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A character from Kamen Rider Kabuto.

The origin of the TFR Persona/Kamen Rider injoke.

Punished Rider[edit | edit source]

Yaguruma Sou was an agent of the organization ZECT, as Kamen Rider TheBee. He was a perfectionist who believed in "Perfect Harmony" and was the best trooper because of that. Eventually he lost TheBee Zecter, and wandered around Japan claiming it was "Hell". He acquired the KickHopper Zecter in that time.

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

A japanese wrestling agency saw how good he was at kickboxing and offered him a position as a Punished wrestler.

Episode 8

After wandering in Japanese arenas for a while, he met his match when he faced the legendary Mercenary of Darkness.

Episode 12

His remarkable match against the famed HUNK in a somewhat old videotaped match got him an offer in TFR.

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Notices the presence of another Kamen Rider, but is unable to confirm it. In the end, doesn't participate in the Dimensional Merge, but people start calling him "Persona" for some reason.

Episode 6

Comes out on top of a deadly Battle Royale.

Episode 7

A being of bigger rage denies him his shot at the title.

Episode 8

After much searching, he is finally able to find the source of this "Persona" phenomenon, and a strange sense he might be a rider as well...

TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

Defeated, leaves the ring to wander again.

Episode 10

Until Kojima threatens to use The Final Impact and he returns for one last match.

Feats[edit | edit source]

 Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
ハンク Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Note: Japanese VHS Tape
Triple-Threat Sou Yaguruma, Peleador Ushiromiya, HANK Lose
W0 L2 -2
0 1 P
Battle Royale Commissioner Gordon, Tom Brady, Adam Jensen, Fargoth, Sou Yaguruma, Shingo Shoji, Kenny, Jack Baker Win
W1 L2 -1
0 1 P
Chris Redfield, Sou Yaguruma, DELTA, /v/, Suou Tatsuya, Joshua Graham, Mastema, Raidou Kuzunoha Lose
W1 L3 -2
0 2 P
Iconic Match
The Biggest Battle of Elimination in TFR History Yet
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender
Falls Count Anywhere Suou Tatsuya Lose
W1 L4 -3
0 3 P
W0 L2 -2
0 2 P
Note: Persona lost, but Persona won
Royal Rumble
Full List
W1 L5 -4
0 3 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender
Alucard, Van Darkholme, Albert Wesker, Big Smoke, Dutch Van Der Linde, Geralt of Rivia, Suou Tatsuya, Sou Yaguruma Win
W1 L6 -5
0 4 P
Game: 2K19

Note: One of the matches taking place in the 2K19verse before the incoming Final Impact.

Yaguruma Sou & Tom Brady

Doomguy & Pixy

NC Note: Crashed

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was the closest person to beating HUNK in a 1v1
  • The source of the Persona/Kamen Rider confusion.
    • He's not a fucking Persona rep you goddamn soyboys.
      • That is something only an SMT loser would say