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A character from Heroes of Might & Magic IV: Winds of War.

The Mad Wrestling King[edit | edit source]

TFR/Off-Season 7: Spazz OVA[edit | edit source]

The start of Spazz's career under the name Rob Wellington. However, this is a lie and the real Rob Wellington was instead his father, Hazz Maticus.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

The son of President Hazz Maticus. A maddened heir with delusions of grandeur. Has terrible contempt for his seemingly benevolent father, and many say he wishes to usurp his throne.

Episode 8

When Hazz's last name appears in a hitlist for the Shimano Family, Futoshi Shimano laughs at the fact that it's probably his own son who wanted him dead.

Episode 10

With his father gone, Spazz begins his path of conquest. He joins the King of King's illustrious competition to begin his path towards kingship: NXT's King of /v/ Tournament under /vst/.

Episode 12

Participates in the Beat The Cock challenge and has the fastest match of the eight... as the loser.

Episode 13

Walking onto their scheduled match, a tiny big boy, a king, and a supergenius got caught under a trap set by some girl, but the supergenius managed to escape.

Episode 14

Hazz reveals that in his young days he was a bloodthirsty wrestler that killed many and committed innumerable atrocities just to make his name truly feared and respected in the ring, when he was under the name of Spazz Maticus. To bury his past, he gave his very son his old name, and twisted his upbringing to make him become a mad bastard who could believably shoulder the weight of his bloodied father, and possibly not even aware he didn't commit his father's deeds.

Spazz breaks into the display of his late fathers' beloved crown... now that he's gone, the crown, the country... its all his, and there's another thing left to conquer... all the arenas spread around Coolsville! His path of conquest begins...

The Darkweb Rumble[edit | edit source]

He joins a small fed to make his kingdom.

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

Spazz tries to go on a mad quest to conquest all wrestling companies in the world. This ultimately backfires as he's such a terrible wrestler he can't put up a single entertaining match, ending his conquest due to lack of care. He's also a self-mark.

Episode 2/BCW[edit | edit source]

He makes his first move in Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling by participating in a multiman match with other mad people.

Episode 3/BCW[edit | edit source]

Spazz Maticus, a young king on a mad quest to rule Coolsville.

After coming across precious ores, he tries to forge a deal with the King of Kings.

Being unsuccessful due to disagreements, Spazz now looks for new allies on his quest.

Suddenly, the God of War himself blocks the King's path.

Spazz must now prove himself worthy of the God's boons.

Episode 4/BCW[edit | edit source]

After managing to defeat the God, Spazz takes his next step forward.

He returns to the King of Kings's own private room, ready to take him on this time around.

However, the person he finds there isn't the man he was looking for.

Instead, Spazz now crosses paths with a different King, who looks to stop him from conquering yet another location in his mad journey!

Episode 5/BCW[edit | edit source]

With the authority's office under his control, Spazz proceeds to make the next step.

Seeking to obtain more territory, he finds out a popular local architect is holding a feast for his beloved.

The king decides to spoil that celebration on a road to conquering the catering area.
Spazz gets drafted into The Final Rumble.

Episode 6/TFR[edit | edit source]

With the opportunity to seize it all at hand, the mad Maticus moves on to take the fiercest warriors on the rumble of royals, but it proves to be a conquest too mad for him even after such a grand advantage on his position.

Episode 7/TFR[edit | edit source]

After failing to conquer the kitchen, Spazz decides to retreat momentarily.

However, his ambitions see no limit, as he shortly after heads into unknown territory once again.

While exploring the Parking Lot in search of precious treasures...

The King comes across a sleeping beast, who attacks him in a fit of rage!

TFR/Off-Season 7[edit | edit source]

Amused by his incredible skill of always putting bad matches, Spazz is put against some of the greatest workers in TFR only to always have a shitty matches whose endings consist of "me unga, me shoulder tackle, 1-2-3". After a perilous (mad) quest, Spazz finally learns how to put an entertaining match against HUNK of all people.

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Episode 31

Participates in the Beat The Clock challenge and is the winner as the victor of the fastest match, becoming #1 contender to the /v/ World title!

Episode 32[edit | edit source]

Spazz madly marches on, letting no spots or work tactics stop him, headbutting and kicking until he gets the belt a king like him deserves!

Episode 33[edit | edit source]

And for his great conquest, Pegasus has announced that he can keep the title forever as well! (because it's decommissioned due to sheer embarrasment)

But he chooses to still defend it just to prove his holy kinghood.

Episode 38

Even when the Samoan family came to his aid when he was chosen as their representative, he couldn't hold on to the (still defunct) title and lost it in a duel of headbutts.

Episode 53

Participates in the Contendership Clash Tournament.

Episode 54[edit | edit source]

Intercepts Peppino before he can claim the Million Dollar title, and so gets TWICE the money.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

Before moving on to Amakusa Elite Wrestling, he must finish conquering TFR.

