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"The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth. It resides in the 63rd dimensions of creation." ― Excerpt 349561223 from the Kronorium

The All-Key, also known as Astoth Arbzorark and most commonly nicknamed Summoning Key, is an artifact used by Primis Richtofen and later Suou Tatsuya.

Description[edit | edit source]

An unique artifact related to the very foundation of universes and reality.

It can do just about anything, if one puts their mind to it. And has an affinity for it.

The Doctor uses it to travel between timelines and dimensions, but other uses include merging bodies, containing souls and releasing them into bodies, and surprisingly, listening to the collective will of living beings.

History[edit | edit source]

TFR/Off-Season 1[edit | edit source]

Allegedly the first use of the key, as Doctor Richtofen arrives to the timeline of an already ruined world where The Bogdanoffs won and his other self and a certain schoolgirl had perished, bringing along a different version of the girl.

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Richtofen alone came into the TFRverse by the guidance of the Kronorium with this device, replacing Brendan Fraser on the roster of an elimination chamber for his first appearance. A bit later, to solidify his presence, he appeared with a certain schoolgirl in the ring that belonged to this dimension. But that schoolgirl was housing a different presence inside of her, one that Richtofen brought from a point in time before his arrival. Kirigiri's soul resided in the Key, waiting to be returned to her body.

Yet, later, plans went awry, as Adachi murdered the body of Kirigiri and threw it inside of the TV World. With the power of the Key, Richtofen was able to open a portal into that dimension and yoink Samantha's soul before it could expire. But not the body, strangely enough. So, the lone detective inside the key got herself a roommate. And both residents were not exactly happy with the situation. So had the status quo maintained throughout the Todd ordeal.

Somewhere in the finale, Richtofen promised to return Samantha back to the MPD, before the distortion grew too strong to be contained. But certain revelations that came from the Kronorium occupied his mind, and Samantha continued being a resident of the key.

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Nothing much was seen of it during the Merge. Richtofen used it to exit the TFR dimension after retrieving the The Focusing Stone. Neither Kirigiri, nor Samantha have been observed being returned to their respective places. AS such, their fate remained unknown. However, Richtofen at some point lost the stone to HUNK.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

Until Mr. X revealed in his flashback that Richtofen went to the SC labs, back into TFRverse, led by the Kronorium again. And accompanied by Samantha and Kirigiri in the Summoning Key. After the flashback shows Richtofen turned into The Emperor by the Oatmeal Cookie-corrupted Stone, they are not seen again. Presumably, as did Kronorium, the Key remained on Richtofen's body, during transformation and after it. Yet, there was nary a mention of them in the present. Not during Richtofen's unmerging with the stone, nor in the brief awakening in the present, nor in his death.

Where did the Key go? Is it still on Richtofen's cooling corpse, Samantha and Kirigiri forever trapped in there? Was there an insurance policy, of sorts? Besides... the rift still grows, as Samantha is still not within the MPD. The distortion, at this point of time, should be immense. All shall be seen... in the future.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

The Key, residing on the late Richtofen's body, was given to Ryu Hayabusa, who used the key merged with Primis Richtofen's body to become the Second Emperor of the Mankind, the key lying within him. BANS had high expectations of the seemingly powerful agent, and sent him to slay Suou Tatsuya. Which failed. By Power running the reborn ninja over with Tatsuya's bike. The Key ended up in Power's stomach, who inadvertently became the next keeper of the artifact. This started a manhunt by BANS Army, The Three Kings and Nyarlathotep, in order to secure the powerful artifact. Which had all failed, until the confrontation of Tatsuya's Party against Nyarlathotep's Returned Villains, during which the Key was forcibly extracted out of the Blood Devil. When te traitorous crawling chaos refused to return the key as promised, the key was gathered with the hopes and wishes of all of Tatsuya's friends, even the brainwashed Yuki, the corrupted Komaeda, and even Kadoya, making Nyarlathotep drop the key unable to use it. In the endgame, Tatsuya used the Key, as per Delta's guidance, to seal Nyarlathotep and end the power of Rumors. Which didn't leave the artifact with enough power to stop the hatching of the Cosmic Egg, but had enough of it to make several nudges, changes in the new world. With the birth of the new universe, the Key's location is unknown again.

And what of Samantha and Kirigiri? Last time they were seen, begging to be spared Power's inhuman appetite, they sounded pretty desperate. It has been quite a while now, since their mutual entrapment, after all. And now, with the Crawling Chaos as their new roommate, who knows what is happening there now. Nothing good, probably.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

What was initially thought to be a case containing a deadly virus found in a strange altar under Steven Sonozaki's old orphanage building, whose finding would create a long manhunt from the part of Chris Redfield and his squad, eventually was revealed to contain the Key, which was giving to Redfield's nebulous and unknown employer.