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A generic but mysterious servant. Might also be the cousin of slightly more generic man.

T-Suit[edit | edit source]

A courier of some kind.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

A servant of a mysterious master.

Episode 6[edit | edit source]

Awaits in the meeting place until Suou Tatsuya arrives, then instructs him to wait until his partners arrive too, as naturally, they wouldn't send him alone when the fate of wrestling itself hangs in the balance explains the Suit, much to Tatsuya's confusion. Agent 47 and Battler are the first to arrive, the former shouting that it must be the mysterious man who took Maxerino and the latter trying to calm him down. Next is Dante, in awe at the party being put here, as Battler is surprised when he arrives from seeing him in AEW backstage, although Dante doesn't recognize him at all since he assumed he was the only person who knows how to wrestle in AEW, on the other hand he has only heard good things about The Professional and hopes to see him in AEW, yet 47 asks for 1000000 dollars upfront and he's barking at the wrong Sparda for having money. Turning to Tatsuya, Dante wonders if he was called here too, but Tatsuya remains confused since he's not a wrestler (although Dante gets a strangely reliable feeling from him). Then, Kiryu Kazuma and Chris Redfield are the last to arrive, having been told by a strangely-trustworthy call that Date's fate would remain doomed unless they visited the place instructed. Tatsuya can't help but think he's the only one there without a goal, but something in him still believes there must be a reason he was called... maybe even something he's missing too.

Since they are all finally gathered, the Suit begins his explanation: the incidents that led to this situation all tie back to one common denominator, the rampaging monster they call "The Black Knight" that has taken over Coolsville Hills. Knowing of his strength and power to assemble an army, his superior has decided to take action, and assembled this elite squad by gathering everyone in this room. One of the Black Knight's abilities is to take over anything unable to resist his power, including people, so anyone he defeats will become "blacked", much like Date was. However, they have found a way to counter that ability, lying in a package next to all of them are special white clothes.

It sounds like magic to Battler, Tatsuya would have talked to Eikichi if he wanted a band, and 47 wonders if they stole them from his wardrobe, but on the other hand it reminds Kiryu of the 80s and makes him want to sing karaoke. The idea amuses Chris who agrees to it after rescuing Date, Battler also hopes to come and 47 has no option but to follow too and make sure Faggler doesn't get too queer in there plus, might as well also demonstrate his Professional mic skills. Tatsuya then does an impression of a jet engine, shocking everyone else in the room, and Chris even comments it might be a better group in terms of vocal chords than wrestlers.

The Suit reminds everyone what's a stake here, and Chris puts his serious face when he realizes he's found himself a squad once again, even getting a bit nostalgic, but once they get equipped their destination is obvious, as the top floor of Coolsville Hills is where the Black Knight resides.