Episode 3

"The Mad King" Spazz Maticus participates in the Berserker Brawl tournament in Pool H.

Lucid though gives Spazz an end fitting for a mad king.

TFR/Off-Season 9[edit | edit source]

Episode 2

Since Ricky pulled a stunt in his home turf, Sinbad decided to accompany Jonesy, and Retinz coming in place of Central who was still in the hospital (Spazz invited himself and just walked in).

But the retards won by DQ so it doesn't count...

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

The city is in chaos... the enemy forces are sieging... only a Mad King can take everything back.

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Literally being the worst wrestler
  • Simultaneously also having one of most god damn effective finishers of any, with a pinrate that is almost ridiculous.
  • Was 18th in Season 7's Popularity Poll〈25 votes〉

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Regigigas Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Triple-Threat Gale, Okabe Rintarou, Spazz Maticus Lose
W1 L1 0
1 0 P
Elimination Chamber Spazz Maticus, Morgana, Sam Stone, Okabe Rintarou, Jayden, Ooishi Kuraudo Lose
W1 L2 -1
1 1 P
For Title: BCW World #1 Contender
Extreme Rules Ares Win
W2 L2 0
1 1 P
W2 L0 2
1 0 P
Note: Ares somehow DQ'd himself despite the match type
Sinbad Win
W3 L2 1
2 1 P
W3 L0 3
2 0 P
Backstage Brawl Pierce Brosnan Lose
W3 L3 0
2 1 P
W3 L1 2
2 0 P
Royal Rumble
  1. Chad
  2. V
  3. Nakamura Shinsuke
  4. Ilya Kuvshinov
  5. Russell Adler
  6. John Bradford
  7. Kong Wenge
  8. Senator Armstrong
  9. Brendan Fraser
  10. Chris Redfield
  11. Agent 47
  12. Kotomine Kirei
  13. Robert
  14. Spazz Maticus
  15. Ushiromiya Kinzo
  16. Third Carlos
  17. Akasaka Mamoru
  18. Dr. Piccolo
  19. Maximillion Pegasus
  20. Rean Schwarzer
W3 L4 -1
2 1 P
For Position: TFR General Manager

Elimination #11

Falls Count Anywhere Samoa Joe Win
W4 L4 0
3 1 P
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Popularity Poll Rumble
Place: 18th〈25 votes〉
NON-CANON Simon Blackquill, Spazz Maticus, Kubota Zen Win Spazz Wrestling Training
Note: Spazz spent most of the match being downed, then did a finisher on one of the wrestlers, pinned the OTHER ONE, and won.
Stork Win Spazz Wrestling Training
Note: Spazz got put against a good technician like Stork to learn how to wrestle.

After getting gassed from doing basically nothing, he went UNGA and ignored all the adivise, one shitty shoot tackle and won.

Ushiromiya Battler Win Spazz Wrestling Training
Note: Not even Battler can save him.

His weak punches can't even be sold.

So Spazz convinced himself that he had to beat Battler to go over.

Spazz then fucking concussed Battler by throwing him on the ropes. And then keeps botching moves.

Battler gets so mad he starts shooting on him and fucking knees his skull with another wrestler's sig (A V-Trigger).

He keeps doing subs and covers expecting Spazz to have the courtesy to end the match, but Spazz fucking refuses to not go over, headbut, 1-2-3.

The Undercarder Lose Spazz Wrestling Training
Note: Spazz paid the mmmmmmmmmm price
There's few beings who are truly baddass, there's Battler Ushiromiya, mmmmm wouldn't wanna mess with him.
NON-CANON Suou Tatsuya NC Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: First, Spazz was having a fucking decent match.

Suddenly, Agent 41 invaded to attack Tatsuya.

Then fucking Samoa Joe tried to invade but the game crashed so hard OP had to manually kill it, making it take even longer to boot up.

Suou Tatsuya Win Spazz Wrestling Training II
Support: Agent 41

Note: First move he does at the start of match was the Blue Truth Bomb.

Tackle 1-2-3 I go over like Battler.

Maebara Keiichi Lose Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Keiichi used the experience from previous matches to counter Spazz and win.
Steel Cage
Triple H Win Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Spazz refused to be bumped off the cage, leading to HHH being thrown literally 10 times off the wall.
Hell in a Cell
Agent 47 Lose Spazz Wrestling Training II
Zagreus Lose Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Spazz was literally flying at the start of the match.

Zag also slapped Spazz's ass.

And Spazz did ONE cool thing.

Spazz Maticus, Jonesy, Sinbad Win Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Won out of nowhere again and to top if off, he dared to pin Sinbad.
Backstage Brawl
Houjou Satoko Win Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Finally had an OK match.
NON-CANON Jesse Pinkman Lose Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Put a good match for 3 minutes then jobbed to random move.
Red Lose Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: 1-2-3
Gene Lose Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Gene of all people put a better performance than Spazz but still couldn't salva the match.
Falls Count Anywhere
Narushima Koga Win Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Koga tried, Spazz didn't
NON-CANON HUNK Win Spazz Wrestling Training II
Note: Finally, the golden land was reached.

