on-one. Even with such advantage, Ark falls, and Tatsuya is on his way out after almost being blown away by Super Blacked Nash's power, almost passing out, but at that moment, with the last of his energy, a miracle... Tatsuya was able to destroy Nash's quad, his Achilles heel, and have him immobilized.

With the time to end this nigh, Ark thinks it's time to drop a cool one-liner like his friend Leon would, something like... JACKPOT! Both deliver a deafening double blow to Super Blacked Nash's head. But even with that... Super Blacked Nash still gets up. The King of Spades has one last trick to play, as he commands authority over the whole building since Coolsville Hills itself has been Blacked by now, and soon, both of them will be victims of its destruction, meanwhile he will survive it. Super Blacked Nash pities the fragility of humans, even both of himself before this form, beings who would be trembling in fear unprepared for the terror that rises, so weak. He thought only the money and the miles mattered before, but now sees the missing ingredient clear as the white liquid in his ass... The money, the miles, and the melanin.

Ark finds out the way to the rooftop, even though Tatsuya feels the situation hopeless, they rush out and still come with no way out. Just at the end of the line, when Tatsuya thought he was never going to find what was missing, that feeling in his heart, and why was he even here... all of their friends arrived in a helicopter!

Date: Guess who's back?

Therapist: You held out pretty well so far, guys!

Kiryu: Let's get out of here!

Agent 47: Yeah, hurry up! The sooner I get away from Faggler, the better!

Battler: Then why are you sitting so close to me? Personal space, buddy! You were the one who agreed with this teamup in the first place.

Dante: Sure is a big help when a old rival joins your side. I would know, I'm inside one right now.

Chris: Climb that ladder and let's get out of here!

Everyone showed up to rescue them, but... he can't let their efforts be in vain. Without finishing Super Blacked Nash, he'll unleash an age of terror upon Coolsville. Tatsuya urges Ark to leave, as even if the explosion catches them, he'll protect everyone. Super Blacked Nash arrives at the rooftop, claiming he'll survive everything, every more, every threat! But Chris has a better idea, throwing Tats an RPG-7 (Tatsuya wondering where he even got it) and tells him to make him become regular Big Daddy Bitch again. In fear of what he knows it's coming, Super Blacked Nash even promises he won't post Rikishi's ass anymore, but for Tatsuya, it's the Black Knight's time to become extinguished, as he rushes to him and launches it directly into his asshole.

Although he had rigged it to explode and spread his blackness to Coolsville, as The Black Knight was destroyed right before the bomb went off, only part of Coolsville Hills exploded as the blast relied on the blackening that ceased to exist at the same time as Nash's anus, and as for Kevin Nash himself, he fell into a coma and is having his anus reconstructed.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Suou Tatsuya Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Super Blacked Nash Super Blacked
Suou Tatsuya & Ark Thompson
W1 L1 0
2 1 P
Iconic Match
Arrival of a Shining Hero: The Burning Light