Sperm Case Wars

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An epic 4chan meme that took Resident Evil threads by storm, and soon enough, the whole internet.

Description[edit | edit source]

When a man, a legend, Chris Redfield discovers his sister is as of yet unimpregnated and acquiring an increasingly large number of cats, he urges a fellow B.O.W. combatant and regionally-known drunk hero, Leon S. Kennedy, to comply with his sister's wishes and put his baby batter in her, as he knows he likely has the only genes strong enough to overcome her dried-up ovaries and save his family lineage.

Yet Leon stands opposed, and as Chris wouldn't have it, he engages in all sort of hijinks, hunts, and traps to get him to fuck his goddamn sister (and they would all get foiled one way or another). From these events, two groups of extraordinary men felt attracted to either side of this battle of ideals; the men who thinks one should do the correct thing for the sake of mankind regardless of ones' desires and impregnate Chris' sister (or impregnate someone else (or have someone else impregnate his sister)), and those who stood in the way of freedom to not have life brought into the world without their approval, and also to stay as far away from women as possible and be huge manchildren going on murderhobo adventures.

These preluding events would be known as Impregnation Wars, but soon enough, the inclusion of The Case of Sperm would change the nature of the conflict, as The Bogdanoffs, Sminem, and others, who have their own plans irrelevant to any of the teams and seek Leon's seed for nefarious purposes that neither team would approve of, now have a more direct way to compete for their objective.

History[edit | edit source]

Four Hunger Games are held, with three victories for NWF and one for FMS. But nobody cares about those much.

TFR/Season 1[edit | edit source]

When Chris acquires The Case of Sperm, the violence escalates to new heights, and so the only way Leon and Chris find to settle their differences is in the ring, specifically TFR's ring. As they prepare to settle it with their hands, unexpected allies arrive from their followers, and soon enough Chris' team has punched their way through Leon's.

The conflict continues, with Chris being ever-so-close to his dream as FMS obtains the case, loses it to Mr. X, has it destroyed in a fire, discovers it to be a fake out by The Bogs, and finally The Case is recovered and given to Claire, ironically having FMS being the first and last to obtain it, only for it to be empty (and the contents being likely swapped with Wesker's either way).

Despite their differences, Chris and Leon unite when they discover something worth maybe even more than sperm: their love for wrestling, and valiantly fight together against BCW to save TFR. Thus, the war for sperm ends once and for all, in a draw.

TFR/Season 6: Epilogue[edit | edit source]

In a new world, the wars for sperm begin anew. This time, without interference from third parties threatening TFR or the war, it was Agent 47 who won the case.

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

47 and then proceeded to sell it to an unknown party for a MITB case, and its current whereabouts are unknown. With the case lost, Chris focused his attention on the source, but it disappeared as well, and the battle for impregnation was again without a definitive winner in a No Contest scenario.