He put a solid, albeit short, yet good match.

Fusaishi Haruaki Win Spazz Wrestling Training III
NON-CANON Spazz Maticus, Akasaka Mamoru

Ushiromiya Battler, Furio Tigre

Lose Spazz Wrestling Training IV
NON-CANON Kenny Omega Lose Note: Even Spazz gave up fighting this guy.
Eren Yeager Lose
Ironman 30m
Shimano Futoshi (12-5) Lose Spazz Wrestling Training VI
NON-CANON Kevin Nash Win
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose
/vp/: Joe Merrick Lose
W4 L5 -1
3 2 P
W3 L2 1
2 1 P
NXT's King of /v/ Tournament
→Quarterfinals Note: Spazz did a homing attack that by all metrics shouls not have hit.
Beat The Clock Bevi Lose
W4 L6 -2
3 3 P
W3 L3 0
2 2 P
Time: 01:31.26 → №1 Fastest!
Triple-ThreatCage Escape Zagreus, Spazz Maticus, Jayden Lose
W4 L7 -3
3 3 P
Extra & Narushima Koga

Spazz Maticus & Vitalik

Win Note: Worst tag match of all time
NON-CANON Kaidou Shun Lose Note: Kaidou spammed specials because he really didn't want to fight Spazz
Gregory Edgeworth Lose Note: 43 fucking headbutts
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W4 L8 -4
3 3 P
For Title: World /v/ #1 Contender
Full List Lose
W4 L9 -5
3 3 P
Beat The Clock Kaidou Shun Win
W5 L9 -4
4 3 P
W4 L3 1
3 2 P
『Summer of 92's 30th Anniversary』
Time: 00:45 → #1 Fastest!

For Title: /v/ World

Champion Dante Win
W6 L9 -3
5 3 P
W5 L3 2
4 2 P
For Title: /v/ World

Note: Worst championship match of all time. It's fucking over.

Last Man Standing Saihara Shuichi Win
W7 L9 -2
5 3 P
W6 L3 3
4 2 P
『Great Balls of Fire』
For Title: /v/ World
Spazz Maticus, Ushiromiya Battler, Senator Armstrong, Wayne, Narushima Koga Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Tables Arc
→Round 1
Sinbad, Culprit-kun, Spazz Maticus, Angry Video Game Nerd, Gregory Edgeworth, Stork, Maebara Keiichi, Dante Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Ladder Arc
Van Darkholme, Aleksandr Pistoletov, Gene, Spazz Maticus, Geralt of Rivia, Master Chief, Zagreus, Max Payne Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Blood Arc
Gregory Edgeworth Lose
W7 L10 -3
5 3 P
W6 L4 2
4 2 P
Iconic Match
The World Cup Championship
For Title: /v/ World

Support: Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Umaga

Note: Representing Samoa.

Note: Submission

Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Stage: North Pole
NON-CANON Virgil Lose Stage: NXT Note: Submission
Arikado Genya Lose Game: WWE 2K19
Extreme Rules
Rean Schwarzer, Kotomine Kirei, Spazz Maticus Win Game: WWE 2K23

Referee: Saihara Shuichi

NON-CANON Yuki Makoto Win
Sinbad, Slipshaw McGraw, Kuruto Ryuki, Hisoka, Spazz Maticus Lose
Iconic Match
Mishmash Table Clash
Francis York Morgan, The Prince, Mario, Suou Tatsuya

Cow Tools, Spazz Maticus, Ushiromiya Battler, Sam Stone

W7 L11 -4
5 3 P
「Contendership Clash Tournament」
→Round 1
Peppino Win
W8 L11 -3
6 3 P
W7 L4 3
5 2 P
For Title: Million Dollar
Refhara Win
W9 L11 -2
7 3 P
W8 L4 4
6 2 P
『TFR Japan Tour Lost Tapes』
Lucid Lose
W9 L12 -3
7 3 P
W8 L5 3
6 2 P
「Berserker Brawl」
→Pool H

Note: Count-out

Supporting Jonesy
Note: Count-out (no title exchanged)
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L13 -4
7 3 P
For Title: World Title #1 Contender
Hell in a Cell
Cow Tools Win Rokkenjimania V』– WrestleDream Arc
Komaeda Nagito Win Rokkenjimania V』– Schizophrenia Arc
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L14 -5
7 3 P
『Christmas Miracle Special』
For Title: world title #1 Contender
TLC Spazz Maticus, Aniki, Colombo Spice, Sam Stone, Sareth Lose
W9 L15 -6
7 3 P
For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
Royal Rumble
Full List
W9 L16 -7
7 3 P
For Title: world title #2 Contender
Ilya Kuvshinov Lose
W9 L16 -7
7 3 P
W8 L6 2
6 3 P
Iconic Match
Flip into the Madness

Gallery[edit | edit source]