Summer of 1992

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A famous case from 1992.

Description[edit | edit source]

The 1992 Dark Alley Rape Incident, better known as "The Rape Case of the Dark Alley in the Sweltering Summer of 92" is a famous police case in which a violent back-assault occurred on "Big Daddy Bitch" Kevin Nash. Such event not only shook local police, but Nash's asshole too and required reconstructive surgery as well as hospitalization for many other sustained wounds from the attack.

While the police worked on the case for a while, the general high crime level of the area combined with inconsistency on Nash's testimony and the amount of people wanting to "plunder his ass" after the fact, led the case to be closed with little leads. Later years would have Nash reveal he incited the crime since he was 'caught in a frisky mood' while passing through the alley.

The alleyway where the crime was committed would also be location of many other racially-involved crimes, as if some kind of mystical KWAB energy resided there since that day. Later, President Hazz Maticus would acquire the general area and demolish it including a nearby orphanage to construct Coolsville Hills, to "improve it's socio-economic status", bringing an end to the it and it's rape-tastic history.

Culprits[edit | edit source]

Reports on the culprits of the crime are vague, even in the amount of criminals involved, ranging from just 2 to several hundreds.

The Grove Street Families are known to have apparently had some involvement in the crime by "making someone their bitch in 92", either directly or setting it up.

A consensus has been achieved on around 7 prime suspects likely dressed as bulbasaurs, of which are known:

  • Dwight, the main suspect. Said to have been missing drumming practice with his all-dark band at the time the crime was committed. Later became a security guard.
  • Demetrius
  • Ezekiel Jackson, who claimed once to 'want that white piece of ass back'.
  • Booker T, tore his quad so he couldn't escape.
  • Suspect codenamed DWABOUTRIUS
  • Suspect codenamed DWITAHRIUS
  • Suspect known as "Shankism" but never confirmed to exist.

Other unconfirmed involved suspects: